Thursday, November 30, 2023

I Like Thursday #378 holiday cards, holiday treats and a poodle


here it is, another Thursday and we're here to tell you what we liked the last week...

the first picture is the changing of holidays... an overlap of pumpkins for Thanksguiviung and shiny baubles for Christmas... 

I liked that we agreed to just have a four day Thanksgiving feast, dragging out the cooking over several days. Took some pressure off.

 listening to on audio books


on TV.... 

love dancing with the stars, although I'm sad Barry was sent home. Love survivor and amazing race... it's nice to like a lot of the players. Big Brother will be back soon with a holiday edition. Due to the writers strike all scripted shows are not on at the moment, but we watch then streaming.  Actually I've enjoyed some Hallmark movies lately, the best was Biltmore House.


I've so enjoyed writing back and forth in a conversation with on art and life, and with Gwynned Trefethen ( on the value of learning languages... and travel... and Joy ( )and I got in a zoom this week too. Thank you my friends for making me less lonely!

Fine Dining

Tried these rolls over the holiday

they came out too too dry. Pretty but too dry to eat. I'm planning to make a southern form of stuffing called in our house, dressing with the dry rolls.

Mom... so many good smells... where's my thanksgiving treats

cabbage, broccoli, zucchini and sweet potatoes

 heyyyy where is the meat? oh well, I like all those foods, thanks mama for always sharing what you think I can eat.


the prompt this week:

Do you send Christmas cards? or holiday cards?

Do you send a few or a lot of cards? Are they unique like a photo from this year, or say, hallmark boxed ones (I do the boxed ones but love  a photo card) Do you include newsletter and when will you aim to send them out? Do you get cards? how do you display them?    extra credit: do you do craft projects with your old cards like some people? When do you pack/toss them after the season? Pipsqueak Productions C588 Poodle White Standard Christmas  Boxed Cards - Pack of 10
at amazon

I have sent cards out all my adult life. I have a couple times included newsletters when we moved and had new address, got a new puppy, or something momentous. 

Christmas card poodle. | Poodle drawing, Poodle card, Poodle puppy
from pinterest

I usually picked out my favorite whimsical cards at after Christmas sales to be used the following year. I choose a card that I hope the recipient will enjoy seeing. : Graphique Christmas Flamingos Holiday Cards - Pack of 15 Cards  with Envelopes - Christmas Greetings - Gold Foil and Glitter - Tropical -  Boxed Set - 4.75" x 6.625" : Office Products
from amazon

I put the cards on tables and mantel to enjoy. I like to get cards, it makes me feel connected to friends I might not hear from because, well, life gets busy. I like written notes on cards too. I love seeing the sparkle, the sweetness, hearing about a friend's changes, and think of them when I see the cards... 

Since covid I haven't shopped so I'm slowly using up my cards but the connections are real and strong. 

and to all dogs, plenty of good food!

now please visit these people to see what they liked this week...


Kathy said...

For the last few years I have made cards, using fused and stitched fabric scraps. Soooo much fun, uses up tiny bits and pieces of fabric and each is unique. I have kept strictly to fabric, but paint is always an option. It seems like that might be fun for you to explore, and not just for Christmas cards.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I don't do cards anymore - I have a large family and slowly I just did less and less - the postage is too high I think and very few in my family ever send cards anymore

Sara said...

We need to start doing our Zooms again. And I'm loving Survivor and Amazing Race this season. I haven't watched last night's episodes yet but did record them as we were not home.

I do send cards most years. A couple of years I sent out New Years cards. Some years I buy cards, and some years I get photo cards. I want to get mine sent out next week.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting cards, especially if there is a letter and photo included. I have an old metal sleigh that originally came with a plant, and the cards go into the sleigh that is usually sitting on the fireplace hearth or somewhere I can see and enjoy them. We've already received 2 Christmas cards from old friends, and laughed that these 2 are always the first to arrive.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love the idea of spreading Thanksgiving out over a few days. What a great idea! I forgot all about the prompt. I do send cards and love receiving them too! I don't send or receive as many as in the past. I think people have cut down on sending them. Sad!!

