Friday, July 3, 2015

preparing to sew with my peeps

 Unleash the power of the batik scrap bin!     POW!
I keep batiks separate from the other scraps. I had to wash them twice, and I still have a little trouble with the smell  when pressing but I love them so!

My sewing group is having a two day meeting to try a pattern new to us. The "binding tool quilt" from Missouri Star Quilt Co. I got the tool last weekend so now I am choosing fabrics.

The  culled strips placed in groups of four ready for cutting out.

Do you all have a hard time choosing fabrics for a project?

This is not a pattern I would choose but I want to join in the fun  with my friends.
I decided not to do a formal repeated color block, but to enjoy some of my collection. Originally I started by pulling a gradation of color from my yardage stash but quickly got tired of the stiffness of the look. That's when I turned to scraps!
Then I got more interested in the project. These will go on a black background. Now the colors will change, there will still be light and dark, but the patterns will dance across the quilt.
Like most quilt patterns, this one changes according to fabric choices. If you repeat the same four fabrics you have a controlled calm gradation. If you mix colors you still see the star but it's more scrap quilt like.
I am doing something in the middle.
 As you can see I tried to instill some order by  gradating light to dark, while leaving room for fun.
Once a year this bee chooses a pattern to do together, and about 20 + people drag machines, fabrics irons, etc to the library to have a mini retreat.

We sort of lead each other through construction and choices and enjoy seeing what each other is making.

Of course there will be lunch.

Now I need to do the pre-cutting so it will feel like a kit!
I get to use some special bits of fabric and the scrap bin will be  even more overflowing after removing all these!


  1. It wouldn't matter what project you work on - with all those luscious colors it's bound to be fun!

  2. Yummy fabrics with which to stitch!

  3. Love those fabrics. I can't wait to see what you make with them. I love batiks and the effect they give in a quilt

  4. Love those fabrics. I can't wait to see what you make with them. I love batiks and the effect they give in a quilt

  5. i rarely have trouble with color selection. i must start with idea seed and flow from there. and what landed next to each other in the dumping pile! this looks like a whole bunch of fun and we look forward to see what the fabrics grew into!

  6. Can't wait to see the end result! Your fabrics looks wonderful!! Have a Happy Fourth!

  7. I like your fabrics together. Have fun together!

  8. I can't stand the smell of batiks either! I think that may be why I stay away from them.