Thursday, July 19, 2018

I Like # 98 (that rhymes!)

Welcome to this week's list of likes!  I love cut flowers in the house!

I found this little teapot and wondered why I didn't throw it away in MD, as it started life as a lotion dispenser but is missing it's pump. Well, I stuck all the tiny broken flowers in it after buying this at Trader Joes this weekend
Isn't this group charming??? The ones in the tiny teapot were broken and I couldn't bear throwing a blossom away.
Lucky for me, I'm a hoarder of colorful pretty things, and the teapot was perfect to cheer up the sink area!
I love seeing my old IKEA vases having a new place on the mantel at the moment. A splash of color in a neutral world

I loved finding two shows last week:

Food Flirts on PBS  about two older women who are hilarious as they go about their town exploring good food to share. I want to be their best friend! They call surfing the net, "kugel-ing"
Image result for the amazing mrs maisel on amazon prime
The Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon Prime
How did I miss this wonderful new show written by the writers of Gilmore Girls, one of the wittiest shows ever!  Well now that I discovered the kitschy 60's set show with great actors and dialogue, I'll watch them all!

 I like any cherries, but especially Rainier Cherries, and the way washed cherries all look in the wee  red colander!
This foot balm is helping a lot to heal my poor cracked heels. I think I got at at Amazon.

I like Pyrex bowls for use in the microwave.
We have one of those kitchen cabinets wedged into the corner, the ones with hard to reach triangle shaped shelves?

I found an enormouse turntable (18") at Bed bath and beyond, made by oxo, and put it in there to hold our pyrex bowls at eye level. Just spin the tray to find what you want. This one holds 5 big bowls with almost no wasted space.

I like seeing some pretty pottery and glass in the china cabinet again.
 While we are trying to figure out how to store our things in this house, we remember the MD house at a thousand SF less than this one, held it all. Of course, this china cabinet was full, chock-a-block stuffed with pottery and glass and martini glasses, candle holders, vases. It was hidden in the dining room which was also nearly unusable because it was full of stuff too.
After a lifetime of collecting, suddenly one has too much. Much was given away before the move, and now the martini glasses which are beautiful but go unused at the moment are put in a closed cabinet. I decided to only put the most interesting items in the china cabinet this time.

The top bowl and the fushia bowl are both hand-painted craft show purchases a long time ago. Now I can enjoy seeing them.
The blue flamingo vase is an antique given to me by a friend in MD. The teapot was gifted to me by my sister a long time ago, because I was poor and she knew I really loved it.
A couple jugs, cake plates, and bowls. The tall martini glass is for party table top, the pink flowered jug was painted by me as a teenager, the other jug is from a garage sale, the fish bowl is another craft show purchase from the Tampa Gasparilla art Festival a L O N G time ago.

the watermelon is new, a replacement from Trader Joe's.

We have not had a good melon all season. The TJ's guy said they buy them from Texas and the heat wave crossing the whole country has caused them to be bad.

Planes have been grounded from the heat.
Friends are losing homes to rising waterfronts.
Hothouse gasses are increasing to the levels that killed the dinosaurs.
What will life be like once we've ruined the environment?
 I like watermelon and cool weather. And mother Earth.

I Like the cloud/sky pictures Mother Earth provides here most nights

Milo's Moments
 Hi Y'all, see me way up there? Our new cave has a "cat walk" so I can watch my peeps from above. It's odd to me...
Sometimes I can't figure out how to get down there to nibble on them, just to remind them they have a responsibility to keep me entertained. I follow mama up there, stop for JUST A MINUTE to lick some part of my person, and she'll be gone!
I hear her downstairs, I can see her, but how do I get down there to remind her to feed me??? Sometimes I panic and bark and they wave their arms around and blah blah blah in human. As IF I understood all their gibberish. Oh, I know the word "down" and "walk" but down means lay down on my tummy long enough for mama to almost  get to me before darting away. Walk means going outside on the leash to drag mama while hunting bunnies.
Why are they talking about all that while I'm trapped on this cliff???
think, think, oh my dog they are pointing at me now, or pointing somewhere behind me. What? Speak! Speak Poodlish!!
By now I am getting upset, I don't like to leave the Mama and Daddy alone too long or they get into stuff. And how come they can tear up boxes and paper but I'm not supposed to???
Huh? Wha....
because I am an intrepid explorer, and ahem, I've been here before, I happen to turn around and the stairs had appeared behind me! 
 Holy Curly hair! 
Where were they? Crikey, I'd better hurry down 
 and see if there is ANY food left for me! 

