Monday, July 27, 2015

Cole manages to find mischief even in Ohio

On our next to last day in Ohio, we three headed to Cincinnati to see what we could see.

Along the way we stopped at a few quilt stores (ahem) as it's a good way to see areas of the country.
(that's my story and I'm sickin' to it)

We stopped in lovely Glendale Ohio, a planned village from 1900's. It was awesome. Gorgeous little homes, great town square with lovely little shops, a train station, gas lights, park, oh my. Of course I went into the quilt store (Stitches) where there are great supplies. Then we decided we three needed refreshment.

Cole first, " Will you look at that!

Why they knew I was coming and built this antique watering bowl, top for humans, middle for little humans, and one just right for me! So very perfect and boy did that water taste good"

You know how towns do  statue projects? DC had donkeys and elephants... 
well Glendale had squirrels. This beauty is outside our lunch shoppe called the...

 Bluebird Cafe.
That's right... and the bluebird of happiness flew into our lives with curried chicken sandwiches and salads to share. Shade, breeze, low humidity, good food, and I swear I saw Barney Fife drive by. Well it was a policeman probably looking for lunch since the town was so stinkin' cute I felt like I was at Disney World.

The mischief comes in with Cole. We were so very happy and content. He on the other hand complained about the service. Here he is to tell you all about it...

Cole: "Well it all started when I wanted to lay down in the park, not watch momma shop for more quilting supplies. Then they expected me to pose like an actor with that circus freak of a squirrel. Momman knows how I feel about squirrels. Well I wasn't cooperative. hmph. grrrr.

Then they start eating that good food, and, can you believe it??! They plop down a bowl of, wait for it...
dog food for me. What an insult! Just because I am allergic to chicken. And wheat.

Oh they eventually shared their chips but I have my figure to consider even if they don't.
I acted like I was having none of that dog food, until they obviously finished their whole meal and I realized that was it.

There is taking a stand..... and there is going hungry, and a poodle has to know what's what.
As we were walking back to the car (OMG not the car again!!!) I spied a cutie in the window of this establishment. Wowie Zowie! Cute right?? Just the kinda girl I could play ball with. She was so content there I didn't want to disturb her.
Don't tell the folks, but I had a right good time on this trip. Even more pics to come.


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. And I definitely agree that one must check out the local quilt shops at every opportunity!

  2. LOL! Sounds like a wonderful trip, even for Cole! I didn't realize he was allergic to both chicken and gluten. Our Teddy was and his sister, Greta, who visits often is also allergic. Hope you are home safe and sound now! Hugs! Mickie

  3. Love Cole's updates! Sounds like a fun time all around!

  4. oh you got dogfood while your peeps had that delicious meal? ... that's a dogs life huh?
    I like the giant squirrel, I bet that's the perfect prey... it can jump on a tree, right?
    easy rider

  5. Looks like a great trip for everyone! Love the giant squirrel. Finding a new quilt shop to explore always makes for a great day!!!

  6. Well of course he does!! I too love that big blue squirrel!!

  7. The squirrel is all very well, but that water fountain is the prizewinner!

  8. LOVE the big blue squirrel! Thanks for thinking of me!

  9. I haven't visited Glendale in a long time. I'm going to have to head down there again and spend some time in that area. I love the drinking fountain!

  10. What a cute place to stop for a bite.

  11. That squirrel is so cute! What a cute town:-)

  12. Cole I think you and I were on the same trip, only we were in antique stores! But I did score half a smoked turkey barbeque sandwich. Love Dolly

    1. your peeps gave you the sandwich or you grabbed it? Either way, score!

  13. My favorite town in Ohio is Yellow Springs... but it's been a very long time since I've been there. More towns ought to install drinking fountains like the one you found here!

  14. Way to go Cole! Glad you had a good time, even if you were insulted with the gastronomic fare. [wink]

  15. Thanks for the great images of Ohio!

  16. Thanks for the great images of Ohio!

  17. Mom loves to check out the fabric shops. And going to the restaurant, at least they could give you some good food!

  18. Isn't it just the best to go exploring and find such wonderful things? PS: that sandwich looked amazing.

  19. Vicarious travelling is almost as good as the real thing - thanks for taking us along.

  20. Hi Y'all!

    Oh I love your squirrel!

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  21. PepiSmartDog: hilarious Cole! ROCLMAO!
    Thank you for being part of our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.
    Hope you will join us again this week because we always enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you got up to.
    *waves paw* :=o)