Helen said...

It is quite a gift that this blog world gives us to have really good friends... who we'll probably never actually meet.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Poodle Christmas cards would be perfect for you! Maybe you can find some online this year. I need to get the pumpkin/fall things put away so the Christmas decorations can come out. Milo, you're like the men in my family - they'd be asking where's the meat, too!

My GBGV Life said...

We miss the holiday cards these days. Most are no longer sending, so we have given up as well. It's fun to create our own card each year. We never did the letter, though. At least we can post our card on our blog. Technology is nice but some things are better to have in hand like greeting cards, actual phone calls/conversations instead of texts...

MissPat said...

I do still send cards, but have been whittling the list, since postage keeps going up, sometimes twice a year. I won't do much decorating this year as I'm leaving for Texas on Dec 13th. My oldest grandson is getting married on Dec 17th, and then I'm staying through the holidays with my step-daughter's family. What fun to see that Milo actually eats vegetables. I don't know any other dogs that do.

Brian's Home Blog said...

It sure is the season for yummy food. Hey Milo, it doesn't look like you approve of those goodies. We send out cards still, it's a hard habit to break LOL! Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

PaintedThread said...

Milo looks spiffy with his cape! Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving.

grammajudyb said...

L : have you ever used Current? You can order cards, calendars, wrapping paper, and other seasonal stuff. Located in Colorado Springs. Just FYI. sometimes they even send actual catalogs! FUN!
We had a grand time celebrating Thanksgiving and all the trimmings on Saturday. We ate and visited and played Risk! Just us, our daughter, granddaughter #1 and her family!

Annie said...

I make all my Christmas cards….fabric based, and usually send out 40 plus but the cost for postage is now ridiculous so I’ve had to reduce my numbers a little this year…..but may well send more than is planned lol.
Annie x

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Love seeing that 'bough' of ornaments. Very festive. As usual, I'm planning on making cards but can't decide on just what design yet. Maybe I'll mix it up this year according to the recipients. Can't believe it's December-yikes...better get cracking since I have nothing ready for Christmas. Eek.

Lisca said...

I used to make all my own Christmas cards. I used all sorts of techniques, whatever my favorite was at the time. I did embossing, decoupage, stamping and colouring etc. I would send them abroad and when i lived in the UK, people give each other cards, so I would have a pile of cards in my bag wherever I went.
But postage became really expensive and now I live in Spain, (where people don't send or give cards) I onkly send a few.
But I love receiving them and I would hang them on ribbons around the house.
After Christmas I would keep the cards and the next year I would cut our bits to use in other cards. Recycle so to speak.
Have a lovely weekend,

Kathleen McCormick said...

I made some embroidery cards from Christine Camelli one year...they were fun. I don't think I am making any this year, and have some museum purchased ones....we shall see. Glad Mr Poodle got some Thanksgiving treats, even if no meat. Give Milo a pat from me!

Angie said...

LeeAnna - we send Christmas cards, and they are always a unique photo from the year with an overlaid Christmas message. We send about 80, and we write an annual update to accompany them. All of our cards will be mailed by the end of this week (December 8).

We tend to get that many, and we hang them on two ribbons suspended from our loft.

I used to keep them with the idea that I would do crafts, but I found I never got around to it, so now I throw them out by mid-January.

Thanks as always for hosting I Like Thursday!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I know the cost of posting cards has gone up but I still send out as many as I can. I love making them and sharing my art work with my friends many of who I don't see very often so it's great to catch up even if it's only by card. Love to Milo xxx

Michelle said...

My mom passed about three years ago and I haven't sent cards since then and I was always an avid Christmas card maker/sender. Maybe I will get back into it, who knows. I always make dressing with cornbread. A family favorite. Thanks for linking up :)