Monday, June 1, 2015

Bunny dreams

Zzzzzzz.......snort!... Zzzzzzz.....Zzzzzzz.... um, bunnies! yeah, that's right, buy me a bunny....

I'm taking a nap here, but earlier in the day I had a bit of an adventure. If I accidentally pulled momma's arm out of her shoulder a teensy bit, well sorry about that.

I couldn't help it! Y'all know what it's like, right?

It all started at the Farmer's Market just up from our house...
Lots of people, fresh bread, smells, sun, breezes, dogs, and then...
A bunny right at eye level!
(this could be where the arm yanking happened, I can't remember)
In the words of  Audrey the plant on little shop of horrors,
Hey! that bunny (AND his vege) looks like dog food to me!

Sorry to be insensitive, but I'm a hunter by nature, see?? and I chase these critters all day long and here's one right in front of me?? It's more than a poodle can stand!

I mean this is how I usually see them, thumbing their little paws at me as they eat the clover in MY YARD.
Look at them, eating the dandelion leaves with no thought to a big bad poodle about to pounce.

Then I take one step too many and poof!
They're flicking that little white tail at me, and all I have to show for it is a sniff where they were.
All those years of chasing bunnies, then one is here in front of me, on a platter so to speak! I asked the little pug mix what he thought....

He was too busy sniffing the tree area to care... then I decided to sniff the tree area too, just to be nice,  and he was right it was pretty smelly!

Momma was still grumbling under her breath, all, Cole I swear if you pull me one more time... why I oughtta.... grrr.... so she needed some cooling off time.
Long story short, no bunny for Cole. Poor me.
They never buy me anything.
That's about it for today. I came home and took a much needed nap from the excitement of the morning.


  1. Poor little deprived Cole!!!! Hope mom was able to stay standing when she got yanked!

  2. Awwww, poor lil baby doggie! How's your arm holding up?? My granddog can really yank on my arm--so I know what you mean--ouchy!! Hugs, Julierose (maybe a toy bunny???)

  3. I love when they're chasing bunnies in their dreams :) I have a black lab...I can totally relate to your arm being pulled out of its socket! Thanks for sharing the adventure~

  4. We agree with you Cole, you are our hero! We want the bunnies too, and the squirrels.......those pesky little squirrels. We were bred up fron rabbit hunters, so I think we DESERVE one! But we have never seen one in a cage before.

    the Bad Basset Boyz

  5. Gosh Cole , you must want to runaway, they sound like horrible parents.... They never buy you anything !!

  6. Oh, man - that's just mean to put it there on a platter in front of you! Rita would have totally done the same!

  7. Kilo would have done the exact same thing... although having a pug pull your shoulder out would be unlikely or really pathetic LOL

  8. Happy Napping! I actually have a bunny sister and guess what, she's pretty tough and has been known to give me a whack. I'm a wee bit afraid of her, but don't tell anyone.

  9. Aww Cole maybe for Christmas Mama will get you a toy version?

  10. Cole, you need to tell Mama that bunnies are super cute, and you just can't resist them. But be nice to mama. :)

  11. Oh noooooo, your poor mommy. That must have hurt, and probably still hurts. You may have to curb your enthusiasm somewhat pal. YOu are a pretty big doggie with a lot of strength. Hope mom gets better soon.

  12. I would have acted like a hound dog and trailed that bunny right there in its cage. (It's much easier that way!) I cannot believe that your mom didn't even ask for a sample! BOL! BOL!

  13. PepiSmartDog: great post. So close yet so far! *sigh*
    That bunny had a close call.
    Sorry I’m so late commenting but I’m finally able to visit everyone now.
    Always enjoy your posts and look forward to reading them each week.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.
    Hope to see you this week too. *waves paw* :=o)

  14. You look cute- I hope your Mom's shoulder feels better soon.

  15. You said it Cole, couldn't agree more. On walks I see them too, but will she just drop the leash and let me at 'em? Nope. Such cruelty. Your pal, Toby (of Terra Toby)