Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Collections Challenge Quilts part one

I am hosting the Quiltart online challenge. (see my challenge HERE!) As a result of our lively discussion about all the interesting stuff we collect, we were to make a quilt  showcasing our collections.  The following quilts are made by Quiltart members. My quilt will go up in tomorrow's blogpost. The artists with blogs invite you to visit them via the links provided.  Enjoy!
"She collects collectibles down by the Seashore" 16"X 16"
This cute quilt was made by Maria Shew who collects, are you ready??
Micky Mouse items, English bulldogs, seashells, Barbie, Flamingos, Pandora jewelry, pigs,. pincushions and skeletons! They are all represented in this small but mighty quilt. Click on the image to see it in detail. Note the plane's banner that says, Collectors convention!!

yarngoddess's blog link CLICK HERE!
This paper pieced frog, made by by Diane Ferguson represents an extensive and long time frog collection . She dyed the fabrics and has more details on her lively and fun to read blog, click on the link under her picture to read all about it.
       "Rich and Rustic" 12" X 15" by  Kris Bishop       

  You really must click this image to see the details on Kris Bishop's quilt made from silk and bottle caps.  For details visit her blog    CLICK HERE!.     She says:
  " I have many collections,  but I chose to make my quilt including some of my bottle cap collection.
    My quilt is titled  "Rich & Rustic" because it is made with all raw, luscious colored silk fabrics,  Swarovski crystals and bottle caps.  It is  machine pieced and quilted. I am doing a series of quilts using bottle caps and found objects"

Make sure you click on this picture to the right to see Ann's quilt.  The detail is outstanding. She says:
 " Attached is a picture of my quilt, it was done to show collections but it has embellishments from my collections.  It is 24" long by 17" and is called Space Garden. It has buttons, lace and jewelry all of which I collect"
Ann Kovalchick
Front Royal VA

The next three were made by Charlotte Noll

Memories Stick
27w x 43h
Quilt Pin Collection created for Pin Peddlers 25th Anniversary Every Pin Tells a Story Challenge at the 2011 International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston.

 Mosaic Shell Collections
24w x 30h
2011 Broward Quilt Expo Shell Challenge inspired me to make a collection of mosaic fabric shells.
Some beige and some bright stored neatly in a perfect display box.
Raw silk used for box background.
Machine appliqued and quilted with silk thread.

Piece of the Pie
"I wanted to showcase Broward Quilt Expo and Coral Springs Quilt Guild Challenge ribbons I've designed and embroidered in the last several years.A Piece of the Pie came to mind with a color wheel of fabrics and ribbons.
Each piece of pie has different fabrics from my stash."
Machine pieced, quilted and embellished with ribbons.


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  2. LeeAnna, These are all wonderful, but I can't wait to see YOURS!
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  3. Some wonderful pieces. I really love the frog.

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