Friday, March 7, 2014

Come see me!

This month I will be the guest speaker for the PAX River Quilt Guild in Southern Maryland.
The link is HERE

                 ---Shameless Self Promotion----
I will be doing my favorite lecture, "Where did you get THAT idea??"
Combining my years in theater, years working with teenagers as a social worker, and years as a working artist who loves a challenge, I have created a presentation that is fun and interactive. My viewpoint is everyone is creative, it's just a matter of allowing it to flourish.  Along with imagination games, and stimulating interaction between members, I share 50 challenge quilts in person. There! Come see me!

The partial view of a quilt I am sharing at the top of the page came from my imagination one day. I must say I get a lot of ideas while doing something mindless, and since there is so much mindless-time in a day what with normal chores like clothes folding and dish washing, there is a lot of time to come up with ideas to make.

She is made from scraps,. see the scrap containment system   Click Here  or look for the label-- Studio-- on the side for more posts on my favorite room. She is twirling the world on her finger, seeing possibilities in the everyday,


  1. Hi LeeAnna!
    Would love to sign up for your course!
    Maybe someday!
    Evnjoying Spring? Is the snow all gone?
    Take care,

  2. The wild poodle dancing is awesome, you conveyed the feeling of the posters, sometimes time just does not permit all the detail you dreamed about. I could always add another bead, you just need to stop, enough is enough, it is finished. It is not a great museum masterpiece, even those don't need to be perfect. :) AMY