Monday, August 17, 2015

Whoa! Where's the fire??? another Cole Caper

Hi, Cole here,  and welcome to my life!
While my peeps and I were in Syracuse for the big quilt show recently, there was an antique fire truck display at the hotel. We walked over and looked at them. It was so hot that day, it's just a good thing the firemen were there,(ha ha poodle humor)
There were lots of trucks from old to new.

You know what?
Firemen are not only nice, but they taste good and know just where to scratch a poodle's ears.

Check out this one, and you quilters take note. Lots of tools here, all in their place. Just like momma's studio.

HAHAHAHA more poodle humor

We saw everything from the oldest push cart from London to this fancy one meant to be pulled by horses.
Whew! Glad they weren't here. I don't mind telling you horses kind of scare me. Sirens were bad enough but horses and bells. uh uh.

Get momma to read this sign to you...
the firemen and truck owners have quite a sense of humor too.

I can only imagine riding in this truck, wind through my ears, catching bugs in my teeth. Whee!

Like this lucky dog...

Oh he's not real. He didn't even bark at me. (I would have barked to let him know I was on the truck and he wasn't and wasn't allowed on my truck anyway)

Check out the spare truck... poodle sized...BOL

So anyway, it was a fun morning for all of us. The peeps talked to the owners and learned a lot. I smelled all I could so I could tell you about it.
In honor of Monday Mischief
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See the scar on my nose?? Well it was caused by a  FIRE.

My good human friend Mike smokes cigars and I thought I could take one from him when I was an immature little pup, but it burnt my nosie. Oh I'm fine. I would still eat a cigar if given a chance.

It is just an old war injury I can use to WOW the ladies and make the young'uns jealous.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you and Cole should write some children's books. I'm glad that you're enjoying upstate NY, not too far from where I grew up.

  2. Ya know, poodles make more sense for firetrucks than dalmatians - they're water dogs, after all...

  3. Hey poodle pal, looks like you had a blast and look at all those cool fire trucks!!! Have a great week! -Spencer the Goldendoodle

  4. I don't know about you Cole, but I think you would look fantastic up there instead of that fake dalmatian dog.

  5. Cole seems to be sharing some wonderful hidden treasure locals with us this summer.

  6. What a fantastic caper, Cole! Sam likes fireman too but not so much the alarm on their trucks though; scares the Be-Jesus outa him. :)

  7. We Bassets prefer the police who come to visit us because for some reason DAD can't pull the door shut after Mom and Dad set the alarm and leave, and they have to come back home to meet the nice policeman who responds to the day it's going to be real and they are going to just think it is DAD!

    Whew! that is one loud sound!

  8. I'm not sure cigars taste as good as they smell Cole, you'll have to enlighten me on that one! Looks like a beautiful and fun day!

  9. Firemen taste good - BOL! Great photo story!

  10. Woe, you look like you belong on that fire truck! You'd be the perfect mascot.

  11. I love the sign! (But glad I don't have to have bugs in my teeth...)
    Please come link up at

  12. I agree - you and Cole should write some children's books. You are good at it.

  13. Catching up on some of your posts. That looks like a fun outing! Owie about the cigar! But, hey, the ladies dig a handsome man with mysterious scars!