Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fabric shopping in NY

row by row pattern from Mission Rose Quilt shop
The row by row patterns are so cute this year! This one is at Mission Rose Quilting in Syracuse.
I met the most fun women who work there, and it would be a fave store if I lived in the area.
At a shop called Calico Gals, I found much to want and the following two signs, this one on the door. It's so true!
As I looked at this door, and started my happy dance of shopping, the one that quilt stores cause, I entered and looking out saw my menfolk set up camp. Cole with his bowl of water, Drew with his guitar. Then must have sensed it would be a fun shop.

you can order this from them.
At Tiger Lily we sat outside the quilt store and had lunch. Drew and I had a sandwich and Cole had his special poodle-with-issues-food. Of course I found some items to look at, ahem, while the men relaxed on the breezy porch and chatted with the cafe owner about the area.
It's a great set up, wish all quilt stores had this! Well, Cole was so tired of the car, and not being allowed to shop himself as he wanted to look for poodle fabric, that when it was time to move on he
I'm good.
We got all the way to the car, opened the doors, saying goodbye!
We had to walk all the way back, and convince him we were going to a village to walk around next.
Then we had to pull him along with the leash, Drew picking him up about 10 feet from the car and putting him inside. On to Clinton NY...
This hotel owner is also not afraid of color. I loved looking up and seeing all the colorful chairs. Then turned a corner to see this hotel
And again, color is good!!
We walked all around the town so that I could enjoy the architecture and history. I love that so much, and am only sorry that Cole is now too old to walk much. In the olden days he used to be up for walking any number of miles. He still wants to walk, but s l o w l y. I love seeing lots of homes like this
I walk around tree lined streets on old sidewalks in these villages and imagine myself living there when they were new. What would life have been like? I can't get enough. This house in particular reminded me of a book I recently re-read. It was my favorite book as a young'un. I must have read it 12 times. I found a library copy and read it again, Jessamy by Barbara Sleigh. 
I loved it again as an adult. It involved time travel which would be a dream for me. 
This trip was full of quilting, parks and lakes, village walks, shopping with lovely pictures all still to come. 
I also visited with an art quilting friend who was studying at Quilting by the Lake, Nina Marie Sayer.
I had an awful time with the GPS finding the group and had pulled my hair back out of frustration grrrr so this is not my best look, but it does represent renewed friendships, the joy of learning, and connections across the miles. 

It's not easy to figure out logistics in order to set up a visit but it's so worth it. Nina Marie hosts the link party Off the Wall Fridays for art quilters. She has a great website, follow the aforementioned link, to learn from her. 

That's it for today... stay tuned for more fun pictures... oh wait! Did you think I would cop to all the fabric, pattern, bead purchases made on this trip?? No way Josina! 
We'll let that be a surprise to Drew when the bill comes. 

(He won't be surprised)


  1. Looks like a great trip LeeAnna - love the colourful pictures you took and that house, yep looks like something out of a fairytale to me!

  2. Your boys know you so well :-) looks like your kinda town.

  3. Wow! Looks like a fun town! Glad you had a great time. I just love all of those colorful chairs!

  4. So many interesting sites on your trip! How clever of you to meet up with Marie. And thanks for the book recommendation. I haven't read this but will check it out at my library.

  5. That's a cute picture of you, pulled back hair and all! I love the "not afraid of color" buildings you found along the way. What a charming trip! Even better if it includes fabric and beads!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing some views of your trip. Lucky you visiting all those quilt shops; on my recent three-week journey I only saw one! Lovely house; would you like to live in that style?

  7. What an interesting, inspiring trip!

  8. I love looking at those elaborate old houses, too - so much more interesting than the moderns. (Split-level can't hold a candle to those gables and turrets!)
    Maybe Cole would enjoy shopping at a dog treat store, while you and Drew sat outside?

    1. oh I think he rather wants us to come in and pay for his choices!
      He's like the queen, never carries money.

  9. Wow, you are having such adventures at the moment. You have some great photos - I especially like the first hotel, with the colourful chairs - so bright and cheerful. Lovely to meet up with Nina Marie too!

  10. What a great trip, and the town is out of a postcard!! thanks for sharing!

  11. Love that you so love quilting and checking out these old towns. Sounds like fun and very interesting, too! Glad you had such a good time and got some retail therapy in there, too! :-)

  12. What a fun kind of trip! And such a charming location especially that hotel with the colorful doors. Glad you had a good time!

  13. Love that sign - make stuff and be happy! Love the indigo and Cole is just too handsome for his own good. ;)

  14. What a fun trip and I love those chairs and the old home. Bright colors makes me happy. ☺

  15. What a great post. I've traveled that area (I think it was the same area...) We were hitting quilt stores and wineries with our little cocker. He did really well but we can't take him now because it is too hot in this area for him to be left in the car alone or even with the hubby unless the ac is running. Sigh... fall is coming. Love all the colors on the houses.