Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What to do (#3)? Paper piecing fun

 Continuing the discussion of what to sew when you want to sew but don't know what to sew.
I love paper-piecing, or foundation piecing.

That being said,  when I don't know what I want to sew, I like to make something repetitive and without too many decisions to be made. I like to take out my bag of tiny scraps and just piece them into something tiny but exciting and orderly.
I have some printed patterns of log cabins and other  blocks ready to make when the mood strikes me.

 Today I pulled out the pineapple log cabin 4 inch block and used the tiny blue and green scraps already scattered on the table. It was fun easy and although working small takes longer than working with big pieces, it was fairly fast to make. Look how cute & orderly with 1/4 inch logs.  I don't know where I got the block pattern and had two copies. I made them and then wanted a third. Couldn't find the original so I used my Sew Precise software to print one that looked almost identical and made it. They were fun to make!

 Here is one block, and,  a "friend"
 I was feeling good by now, and decided to pull out a little kit bought at a local quilt shop. Paper piecing, how hard could it be? A little 5 inch finished block of an owl and tree.

It came with the folded star of fabrics 9 inch square, enough to make two blocks.

Two blocks unless you have been driven insane making the first one. OY! 
It looks fairly innocent here but it was not a joy to make. 27 tiny odd angles to figure out, and  rip out.
Shards of printed paper patterns cut into wee little one inch sections to be pieced then put back together. Why it almost undid the happy feelings from doing the pineapple blocks!

The kit is cute and enticing. The bad news and the good  news: They are a pain in the patoot...and I bought several  kits!
um, yea!

The owl will get button eyes, and turn into something useful.  I don't know what yet. I need to get over my frustration before that happens.


  1. I LOVE your paper pieced pineapple blocks! I've made one pineapple block and it wasn't pieced ~ I'll have to try it the paper pieced way :)

  2. I know what you mean about sometimes you just need to sew and not make alot of decisions ..... kind of like coloring for fun ..... it's therapy !!! You did a great job on those teeny tiny paper pieced projects ..... I can see how the owl/tree would drive me up a tree !!! :)

  3. Hi LeeAnna!
    Great work! I had a great paper piecing lesson from Saskia a few years ago! Thought it would be fun to do! The pattern still is waiting to be started! I'll have to have another lesson! Then give it a go! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Take care,

  4. What a great block, once you get the bug to sew I think paper piecing is definitely satisfying! Applique is too of course, but the prep time means that you don't get to just start sewing. I love these, thanks for sharing

  5. Love your little pineapple blocks and your owl! Miniature paper piecing is so not my thing so I can understand your frustration with the mini kits. Good luck with them!

  6. Your pineapple blocks are beautiful. And your owl block too. Paper piecing can be very nice to make, but they can also drive you crazy. Good luck with the rest of your blocks!

  7. I've never made a pineapple block. Admired them lots, but they looked too tedious. I never thought of having them for those 'what to sew' days. Yours are beautiful. The owl may have been a pain, but he's very cute.

  8. Your blocks are charming. I love to do paper piecing. I often do them in Christmas colors and make ornaments out of them. Your owl came out great.

  9. Hi,
    I like your proyect.

    Best regard

  10. for someone whom doesnt know what to make you sure do it hard. I couldn't imagine paper piecing all those intricate lines and getting them on the mark as you do. I particularly like the pineapple block (maybe because I am always drawn to the shape but just cant be bothered making the effort) lovely work

  11. I love the teal pineapple block. Your owl friend is so cute. You do like the small bits.

  12. Wow such tiny angles on those bottom patterns. I find I have to be in the mood for paper piecing. When the mood strikes again - I have a storm at sea kit.

  13. But sooooo soooo adorable! Love these blocks!

  14. I love paper piecing, and your pineapple blocks are wonderful.

  15. What cute blocks. And your hexies in your next post is cute as a button.