Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Many colors of Peru's crafts

We learned that Peru is a diverse large country with many crafts being made. Several styles of hats were worn, look at this one full of texture and color! And this knitted and bedazzled one. There is a lot done with embellishment. Extra beads and lots of buttons. Remember to click on pix to see detail.

 Tomorrow's post holds many pictures of colorful yarns and natural dyes and weaving. Check out the incredible embroidery represented. Hand made, on clothing and every day items.

 I haven't been to Peru but the light must be incredible to encourage such color!

 This man was carving wood into utensils, intricate dressers and chess pieces as we watched.

 This display of food staples to the region was also colorful. I got to see quinoa growing as it's one of their grains. Several varieties of corn were represented of course. 
Of course they painted gourds. I believe they must paint, embellish, stitch just about everything they can get their hands on!! Their daily lives must embrace bright color. When I moved to the DC area I changed the way I dress as it's much more conservative than my native Florida. However I have never lost my joy with color.
Even the basket fibers were dyed. I used to make Appalachian baskets and dyed the fibers too. They take dye well. I actually loved weaving baskets and found it satisfying to see the reed flexible after soaking in water, take shape according to my whims. The demonstrators made most of their crafts while sitting on the ground with their legs straight out in front.
I would not fit in. And I felt like a giant at 5'7"   as most of the Peruvians I encountered were tiny.
They work with recycled items as well, using old flip flops to make items, and metal drums vibrantly painted and cut into shape were eye catching. Here is a menorah I considered buying. I left with a hand dyed rayon scarf and Mr. Not afraid of color bought a cd of sea chanteys. Tomorrow lots of pix of fiber art



  1. Wow, wonderful bright colors. Was this the Smithsonian craft thingie. (sorry, I can't remember what it is called.) Wonderful hand crafts.

  2. Envy envy envy... What a lot of fantastic color to explore and enjoy! I'm glad the rain stopped long enough for your to go.

  3. Wow! Awesome bright colored crafts!!!

  4. So love the colors of Peru--and they are soooo you! What a terrific showcase of crafts from a whole 'nother 'world.'

  5. Hi LeeAnna,
    Those sunny lands sure can incorperate colour!
    It's a totally different light effectt!
    You'd think that we northerner's should use more colour in our daily lives for the positive effect that it has!

  6. So much colour, what a visual feast!