Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Facing facts... Studio faces

 One of the dolls I mentioned yesterday... this butterfly queen hangs near my fabric, protecting it. 
There are wires in her quilted wings, and beads all over them. Her hair is mylar threads. 
pattern by julie mccullough
I have made many an art doll at this point, but l really love this one. I used some of my favorite fabrics making her, and I have a hard time cutting into the petting stash. Here she is in full flight. 
I learned a lot about faces while making doll after doll. I do not like to needle sculpt the faces and luckily this pattern forms a great profile.

Would you like to see some more faces from my studio?? This butterfly is a decal. They are all around the window my machine faces.
Then there is this pin cushion...
This party owl is up all day and all night partying.
Look at this month's calendar (curlygirl)
good words for my birthday month.
I have a thing for Betty Boop (boop boopado) (She loved her little dog too) 


  1. I was shopping at a make-up counter in a department store and was questioning the lady waiting on me about a lip gloss or lipstick she was showing me. I thought that it was probably suited more for someone younger since it had a glittery sparkle to it. A different, elderly sales lady heard me and turned around startled and said, " but you're never too old to sparkle!" I loved it and told my daughter later. We both had a good laugh and now, whenever my daughter is trying to talk me into something that my conservative side or old age is making me dubious of, she repeats, "you're never too old to sparkle!" How true and how lucky I am to have someone who reminds me of it. So, I love the quote for your birthday month and I think your Queen would be a good reminder to sparkle. Although you don't seem to need any reminders, LeeAnna. I think you must be one of those natural sparklers in the world :)

  2. You certainly do faces well. Your dolls are scrumptious!

  3. Your butterfly queen is beautiful! I've always wanted to make one of these. Happy Birthday, LeeAnna

  4. Julie McCullough and Barbara Willis are two of my favorite doll designers, too. And Patty Medaris Culea. (I used to make lots of dolls, but burnt out. Someday I'll start up again...)
    Yours are just gorgeous! You've put so much of yourself into them.
    Sparkle on!

  5. I love all the details on your butterfly queen. Happy Birthday Month!

  6. Happy birthday! Your dolls are fun to see. I hope they bring you much joy, watching over you as you create!

  7. How delightful! Thanks so much for sharing the picture, and for your reflections on faces. I love dollmaking, and haven't been happy with my faces. Your posts have provided inspiration.

  8. How delightful! Thanks so much for sharing the picture, and for your reflections on faces. I love dollmaking, and haven't been happy with my faces. Your posts have provided inspiration.

  9. Happy Birthday! You have brought back all my doll making memories, they are such a creative outlet to work on - I love the fabric your chose for your wings and I know exactly what you mean about faces!

  10. I love LOVE these dolls. Just beautiful.

  11. Oh my goodness, Lee Anna. You have so many face(t)s!!!
    I love that she has this personality - thanks to all the details.

  12. Hi LeeAnna,
    You share another creative side of you! Super!
    Every fabric stash needs a "Spirit" protecting it!
    This one is perfect!
    Take care,

  13. This butterfly doll is stunning, such a joyful face and the wings are perfect.

  14. Your doll is beautiful and I love that she 'protects' your fabric. I love the sparkle quote, too. We all deserve to sparkle, no matter how old we are!

  15. Have you ever had a look at the magazine Art Doll Quarterly? They feature everything from cloth to clay creations. There's stunning work and lots of inspiration to be found in every issue. Your butterfly turned out beautifully. Happy birth month!

  16. Just astounding work!!!
    Sparkle on!! We'll be out here cheering you on!