Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Runs with Scissors" latest STAT project

"Runs with Scissors" 12" X 12"
The last STAT project (SEE MORE OF THEM HERE) was the study of the artist lois mailou jones and interpreting her style in fabric. I used this painting as my inspiration
Water Carriers

The color blocking and strong figures made me wonder what it would be like to freely cut pieces of silk and overlap them in a pleasing way.

There is an exuberance to her work, so I wanted my poodle to be running on the piece, looking behind him, kicking up his dog-heels, gleeful!

These are all small works but full of texture and details. I hope after reading this you go see some of my others. I am partial to Polynesian Poodle, If Monet had a poodle, Seurat but love all the ones I've made. Can't ask more of a piece of art than loving the finished product!!

I had a tiny scrap of black silk in my fusible scrap bin, and just started cutting a poodle shape. I credit the who cares if it works attitude for making it work! I didn't draw it, I didn't make a pattern, I got out scissors and started cutting.
In fact
that's how I cut the squares and rectangles of silk, with pinking sheers and not concerning myself with size or being exact.
I did a post on that earlier(here is one)
and (here is on on embroidery)

The most fun was doing the hand embroidery.

I approached it the same way as the rest of the piece... not worrying, running with scissors! Trying it!

Some people would hate the asymmetry and the uneven nature but I love it. I find it surprising and gleeful, balanced while being free formed.
Note there is hand stitching, embroidery, machine stitching... the scissors were painted with metallic gold and embellished with twisted bugle beads.

The binding was some slinky gold metallic sheer, that was so badly behaved that it began unraveling as I cut it!! I persevered and it got on but it is probably trying to unravel INSIDE the binding!!!
<=my fave spiral stitch on Bernina 

Did you notice the black crystal eye and nose?? It sparkles in person.

How about that texture in the silk weave?
Thick threads?

For a texture lover, this STAT project has been heavenly to work on. I am behind by one artist, Georgia O'Keefe.
That will make 12 little quilts. I plan to add in one or two more artist studies just for myself, for fun.
The last detail? painting a label with markers....
The binding strip was just too small, so I added in another color silk, and it looks great to me.


Lessons learned:
>play with silks more often
>use more hand embroidery
>creating quickly pays off
>not everything needs a plan
>Beads are the icing on the cake but don't need to cover the piece.


  1. Lovely. Thanks for all the inspiration you give me.

  2. I think this is one of my favorites from this series. You really did capture the playful spirit of Cole (or unnamed poodle) and I think the energy of the strong colors goes well with the energy of the dog. fun!

  3. LOVE IT! If I don't die from these allergies i would love to play with silks!

  4. The embroidery on this is beautiful. I have loved seeing all your projects in this series.

  5. Love it! I admire the sparkly eye and nose !

  6. Oh, what fun! I love this series - I've just been working my way back through. Luscious colorplay and such joy!

  7. Fabulous LeeAnna!
    Looks great! Warm and cheerful! Perfect for Summer on the wall!
    Take care,

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  10. Exuberance personified! You certainly have captured it. I also love working with silk, even tho I don't do it very often. The shimmer and shine and rich colors are so tempting. Yours is a great little piece.

  11. This is wonderful. Reading this particular post was so fortuitous for me. I had picked up a bag of textured fabrics - silky and some with a velvety print on sateen. Not sure what to do with them once I got them home, I put them in the "take to thrift store" pile in the garage. I am going to pull them back out! I think they are useful and will be fun to play with. Thanks so much LeAnna.

    1. it's exciting to know that what I make or post here is inspirational! Thank you a meeeelion for telling me! LeeAnna

  12. Amazing and those beautiful details!! I love this interpretation of Lois work.

  13. Wow, this turned out so well and you had been so worried about it. Sounds like a real break-through piece in terms of process!

  14. LOve, love! The color, the sheen, the joyful mix, the intriguing hand work!

  15. This is fabulous, LeAnna! Love that you didn't have a plan and just went for it! It is wonderful! Silk. . . MMMMMM :D

  16. It came out great! The unevenness is what makes it - and I am most impressed that you can cut out a poodle freehand. Bravo, my friend ;-)

  17. Haha LeeAnna, I knew it was yours from the poodle! Love your fabric use! ;D

  18. Fun! I like your attitude! I have started collecting some silks, mostly ties and scarves from the thrift shops and yard sales. I am still not ready to cut into them. Someday, hopefully soon.

  19. I saw silks at a vendor at the quilt show today. Now I want to buy some tomorrow! This is wonderful.

  20. Your comments about working intuitively apply to many forms of textile work -- thanks for sharing them!

  21. Love this piece so much! I love your comments about this piece! :) Have a great day, Mickie

  22. Wow, I really admire your work! It's so amazing how much it resembles the art you are taking inspiration from, but it's also totally different, unique and very you! Thanks for sharing also all the details and the story behind every piece!

  23. Love it, Leeanna! I love your original interpretation here. Few people take something like this on, and your post is spot on. Thank you for writing about your creative process.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  24. What a great project! Love your interpretation!

  25. Hello LeeAnna,

    This is really fun-packed! It is full of colour and vibrancy and movement - so many techniques too!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks.

    Love, Muv

  26. It's gorgeousness! Love the textures and the embellishments!
    And I enjoyed reading your lessons learned :)

  27. Cole looks great in this - love the colours and the blue print in the middle by coles head!

  28. Sometimes our best work comes along when we start without a plan - this is fabulous! It's happy, and fun, and energetic all wrapped up in one piece. Love it! Thanks for linking up to Main Crush Monday!

  29. Great spontaneous construction, Lea Anne. I really like all the embellishing you did - a wonderful piece. Off to refresh, review your others. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.