Monday, July 6, 2015

The sky is falling...Cole Little

This is my sad true tale of "The Week of too many loud Noises"
A friend of my mom's asked if I was losing my hearing over time... you know older gentlemen often do.

I'd say, no.
Let me explain... it was a dark and stormy night
 The thunder and lightening  started after we all went to bed last week...

Here is my little bed, next to where the "big dog" sleeps, so I can keep an eye on him and the door. And if I happen to fall off the bed it's not a big drop.

On this night the big dog was snoring and the medium dog just turned out her light, then the sky opened up. Well, one of my jobs is to alert them to loud noises, so I got up and stood by the big bed.

Just to make sure they were aware, you know. Not that I was scared or anything.

Momma said, bring him up between us.
Now I'm a poodle who normally likes his own space but they seemed scared so I thought I would throw them a bone so to speak, and comfort them here in the big bed. 

I seldom like that, I mean they take up so much room. I made sure I had lots of room in case I wanted to stretch in the night, so I placed myself between them, laying totally sideways, head on their pillows, flopped down quickly playing dead so no one could push me over. Then I petted Momma, who I was facing. I gently caressed her face with my scratchy rough foot til she held hands with me.

I knew she needed that reassurance so she could sleep.
Dad squeezed in the other side, and could have been chilly as I took up all the slack in the quilt. They would be fine, I mean after all I was there to protect them, up close and personal-like.

It was all good, everyone went back to sleep, then I had some dreams that required running. I like those but my peeps seem to get annoyed. Dad got up again. Then when he couldn't get back to sleep he read a book. Fine, now HE's on watch so I really relaxed.

Do you all ever sleep with your peeps? Don't you hate thunder? Don't even get me started on the eeejits in our 'hood who shoot off fireworks til midnight! Grrrrrrr
Cole standing in for momma
Pix of historic Annapolis tomorrow, complete with poodle


  1. DINozzo - I am never afraid! I am like the calm cool cucumber. kinda shaped like one too!
    McGee - I hear thunder or those pesky fireworks and I think I am going to die! Before I cam to live with mom and dad I had to sleep outside in the weather....with no food and lots of fleas and ticks. I now can ask for a thunder shirt and hopefully feel better.
    Chloe - huh? Is it dinner yet?

  2. Our wee dogs didn't seem to have any problem with the boomers. And they always sleep in our bed. ;)

  3. Misty the alpha Poodle understands the history of the Declaration of Independence and she explains it to the other dogs so no one is afraid. But we all sleep in the same bed anyway.

  4. It's good to have someone to comfort you when you are afraid!

  5. I let Sam sleep with me if he hears things go bump in the night. It's amazing thought what a gigantic bed hog he is though. But it always makes me smile inside and out once he falls asleep and I can hear his breath and pupster sleep sounds. Personally I think I despise fireworks more than Sam; mostly he's a trooper. I grumble that people shoot them off when the houses are so close together. One spark and an entire block could go up! Sigh.

  6. Missy & Buzz did well around the firework sounds ~ we exercised them thoroughly throughout the day of July 4th and as soon as the fireworks started, they had an awesome Doggie Popsicle each, which required all of their attention ;-)

  7. Our big Gypsy poodle sleeps next to my pillow. She gets too hot in the night so quietly slips off the bed and sleeps in the doorway. I think she is guarding us that way. The other three sleep all around the bed on floor, their preference. None are afraid of loud noise, just me, the poodle mom. :-)

  8. Stan likes to go outside and bark at the loud noises. He's a trained gun dog so they don't scare him at all

  9. Stan likes to go outside and bark at the loud noises. He's a trained gun dog so they don't scare him at all

  10. Piglet hated storms and fireworks... So the day her hearing went was sort of a blessing for her. So sad when they are afraid of scary noises!

  11. Hi Y'all!

    Don't particularly care for thunder, and fireworks here at the shore even had me shaking. More on that Thursday.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. You are such a good mom! I had a dog a long time ago that trembled terribly during thunderstorms and fireworks. It was horrible. I would lay down next to her and rot her thru it. And yes my dogs absolutely sleep with me :-)

  13. VA. had heavy rain off and on this holiday - so a lot of people were unable to get out and do their annual noise annoyance thing. #yippee

  14. I'm glad that you were able to find a way to make it through all of the fireworks! My kitties almost always sleep with my and my husband. They become especially cuddly when there are fireworks or thunderstorms.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  15. We are lucky because Ruby doesn't seem to notice fireworks or thunder.

  16. PepiSmartDog: first of all I LOVE your quilt! Beautiful
    I totally relate to your dislike of thunder and the need to catch up on your sleep, by letting the human be guard why you caught up in your 20 hours of "thinking."

    As tough as I was, I used to become quite unglued when it came to thunder.
    I have a few good thunder stories too - a highlight might be the night I ran out through my doggie door and got stuck in the fence - screaming - and when mum arrived home in the storm, the neighbour was just getting ready to go to the hospital after trying to help me. Apparently I bit him on the hand, when he tried to twist my body out of the fence. Mum ran to me and got me straight out of the fence-bars and I collapsed. Seems the neighbor couldn't play golf for over a month. Woops. So yes, I hate thunder too.

    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and hope to see you next week too. "=o)