Thursday, February 16, 2023

I Like Thursday #337


welcome to this week's list of likes... starting with watercolor painting. 

This was a tutorial on how to paint a droplet of water, and mine doesn't look much like one but it's a heart and I like hearts. I believe this is a phrase that Jesus used... 

So let's get on with the list...

I like reading,

 and indeed the prompt for Project Quilting is books, and I made something special. Tune in Saturday for that please.

My ebook for the week is the same as last week, along with this one. I've been listening to this author's youtube lectures too this week

 this is playing on audio books: a contemporary story of a woman's life... after she dies

 watching on youtube...

 look at this clever kitchen cabinet solution! new to me

fine dining

made these items this weekend:

all the vegetables soup also includes black eyed peas, lentils and maccaroni

the simple fruit cocktail cake by allrecipes
we had no fruit cocktail so I used some frozen fruit: mangoes, dark cherries, pineapple... it's good!
another oat loaf for breakfasts this week

another home made pizza with a mix of mozzarella and guyrere cheeses this time

we seemed to need to make do with some ingredients we had on hand this weekend. Everything turned out exception ally well despite the substitutions!

My studio calendar is lovely this month....


The prompt this week was, how did you know (insert name here) was the one?

 I've heard some very cool stories from friends I asked this week too... 

you've all heard our (dh and I)  story of meeting,(if not check the label love and marriage=>)  so I want to talk about friends this time. I'll pick one story of meeting to tell you about....

I called her Plane-mate Pat. 

She smiled up at me as I was slithering down the plane's aisle to find a seat so I sat next to her. We didn't stop talking and laughing the whole flight! Then we introduced our husbands who were at the luggage area, and exchanged numbers. We had an instant attraction to each other... an instant trust and ability to share our lives. When this happens I wonder if we knew each other before this life.... there is some kind of recognition and ease.... an acceptance and understanding. A look in the eyes tells me? 

We went on to visit each other, talk by phone often, and email a lot. She was hilarious and smart and wrote elaborate stories of a stuffed bear's travels, and sent them to me. She had a poodle too, and both our dogs were full of personality. We still use a phrase of Pat's, that both spouses needed to be present in order for all to "behold the miracle that is Mindy eating" (her poodle)

Cole the good

She had fought and won a battle with breast cancer, but she developed weaknesses from chemo  and took meds for arthritis that reduced her ability to fight off colds and one day I got an email from her husband that she was gone after being unable to fight off a cold.

How did I know Pat was the one? the friend I needed, the one I would come to trust and share time with? I don't exactly know....but I've had this feeling with friends before and always pay attention. 

With some people you just know you'll be friends

Cole liked snow

How did I know Cole was my dog when we met? I'd been mourning the loss of my labra-daughter for months. I visited breeders leaving  empty handed, they weren't right. Then we tried one more, telling ourselves it was likely to be a waste of time,  and there he was in all his tiny black curliness. He came up to me as if to say, finally! Where have you been? All the others are gone, and it wasn't easy to wait for you but I did! He was my heart and soul. A gentleman to the end. I just knew the moment I saw him. 

If we listen, or pay attention, I think we get unmistakable clues that this mate/friend/pet is for us

After mourning Cole's passing, we contacted his breeder and when Milo was born, (and related to Cole), we said we wanted a black male. We went out and observed a lot of beautiful pups. I named one party (parti-)girl and she sat looking at us, calm amidst chaos and poop and pups running around eating as if to say save me from this. Tempting.

 I named one 'big boy' as he was twice as big as the others, black and white and sweet and easily let me tip him over into my arms like a baby. The breeder thought he was my dog. But Milo was racing around too. I pulled him back, he bolted forward, I pulled him back and he raced ahead again. I picked him up and he refused to let me tip him back. But, I thought, he's the one.


there was that invisible draw to him and he's the perfect  boy for me now.

the mountain climber

He makes me laugh, he snuggles (still HATES roll over) and cuddles me, he checks on me thru the day, looks longingly into my eyes to tell me things. I love him to distraction even as he's often a rascal. I think I knew he was the one when he made me laugh the first time.

