Thursday, December 12, 2013


It's cold here y'all! Cole hasn't been out of his JimJams  since we groomed him. These jimjams are from a pattern, that I amended because he is so deep in the chest. ( Like his mom) It is old, old, old and has shrunk but still his fave. It has moons on it, so I think of him as Harry Poodle-Potter.
Want a break from the holiday frenzy? Enjoy jigsaw puzzles? Here's one for you to do online CLICK HERE

And a joke in honor of the weather... what did the green grape say to the purple grape??
Breathe, you idiot, breathe!!
ho ho ho 


  1. DUH ... took me a couple times through to understand and laugh at the grape joke. Ho Ho Ho, I'm a bit slow slow slow!

    Cole's picture made me laugh at first because I thought he was wearing some kind of a feather headpiece .. perfect placement of the grass behind him LOL. Seriously, you do a great job grooming him. He looks very handsome in his Jim Jams. Pat

  2. Lucky Pup! Doesn't even have to get out of his Jams all day:-)