Thursday, June 18, 2015

Flamingos Rule!

7" X 7.5"
More little pointillist paintings. I took the paint daubers back out to paint one for a fellow blogger to use, so I tried a palm tree. I was born and raised in Florida. I love a flamingo...
These little experiments were fun to paint with the daubers. Then I added a few lines with marker.

They are about 7" square and were a challenge to machine quilt without sewing over my fingers.

I quilted them all with mylar metallic thread, rayon, and thicker cottons.
These three are bound with copper lame' that shimmers and catches the light

The seashell was quilted with neon rayon thread and a small zig-zag stitch sent up the shell in a straight line. Walking foot.
Then I kind of enjoyed the look so I went into the water with the zig zag.

Most of it was done with free motion.
The little fish were stenciled on with marker.

I'm thinking to hang them one under another with this at the top or bottom so they make a narrow banner. Good to bring in a little brightness to a small area. These are scrapbooking cardboard words.
This is why I hoard all kinds of stuff.
butterfly kisses
I wonder why I have done these little child like paintings? I usually take a lot of time with painting and drawings but this whole thing has been very free. Child like is a good definition. They look primitive but are kind of interesting to me. I used batting instead of my usual peltex this time, and they are flexible.
They have been fun, and fun is enough reason to make something.
Read about the painting in this link: pointillism-style.


  1. If those were half as much fun to make as they look, you must have been laughing with joy all day!

  2. Hi LeeAnna!
    Fun! They look great! All that detail in a 7 inch square!
    Perfect for the Summer look on the porch!
    Take care,

  3. Oh wow these are so neat. Great job!

  4. Too.Much.Fun!!! I love your little quilts.

  5. I agree! If it isn't fun then why do it!

  6. This is exactly why I enjoy following you! Fun, whimsical, original, and inspiring! Thank you for sharing so much of your process.

  7. Love the carefree vibe these little gems have!

  8. Your technique improves every time you work with these. I often forget how long it takes to master a tool. Your art background shows. Love the way you plan to display them, too.

  9. Oh my, these are wonderful!!! You are so much braver than I with color, and you know exactly how to make it work. These make me want to get out my flip flops and suntan lotion and hop a plane. Awesome.

  10. Love them but partial to that lovely flamingo, it's sweet! You did a fabulous job.

  11. I want to come play with you! These look like so much fun. And I'm with you on the hoarding, ah, I mean collecting of found objects :-)

  12. These are really lovely, I love the Flamingo so much,

  13. I think these little quilts are fun! Make a bunch of them and join them together into a larger quilt (maybe a la 'potholder' quilts from the Civil War?:)

    :) Linda

  14. Your inner child certainly knows how to have fun. I LOVE the flamingo.