Wednesday, October 8, 2014

going for a ride in the car (part 1)

 We went for a ride in the car.
Guess where we went for a long weekend??  It was about 6 hours from us. We were able to relax, look at gorgeous leaves changing colors, falling and generally painting the earth.

We visited little villages, wineries, quilt shops, quaint diners, historic homes, walked a lot and met lots of interesting people.

Why it was like entering an episode of Gilmore Girls, one of my favorite TV shows. We stopped at this little winery/ farmers market along our drive, to see this display of pumpkins and Jack O'lanterns.
 (Truth is, a sign promised wine tasting but they weren't doing it that day, sadly)
 Inside the store was this...
and you know how I feel about cows!!

I doubted this life-sized one would fit in the car to take back home. Imagine it on our yard!

After a day of looking in quilt shops and at scenery we spied this display in the sweetest village yet...

I've just never seen such a large pumpkin!! Cole weighs 60 lbs. There were two of these monsters...

The squash or gourds with the necks looked like geese, the mums add sparkle as do the white pumpkins. Look at Drew next to that one!
Cole didn't know what the fuss was, he didn't want to eat any of it!

Pulling our gaze away from these two displays along the walkway to the very large welcoming porch we saw that people were rocking in wicker chairs, sitting on settees and enjoying a beverage...
We were called over to this table full of people who said they were poodle people. We heard so many stories of their mischievous poodles, learned about their lives, compared places lived, laughed so much. When they left, we ordered drinks so that we too could sit in genteel fashion, watch the passers-by, and imagine what the hotel looked like in years gone by. I had a hot cider with rum and an orange slice. Yummm! Perfect for a cool Autumn afternoon. Perfect end to the day in a village we loved.
Can you guess where we were?? I'll send you a little prize if you do!


  1. What a fun day, but I have no idea :)

  2. No idea! But it sounds like such a fun day. I love the picture of your drinks - really captures the feel of sitting there on the porch, slightly old-fashioned and very laid back.

  3. I know where you are... but I feel like it's cheating since I know what direction you were going... so I have an unfair advantage... we will meet you there next time if you choose to go again... you ended up being two hours away... looks like you had a great time!

  4. Looks like an incredible day - love the "cow on the cob" LOL

  5. That looks like such a nice place to visit! My Momma knows just were you went...then again she feels like she cheated cause she used the know-it-all google to find out! According to her cheater search, you went to Stockbridge, MA!

  6. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful day! Can't wait to find out where you were!