Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

 The reindeer have begun drinking....
Santa is bigger than ever (this is NOT our house)

We went for a walk in another town this morning while out running errands. We saw lots of what I call
Christmas Pumpkins mixed in with nativity scenes.
All they need is an Easter bunny and heart lights and they've got it all covered.
 Cole has started his shopping spree. He especially loves our local gardening and home center. He shops all the shelves within nose level, greets people and always stops to share a drink socially from their doggie water bowl.
 This time he enjoyed the ornaments and the decorated trees.
They even have a pet section where we can sit a spell. I wanted to soak in the atmosphere, all the shiny sparkly items, the reds, the greens, the golds of the season. None of them dusty or broken or tangled.
We put up a few lights in front of our home tonight before the evening walk. Half a strand will be burned out...
 the rest are a tangled mess. The staple gun won't go through the garland.  I said, let's just put something up so it feels like Christmas.
I have special dishes for the season so those will come out tomorrow while we clean carpets in anticipation of a tree. All of us are allergic to real trees, we all LOVE a real tree but now own one that falls open with lights already on it, waiting for
clean (er) carpets.
Oh, and to make this quilt related....

 The men in my life waited while I looked at fabric and notions and specialty threads.This is a wonderful shop called Tomorrow's Treasures located in Crofton MD, site of all our errands today. 
Okay, I also looked at sewing machines as the time is coming when I will have to invest. Santa....
 Cole just put their sign on as a joke. He's a barrel of laughs.

That's it. No contra dance this evening. Just home to eat, watch a movie, and drink a glass of wine to celebrate the season. Are you decorating for the holidays this year? LeeAnna


  1. A tree that falls open with lights already on it! That's a win win situation!
    Looks like you all had a great day!
    Hope you can enjoy more fun days out together!
    Take care,

  2. We have one of those trees. Yes, we like a real one too, but this one really fits the space we have and we no longer have hours of waiting for Bob to put on the lights ... when the kids were young they got bored before the tree lights finally got on the tree just right.

    I'm going right now to dig out the indoor decorations. We put lights on the porch. I finally got my wrap around porch, so now I have wrap around lights too. Went out the other day looking for some greens ... you know the ones that are left over when people trim off the bottom branches of those real trees ... well, one store had a small bundle with about 5 small branches and the price was $12.95! I did not purchase :( We went to Lowes and they gave us a huge bundle of their leftovers for free. I had enough to fill the planters on the porch, put some in a vase inside, hang swags on the porch railing, and even put some in the garden for the birds. I wished my Lowes Santa a Merry Christmas .. she smiled back and I was all happy feeling the spirit of Christmas.

    Love hearing about your family adventures! Pat

  3. I noted a tree…sad looking tree, at the grocery store today, with a price tag of $30. That is cheap by many standards. But this year I think I am going with my white artificial tree that is pre-lit too. We also have 12 boxes of decorations. I plan to pare that down and not repack it all. It's time to let go of 'stuff'. Yes, I DID see the flamingo box. SO glad you liked it! :)