Thursday, October 9, 2014

Going for a ride in the car- part 2

On our long weekend getaway, we visited three wineries. Two were open for tastings so we did.

Warning, rant coming on.

The tastings, which amounted to about half glass of wine, cost $10. Is this not advertising for the business? We try wines to see which ones we want to buy and take home. The glass was not even included in one visit!

 It was pouring rain all day, and we wanted to be in a fun environment, social and trying something new.

After all anyplace with something like this in the front should be fun right?

Not so much... in both wineries, and I feel we've given them enough exposure by buying the tastings, it was VERY LOUD, and we didn't love the wines.
Locals did not agree with our assessment...
Apparently people take great quantities of their own food to these wineries, set up at long tables, buy a bottle of wine and party!

The place was packed and I had to take a snapshot of this party complete with crockpot. We don't do that in MD!
We bought a Sauvignon Blanc at one winery and a rose at another.
The paparazzi  found us however...
Cole had to sign a few paw-tographs and take a few pictures. After that we had a romp off leash on the grounds, just to express some glee at getting out of the car even if he's too young to go in and drink.
 He jumped around just as if he was 2 instead of 12, and had eaten a meal instead of a tiny mouthful. We had to be on guard as there were an enormous amount of cigarette butts and he's been know to eat them. We've had to break him of his nicotine habit four times in his life and we didn't want him falling off the wagon. We had to watch him while letting him romp, so he would not fall prey to the drugs. Happily he made good choices and ignored them.
 We were rained on and frazzled from the trip the day before, and I was coming off my own allergies to my neighbor's mosquito spray, but here we are post tasting.
Next up, another Halloween quilt, interview with a painter, the spoils from my fabric shopping and a surprise for Halloween. It was a stimulating trip, all in all. We hated to leave! Know where we were? 6 hours North of MD?
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  1. Hi - Nice to meet you. I just hopped over here from the blog hop. That is a beautiful quilt at the header of your blog. Just lovely.

  2. 6 hours drive north of Maryland? I'd say that's somewhere on Lake Ontario/ St Lawrence River ... Mackinac? I've no idea about journey times; I've never been in Maryland I'm afraid.

  3. Cole looks like he had a great time! Nicotine notwithstanding. I agree with you about the wineries. There are none nearby so when we travel I like to visit them. And they are acting like we are a nuisance to them, rather than a new customer!

  4. Looks like your dog had a good time, even if it wasn't the most fun for you. And you walked away with some wine, so, it was worthwhile.

    Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  5. I won't go to the wineries that charge for tastings. It is sad that so many people took advantage of tastings (you know the free-booze but with no intention of ever buying a bottle types) that wineries started charging to begin with. I do love pet friendly wineries (or anywhere!) and we know that puparazzi crowd well!

  6. Anytime wine is involved it is a good time. Pet friendly wineries are awesome!

  7. Wineries are the best for total family and friend fun!!

  8. At least the winery was pet friendly and Cole could get out for some socializing and a fun romp.

  9. PepiSmartDog: wineries are always fun - especially with Cole! BOL!
    Thank DOG Cole didn't take up smoking again. HeeHee!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    We look forward to reading your posts each week and seeing your piccies. *waves paw* :=o)