Monday, April 13, 2015

Someone's been eating in my bed...

Mommy:  "Cole! What are you doing over on my side of the bed, I could have tripped or stepped on you!"

Cole: "My bed is all Crumb-y. Someone's been eating in my bed."

The story:

Early on in Cole's career, dh's parents came to visit with their dog, and Cole wouldn't eat.
 We took some water and food up to the bedroom for him in case he wanted peace and quiet to eat in the night.
That quickly became etched in stone and has continued for years now.
He likes his bed next to Daddy's side so he can make sure Dad wakes up at the first light, and so he can wake Dad if he (Cole)  has a nightmare or is cold or wants to go out. (Mommy is okay with this arrangement)

When Mommy comes up for the night, she brings Cole a bedtime snack.
This started to get him to stop pacing and lay down.

It has evolved into kibble, tiny cheese biscuits, a glucosamine square, and most lately dried cranberries.

Trail mix!

Do something once okay, do it twice and now it's a ritual and must be continued for life.
Lately there has been a need for a handful when Mom comes up at night, and another one when she comes out of the shower.
If for some reason Cole doesn't feel the kibble is kosher that night, he carefully picks out the good stuff, and leaves the kibble. That's usually when I trip over him coming out of the shower, because he can't be expected to lay in a crumby bed. He's a poodle for Pete's sake!!

Cole:  It's so hard to find good help these days

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  1. One must learn to respect Poodle Rules.

  2. The things we do for our beloved four legged loves....

  3. This is so typically poodle!!!! I love it. Cole is like Seamus, the have us well trained ....or as my vet says: and we call them the dumb animals? Have a great day!

  4. Love that he picks our the not so nice kibble! Our basset has it inhaled down his gullet before even tasting!

  5. LOL the things a dog can get away with.

  6. Once when we had Dutch the Greater Swiss he needed to have a bone in his tummy so he would throw up in the early morning. As you say, it evolves. Now, many years later and 3 dogs later, we have Breakfast, a lunch bone, a 3 pm bone, dinner and a night bone at bedtime. Then there is the 1 am bone that Frank feels they need and gets up in the middle of the night for the sole purpose of dispensing three bones.

    Glad to know i am not the only one in the "do it twice" routine.

  7. Such a cute and funny little dog; what personality! Love it!

  8. They train us so well, don't they?? Sounds a lot like Rita, who gets a bedtime snack every night. The equivalent of the chocolate on the pillow at a fancy hotel!

  9. Mr. N gets a bedtime snack too but usually not in bed!

  10. Haha, that's so funny how things can quickly become a routine in their minds. One day Haley didn't start eating her morning feeding right away, so I said "Eat Up", now she looks at me every morning and waits for me to say it before eating. Only in the morning though, it's strange, lol.

  11. How dare they eat in your bed!

  12. Oh we know what it means to start a new habit - it only takes a couple of times and it must happen every day. he he - that's called dinner in bed I guess. You need a maid that can make up your bed very night before bed time. he he Let me know if you find that help, because I could use it myself.

  13. Good heavens, that's funny. Why not just eat the crumbs, that is what Delilah would do. BOL

    Thanks for joining the blog hop.

  14. Definitely not a retriever. Brown dawgs would never leave yummies laying Thanks for joining the Barks and Bytes hop.

  15. PepiSmartDog: poor Cole! Where's the humanity! How could he be expected to lay in a bed of bumpy trail mix - and wake up covered in bruises!
    Hee Hee!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    Always enjoy your posts and look forward to reading what fun you got up to this week. *waves paw* :=o)