Saturday, January 4, 2014

snow poodle

We had about 6 inches of snow last night so this morning Drew went out with the little supervisor to clear a path. Or as the supervisor sees it, dig in the snow with glee! Whee!

Watching the dad dig in the snow wasn't enough, so Cole pulled out all his "cute-poodle-tricks" and finally the daddy got the idea!

 There was cavorting, there were biting games, there was chasing the poodle around the yard, grabbing at front legs! Oh the joy of a first real snow in the mid-Atlantic! It is real and worth the trip to the grocery store buying panic-induced milk and toilet paper!
Being a bit unstable on ice and generally unstable of body, I picked my way around the slush, and we went for a walk. That was not enough for this old rejuvenated poodle though...
He wanted to play ball!!  (he might need a puppy for his birthday...)


  1. Is really is funny, we live near the North Pole, and have no snow, +8 degrees Celcius. And many blogs from th US are full of snow. The world is upside down. By the way, did you see all the nice comments on your bird?

  2. Add a red hat and you have Santa Cole for next years Christmas card!
    Great fun to be outside!
    Looks like that back breaking snow ! Not the powder stuff that's way easier to shovel! No real winter here yet. 7C today, 12C tomorrow.
    Have fun and walk carefully! I'm als not good when it comes to ice! Freezing temps are ok. But no, no ice please!

  3. I adore that snow beard Cole��

  4. Love the beard!
    Sandy in the UK