Milo's moment

Milo: Mama's an ole softie! I love her too. Not much to tell you this week, lots of snow to deal with but I'm still trying to take walks!


easyweimaraner said...

oooh mIlo there is a lot to tell.. about this tasty pizza and the cake!! we love it!!!

Sara said...

This was a post that made me smile all the way through. I have no idea what makes us "know" either. But it definitely happens, with love and with friendship, and with pets.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

How fun that you met a long time friend on an airplane! Cole looks like a sweetie - I love that photo with his snow beard. And baby Milo, too - so cute! I always wonder with dogs - do you pick them or do they pick you?

Marti said...

You and I both used the word trust to describe our friends. My father always said my gift (when I complained about not having any talents or skills) was being able to read people. I do know that I get a feeling about people soon after meeting them that seldom changes.

Linda said...

We certainly have some things in common - I would LOVE that soup - right up my alley. I have a long-time fascination with the Tudors. Fruit cocktail cake is one of my faves, and your version sounds wonderful. And i loved the sweet/sad story of your friend, and I know very well the feeling that you "knew each other before this life"! It excites me to see those words, I have felt it before in my life. How else could it be explained? Milo's story is adorable. I didn't put it in my post, but I had moments when I "knew" that my kitties would join me in my life. It's in their eyes.

Cloudia said...

Cole! ❤️ Homemade pizza and a beautiful watercolor heart. Glad I stopped by today.

Cloudia said...


Angela said...

Oh such tender stories of love!

grammajudyb said...

Another great post, LeeAnna! Love all those poodle pictures. Both Cole and Milo! I’m glad you and Plane-mate Pat made a connection. That is rare indeed.

Lillian "sognafaret" said...

What an amazing calender, I would like one of those

Michele McLaughlin said...

Loving all the photos of the poodles LeeAnna! I can't get over how much you cook and how clever you are with making meals. You seem to be artistic in all that you do! Sending hugs!

Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
That kitchen cabinet short is amazing ! What a great idea !
Think of cooking like crazy quilting :) There are no mistakes only new design possibilites :)
That pizza looks so good !
hugs, take care,

Michelle said... seeing Milo. He sounds like the best boy. I also love seeing your cooking, as it gives me ideas and looks delicious. Thank you for linking up and have a great week.

Kathleen said...

A beautiful heart, wonderful food, and even more wonderful love stories of friends and dogs. Thank you.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I always love to see what you've been cooking. It always looks good! So neat that you made a friend on an airplane. Love the Milo pics!

Annie said...

I loved reading your”how I knew he was the one” story. I met my darling hubby on a Sunday and by the Tuesday we had decided to get married...7 weeks later we got engaged and we were married after just 7 months....over 40 years later are I still love him 🥰🥰🥰 I guess you just know 😀😀😀
Annie x

PaintedThread said...

Bread and pizza look good! Cole looked like so much fun.

I loved this week's prompt - it made me think of a handful of people that I've just clicked with. But each time I started to write, I couldn't find the right words. Some of it was just too personal to share. But I've enjoyed everyone else's stories (and thinking about the prompt was enjoyable).

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

LOVED seeing the vegetarian soup and the cake. Even that cheese pizza looks good.

I've never been married, so I guess I have no way to share my one and only. Actually, I was engaged once and I KNEW he was the one. Then he was killed by a drunk driver, so I have never considered anyone else.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Tears in my eyes as I read your Doggie stories. What is it about them that speaks to us on some unfathomable level! I chose Ned out of the 9 puppies; he seemed the quietest and therefore the one who might not mind being with two seniors. And so far, he is quite tied to both of us, not one over the other which I'm pleased about.

Dawn said...

I've no idea what makes us know, but Boris was the one for me after seeing so many puppies beforehand but never choosing one. Best friends are the best and again we know when we know is all I can say xxx

The Joyful Quilter said...

Friendship like that is rare and wonderful. Cole's snow face photo... TOO funny!!!

Miaismine said...

What a variety of books you're reading! Nice! We sometimes make homemade pizza and I so prefer it to frozen/delivery! It tastes so fresh! Sweet calendar - so very sweet! Oh! I am so glad Pat was such a beautiful part of your lives! I'm sorry to read about her passing. My deepest condolences to you! Yes, our Rusty was just like Milo - the funniest one in the group!