Friday, January 31, 2014

Cutting scraps

I haven't been posting not because I'm not sewing, but because I don't want to show too much of this quilt til I get the kinks worked out. I have gone back and forth on "border" blocks or better stated, edge treatments.

I've been laying it out on the floor and trying different combinations. I came out of the kitchen to see
Cole claiming it. Again. He is fascinated with this quilt. He sits and watches me sewing on it.  This is the one he ate two blocks at Christmas.
I am not in love with the "concrete" blocks I have many of now, but the black blocks are not quite right either and I now have many of them too. I am not a planner, so I have to make pieces to see if they work.
The idea is a concrete wall that burst into color. I don't want it too quilt-ish. I want it interesting and artsy.
It's all from the scrap bins except the concrete and black blocks.
Someone at my sewing bee commented it is growing every time she sees it and asked how big it will be.
As big as it gets, I guess. The only answer a non planner can give.

I also dug into the scrap containment system, (Want to see it?Look here!)  and cut out blocks to do at our two day sew in event. I cut and cut, and now the bins are.... overflowing!! What:?! I removed fabric and now they won't close? They breathed out I guess.

The sad news was I went through my cool black & white drawer to choose some fun fabrics for this soon to be quilt, and wouldn't cut into yardage not already cut into. "No, better save that one for a real quilt".
the cut piece ready to make on Monday

This is ridiculous no? This IS a real quilt! But it's a scrap quilt and I know how disappointed I would be to need a particular fabric, and the hole cut out of it would make it unusable. Once again DH asked if I  needed him to cut a swatch out of each of them so I could relax! (Um, don't you need to work on your schoolwork hon? )

So, until I write again, imagine me making tumbling blocks and tilting my head to an fro trying to make a decision. Cole will be watching and waiting for another opportunity to lay on it. We all make our judgements differently.


  1. Three comments: I thought only cats sat on our quilts; not dogs. I love Klimt, also, and made several quilts in his style... Yours is beautiful. Get brave and cut your fabric. There is always other fabric you can buy. (My humble opinion only.)

  2. I like the tumbling concrete wall and it has Coles stamp of approval so must be good. I do love me a good scrappy quilt :-)

  3. Ooooh super cool!! I love the fabrics and colors you have here... :)

  4. Great scrappy projects! I always try to use up my smaller scraps before I cut into yardage too.

  5. thanks for visiting my blog. Wow I love what you are doing. The tumbling blocks are just amazing

  6. Your tumbling block quilt is going to be as wonderful as your header Grandmother's Flower Garden one. Can you tell I LOVE scrap and tesselating quilts? I'm in the middle of some shelf refolding/reorganizing and I'm going to send you a few surprises. The "don't cut from a new piece" mentality we all recognize and fight against!
    Martha Ginn