Saturday, December 21, 2013

A REAL (messy) working Studio

 Welcome to my world!
These are the doors leading into my happy place. My happy place has full-spectrum spotlights, lots of color, and sewing supplies to rival any quilt shop! Come on in!!


This is the view from the door, turning left. I keep a quilt hanging in view as you walk in the room, and there are shelves there holding my paints, inks, and brushes. I didn't take a picture as I'd rather save that for another day.
I have done studio posts before, check the page at the top for a few pictures look here, or detailed  posts under the label at the side check it out here! 
 The yellow shelves on the left hold trims, zippers, tools, sheers/ organzas, the ocean fabric collection and work folders for teaching/lectures. There are 3 magic wands, as who doesn't need a bit of magic?
As you enter the room, my sewing cabinet is next to a window ( again there are pictures of this under the label studio) and I love my Horn sewing cabinet as it allows the machine to sit down level with the top. The cabinet opens up to support a large quilt, and it's opened at the moment. Being open takes up real estate, but is so very convenient.
This is a REAL studio party right?? This is a REAL hot mess as I'm in the middle of  reorganizing, putting away new supplies, and fabrics from the last three projects. It piles up, doesn't it? I even imported an extra table to give me some sorting space. The cutting table is wonderful, and the cutting mat covers the whole top. My ironing board sits on the end of the table for quick press before cutting, or after sewing. The design wall is a large cotton batt pinned to the wall. It's over another one holding a long term project. I needed to keep the first one up, but also needed current working space.

This cabinet, from Ikea holds my vcr/dvd player, TV on top, magazine holders that hold paper... the bits you cut out of magazines, the pictures of flamingos, the pictures of cows, etc. It also holds patterns in the blue boxes.  Beads are on the bottom two shelves, and that detail of storage will be for another post as well as the book shelf system. My systems really work, so I want to spend more time showcasing them later.
There is a multicolored shelf next to the cutting table that holds my rulers on top, the remote controls, all pencils and pens, and paper piecing printed sheets for when I want to sew but don't know what I want to sew.  This system will be shown in more detail later as well.

I have shown fabric storage in previous posts, both yardage and scrap containment systems. Go see them if you get a chance.


The room isn't large, and is even smaller when there are piles of stuff everywhere like there is at the moment. But it's all mine, on the first floor near the kitchen and powder room, there are two closets, and I lose track of time when I go in there to play.
I asked DH to call before coming home from work, so I can try and disengage. There were times he came home, and I asked what he was doing there, and he said, well it's 7 o'clock! I had no idea!
Hope you had fun, feel free to come for a visit sometime. Call first...
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  1. Thank you for the view of your studio. It looks real sunny and bright, a HAPPY place to work.

  2. You have a great space and I covet that pin cushion collection!

  3. You call this messy? You don't know messy, but I could show you. I think it looks like a great space to work.

  4. Love the doors!
    It's like that wall hanging "My sewing room" that I still have to make! I can add my "sewing/diningroom/livingroom/floor space" combination at times! And don't forget the threads that get scattered through out the house!
    Thanks for sharing where creativity takes place!
    Take care,

  5. I so understand about losing all track of time. I have done the same thing! My sewing room is in our finished basement and I am often shocked to come up the stairs and find out it is dark outside!

    Great studio. I wish mine was on the first floor!

  6. I'm in total like with all the colour in your space! Definitely a happy place to be. Thanks for inviting us to peek inside your world!

  7. What a wonderful quilty wonderland! Thanks for sharing a peek into your happy place. Love that shot of he who guards the fabric!

  8. I enjoyed spending the early part of my morning touring your studio. Thanks for a peek into your creative spot. :) I'm interested in seeing more of that quilt hanging in the hallway upon the entrance of your studio...looks like a wonderful piece of art!!