Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Friendship square for a friend

"Chocolate and quilting HEAL!"  6" X 6"
Our quilt guild sends heart blocks to members who are ill or going through a tough time.
Right now one of our bee members is going through an illness so we are making her 6 inch friendship quilts instead of the usual blocks. This way she can flip through them like cards.
these are the main fabrics I used, plus a yellow and red for binding, a black to make the chocolate box, and some white to fill in the back. All that in a teensy little 6 inch quilt!
But it needed it. You know?  The flowers are good for a sick person, and well, chocolates are always called for, and the little quilting lady is my friend down to a T
The back with signature
So, for the back I pieced her onto the word fabric, just to remind her of priorities.
I machine appliqued the chocolates to the black with a buttonhole stitch, the black to the flowers with a zigzag stitch, did a long stitch with thick thread by hand as my friend loves hand embroidery. All before sandwiching the layers with peltex for stability. Machine quilted with cotton thread and free motion... really free motion... flips and swirls. 
the binding is fused on after cutting the edge with pinking shears, then topstitching two lines of straightstitch for fun.
The way I see it, no quilt is too small to ignore the details, know what I mean? Now wouldn't this cheer you up?


  1. Seriously love the details! What kind of pen do you use for writing?

    1. I find these to leave the best black mark on fabric
      marvy The Fabric Marker
      TeeJuice fine point

  2. Hi LeeAnna!
    What a lovely idea!
    This block really says it all! It's fantastic!
    6 inches! Amazing creative !
    take care,

  3. This is so cute, sure to cheer her up.

  4. Yes, it would! Love the chocolates in the heart.

  5. What an awesome idea... mini quilts instead of cards. I'm so in love with this idea! Your heart is so cheery!

  6. Such a lovely idea, and yes it will deffiniatly make her smile and feel she is loved. Cheers Glenda PS love the caricature fabric spot on it will make her laugh.

  7. Love the mini quilt! So thoughtful & beautiful. :)

  8. This is sure to cheer her up. I like the back as much as the front.

  9. What a lovely mini quilt. You are right, it should help to cheer her and let her know that she is cared for.

  10. This Get Well Quilt is adorable! It would put a smile on anyone's face!!

  11. Your mini quilt is fantastic. You obviously put a LOT of thought into it. I hope your friend gets well soon.

  12. She's going to smile, feel love and get better every time she looks at that little quilt. What a sweet idea. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone!