Friday, March 7, 2014

Black Poodle Cafe

Black Poodle Cafe  12"X 12" (c) LAPaylor

 This is my interpretation of Toulouse-Lautrec  for my challenge group STAT, see other quilts           CLICK HERE

I finished it early as I have several big deadlines looming. I am not satisfied with it, and considered what I would have to do to tweak it and overnight made an executive decision to-- LALAMO
Live and Learn and Move On!

(Click on picture to enlarge)
this pile of stuff went into it
It started in a very promising way. Although I don't like the art of Toulouse-Lautrec, I do like the style of the twenties and posters advertising bars. I chose a font and words to print on fabric. I thought it would be a fine size for the small piece, as words take center stage on his posters. Well, to do that, I would have had to applique individual letters or inked it over the background. As I realized AFTER it was finished.
The scale is off, and I'd basically have to remake the whole thing to correct it all, and to be honest I have too many projects in the queue to do this. I'll share what went into it:

 These pink embossed satin and black brocade shot through with gold threads were left over from another quilt I'll share later. (It is shown in my Idea lectures) I love these slippery fraying fabrics for their impact in person and deco design.

the skirt four different lace pieces. The poodle is quilted in swirls with sparkly mylar blue thread.  The nose and eye are beads and the tail is peeking thru.

The table cloth is green corduroy the table legs palm tree buttons given me by friends.
So the main problem with this piece is the advert section of words. I really should have cut out each letter separately and appliqued them on, which I have done so I didn't want to do it this time. Did I mention the whole thing is 12 inches square?
Small for me.
I thought about removing and reprinting the sign, argh! But then the poodle would be in the center anyway and that would have to be removed too.

So my friends, I share a not so perfect offering to the artist. His work is busy, mine is busy. His work is dark and a bit depressing, mine is happy and energetic. Art is made to suit the person. I'm moving on...

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  1. You've done a great interpretation and exercised your creativity, that's what it's all about! Keep those creative juices flowing!

  2. LeeAnna, you may not be pleased with this piece, but it gave me a much needed smile this morning. I love the playfulness of your dancing poodle :)

  3. I love it! She looks like a Mardi Gras poodle!

  4. Hi LeeAnna!
    One can't love all artists! Like one can't love all cookbooks or gardens!
    You did a really great job interpreting this one!
    I'll have to mention LALAMO on my blog and will give you the credit!
    Good to see you're creative side!

  5. It's fun and creative and who cares if the scale is off. I wouldn't even notice. Love all your embellishments . Who doesn't love a poodle drinking wine with feathers on her head?lol!

  6. I am loving it! Curl your hair...........Still laughing!

  7. What FUN! I've been working on the same quilt for over 2 months. I'm bored with the work. Just want it DONE! Congratulations on finishing your projects.

  8. I think the scale is great! It shows you were inspired by his work, not copying it. I think it really gives the right overall Toulouse-Lautrec feel.
    If anything, I wouldn't scale the poster down, but make the table top bigger.
    Sandy in the UK

  9. I must not be a "real" artist, as I cannot see how the lettering is wrong. Did I send you those palm trees or do I still have them in MY stash? lol
    I think your piece is light and fun and reflects a topic you know silly poodles!

  10. I think it is fabulous! 12" square, right?! Absolutely fabulous!!

  11. Thanks for sharing your trials....I'm glad I'm not the only one who says omg this was so much better in my head...grin! Can't wait to see where the deadlines take you!

  12. I love it! I wanna know where this Cafe is located so I can go..hee..hee..hee, it looks like a Blast!

  13. How'd I miss this post!! I LOVE this banner!!!