Monday, January 6, 2014

Do you have the time???

We went to IKEA in search of organization. Ikea and the container store are big draws to me, you know how you think, "if I can just find the right shelf or drawer unit, my life will fall into place"  DH agreed to go, but he likes to shop by lists, and I wanted to wander and see what I needed. I saw lots of time pieces along with the shelving units and impossibly ordered small room displays. I did not leave with the sale drawer unit I really wanted for under the cutting table as it was two inches too big... wah!! The one that got away...

We saw a lot of cool lighting ideas, but really I like the ones we already have at home from IKEA. Look at this pretty display... makes me think of the chinese lantern quilt I want to make.
 These shelves are so cool, imagine them in a studio with a pin cushion display on them. What is my style anyway?? I love vintage 1940's kitchens, I love bright modern color, I like plain white backgrounds.
I did not love this enough so we left it for the really cool people to buy.
These cube units were cool too. I can just see them in an artist loft, or bachelor pad.

They are cool but too something for me. What's with all the neon lately??

It was around this section that I found the curtains I took home, so sweet with trees and birds on a sheer.
They are already hanging in the front window seat area, and are so long, I think I can trim them and have cafe curtains for the kitchen! Bonus!
 We did not find the shelving units of my dreams but I got ideas. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and I didn't just buy one I liked. When we got home and measured the space, it would have been too big.

  I did stumble across a clothes hamper, that has two bags hanging side by side in a compact way to sort the lights/darks as you throw them in. THAT came home with me and is already put together (and full)
So we chose two items, then came around the bend to see this clock display and Mr Not-Afraid-of-Color spotted this little jewel !!
I know!  A hexagon clock!! I got so excited, I nearly clapped my hands with glee!! DH was already putting the box in the cart!!  The little hexies can be moved around to change the sculpture because there are l-o-t-s of little tiny joining pieces. I had the best time putting my design together yesterday! I'd better get it on the wall real quick too because we had another poodle incident.
Cole has apparently lost his dog mind.
I was in hexie bliss, clock in hand, when I came home into the family room to see my current hexie tumbling block project strewn around the floor. What was left of it!!
That dog had chewed the plastic templates out of several blocks, eaten a three-piece diamond block of sewn fabric entirely, eaten an individual diamond template with fabric, and left evidence of three chewed-to-smithereens plastic templates next to it. I am worried he'll need an expensive operation but at this point, I don't know whether to document him for weirdest eating dog in the records books, put him back in his puppy kennel when we leave the house, or shake him til the template falls out. Right now we are watching to see what happens.
(afraid to leave the house)


  1. The hexagon clock is very cool. I also love hexagons, and dogs, too. But I think the doggy kennel is the right place for Cole next time.

  2. Obviously, Cole loves Ikea even more than you do. Next time, he rides shotgun.
    Cannot believe the hexie clock allows you to play with the design. Very Cool.

  3. What a great story. And that's why I don't have a dog; I can have my hexies alone. Good luck with your IKEA things and the dog's health.

  4. Seems like Cole is in his second puppyhood. IKEA is such a great place, isn't it? Well, that was a dumb question. Of course you love it! I want one over here on the Eastern Shore!!

  5. Hi LeeAnna!
    Oh no! What a mess to come home to after a fun day out! And now you have to wait and see what comes out! And with all those fun dog toys that he has, is this a new "dog toy "in the making?!
    Love the Ikea clock! There's an Ikea just "down the road" from here! Funny how men, especially when it comes to Ikea, like to shop with lists!
    I hope it goes well with Cole!

  6. Awesome clock! I bet Cole was so naughty because he wanted to go to Ikea....hmm wonder what he wanted to purchase? Hope everything went ok!

  7. Oh my!! I hope your puppy is o.k. Seriously, that is the most fun that it is possible to have with a clock. I want one.