Friday, June 12, 2015

Quilt Show Season

Time for a show!!
It's quilt show season around the Mid-Atlantic y'all!
I will be doing demos at our local guild show this weekend and would love to meet you! It's the Annapolis Quilts by the Bay show Saturday and Sunday.

Two other guilds had shows I attended so I wondered if you'd enjoy seeing a few quilts and hearing of my adventures? Here goes...
A fellow blogger Preeti Harris (sewpreetiquilts) and I met at the QU show in Virginia.

What a fun time full of laughter and shopping and quilt viewing we had!
As I said in the last post, blogging has brought me friends across the miles, and this time we live within an hour of each other. Preeti is full of life and fun, smart and sassy and just my kind of person!!

She is exceptional at looking at a geometric design and knowing almost instantly how they constructed it. The really interesting thing to me is that we both love quilting but gravitate to the opposite ends of the spectrum. The fact that we see different aspects of a quilt only enhanced both our experiences.
I'm looking forward to seeing her more often.

Antique pin cushion love!!!  (no I did not buy one this time... the Scotty dog is my latest love) I did manage to buy a bit of fabric and a few beads at this show.
I fell for this quilt
Dancing Umbrellas by Elizabeth Shugart

This challenge quilt called "I'm just saying" by Dianne H. Thomas interested me a lot. She noticed the shape of a guitar and the shape of a woman, ahem, one with a waist that is, were similar.
I love to see original work and feel it gives me new ways to look at the world. It's a glimpse into an artist's mind. Please note that art and good construction technique go together.

The last one I want to share is of course a hexi

Sundays Best  by Ann Heber
This was fresh and clean and a great use of hexies around the border and in the baskets.
Preeti and I spent all day at the show, shopping and looking and chatting and it made the show so much fun!

On to the Bayside Quilters show in Easton Maryland
Look what greeted us when we drove up!! There were fabric banners everywhere dancing in the breeze! How totally festive! Just like this group of women.
I was lucky enough to speak to this group of fun talented artistic quilters this year, as well as teach two classes. When I came to the show, it was so much fun to see them again and renew friendships.
Their display was awesome
and they had lots of original work on the challenge quilts displayed. Their challenge was to interpret a color they were given and this one is an example of orange...
Red Hot Jimmy  by Laura Boehl
I loved the scrappy crab and the newsprint background. ( Marylanders crack crabs onto newspapers)
Time by Jeanne Hechner
Check out the use of antique watches. And by Antique I mean ones I grew up with, ones my older sisters wore! I like the use of clock fabric behind them. There were lots of cool quilts at this show. I left with some scrap bags, of course, at a bargain of $ 2 each!  Bringing in other people's scraps increases variety ya know.
I had a fun day at this show, but oh the traffic coming and going! The Eastern Shore of Maryland is a lovely place but a popular place especially on summer weekends. Cole came from this area, way back 13 years ago. He stayed home for these shows but in solidarity and poodle love I share this last quilt...
Bosco and Bingo  by Jan Bohn
Jan was in one of my classes at her guild, and brought the real Bosco and Bingo in to meet me.
What a barrel of monkeys Poodles! All gorgeous and active and friendly and happy!
Poodle love. Quilt love. Hope you can come visit with me this weekend! Friends make for the best time!


  1. Love the poodle quilt! Perfect! Love that crab as well. Here in the South we also spread the newspaper to crack crabs. You will also find crawfish on it too! Now I am hungry.........

  2. Looks like lots of fun!!! I love that crab too!!

  3. Great crab - prefect orange!

  4. Congratulations on teaching. What fun you had seeing everyone again... and their gorgeous quilts.

  5. Such gorgeous quilts! I'm quite green with envy at the work you guys put together. Here's wishing you a fantastic weekend and show! :)

  6. So jealous. I would love to meet both you and Preeti. Sounds and looks like a fabulous time.

  7. The crab quilt is way to cool! So awesome with that crab on the newsprint fabric!

  8. Really nice show! Love those umbrellas.

  9. Oh! I wish I lived nearby so I could meet up with you. Would be do fun to go to a show with you. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pics

  10. If I lived closer I'd be there in a flash!

  11. Hi LeeAnna!
    Have a great weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun!
    It always amazes me how quilts at a show are put on display!
    I have a challenge just hanigng one here on the wall!
    Thanks for sharing your experience at the quilt shows!
    It's wonderful how you can meet up with Preeti!
    Enjoy all that colour!
    Take care,

  12. Thanks for sharing your day and all those great quilts. Love the crab!

  13. Oh LeeAnna, I had an amazing time with you at the Quilt Show!!! Now, that my in-laws have left after their visit and I have recovered from the visit, I am back to blogging, commenting and yes quilting too.
    For those of you who have not met her and can go to the show in Annapolis, put it on your calendar...Going to the show with another quilter really enhances your appreciation of the quilts. And LeeAnna is a doll. It was our first meeting and I love the fact that she does NOT sugarcoat anything. Finally, my kinda gal!!! Hugs & Best Wishes. Hope to meet again soon.

    1. lol! Well, we are off sugar!! LeeAnna