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easyweimaraner said...

I love pottery and glass too... and I still have the same vases from IKEA... I think they were a hot seller like the Billy shelf ;O)))

Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
Love the little teapot that you didn't throw away!
Looks like you are settling in nicely!
A china cabinet is a great way to change displays! Monthly, seasonally, themed! Each item appreciated for what it is.
Climate change! Have you ever heard of Dutch wine from Holland? THe Netherlands? Now they can!
Still dry and very warm here! Please send rain! We should be getting rain, this is The Netherlands!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi LeeAnna,
Oh, what treasures you have shared with us today. So many to like and comment on, I don't know where to begin!! I love that teapot you painted, and also the blue flamingo vase!! Aww, poor Milo. I'm glad he found his way down from that cat walk. heehee Cute puppy! Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

Sara said...

So nice to see you are unpacking those things you love to see. I love pretty pottery and glass too. I noticed this week when putting a bowl back into my china cabinet that the whole thing needs dusting inside. Milo cracks me up, as always.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Love your pottery and glass and the fact you left room in the cabinet to see them. I wish I had a china cabinet. Thanks for including me today. mary

Shannon said...

Milo is so funny! His stair exploits are very entertaining. I like pyrex bowls too- I like the measuring ones with handles and the mixing ones. I was sorely tempted by a set of nesting ones with lids on amazon prime day but I resisted, alas I couldn't justify it to myself. I love cherries too! I found them on sale a few weeks ago for a very good price, but lately have been back paying the higher price. But they're so tasty....

Suzanne said...

I love Milo's post! I like all your beautiful pottery.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Love Rainier cherries - so yummy! That looks like a great spot for Milo to survey his territory, but so funny that he couldn't figure out how to get down! said...

Milo's post is awesome. OMG it is Thursday. It has been one of those weeks I have been lost. Great likes....maybe I don't like anything this week.

Sandee said...

What a fun post. I love your home. So colorful.

Have a woof woof day. My best to your peeps. ♥

PaintedThread said...

I really like your wriggly vases and the china cabinet. And Milo is so tall!

sonja said...

What Sally just said!
I love big maroon cherries in a blur bowl!

Sandy said...

Milo is so funny! Like Holly not realising her dad has gone upstairs. So, I say he is upstairs...and she runs into the lounge because the door is next to the stairs. "Not that upstairs, this one!" Sometimes she still goes all the way into my studio because she still doesn't believe me. Sometimes I have to tell him to call her because she still can't find him.

Anyway, I love how your little cabinet shows off the treasures. I can imagine what it was like in MD because those places become catch-alls for other treasures til there is too much to see.

Hurrah for watermelon! it is hard to find the oval ones here. We have the round ones. I think they must do better on a shorter growing season.
my late in the day 'i like' post is up.

MissPat said...

I'm glad you saved the little teapot and found the perfect use for it. We've had two very round watermelons. Ours are probably shipped from FL. One of my quilt buddies and I share them. Poor Milo. Stuck on a cat walk. But he's a smart poodle, he'll figure it out soon and be running up and down the stairs all the time.

Unknown said...

Your new home is lovely. Milo will get the stairs thing and be using them for exercise. It's wonderful that you can now find and show off your colorful treasures.

Betty J. Crow said...

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is a wonderful series. I'm looking forward to next season. Love all the beautiful colors of the glass and pottery.

gayle said...

I've dropped the ball (lost the thread?) on my commenting, but I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your Thursday Like posts, and I'm so happy to see how it has spread!
Love the Milo story!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Oh my gosh...that little tea pot holding those flowers is beyond adorable! It must feel like Christmas morning unwrapping things you've missed for the past 6 months.

Tom said...

...watermelons, in my humble opinion just aren't as good now that they are seedless! 🍉

A Colorful World said...

Beautiful flowers and the glass vases! Love the cabinet and its contents too. A wonderful list of things!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Gorgeous sky shot. Milo always makes me laugh!!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Pretty flowers! Milo, I'm glad you got outta jail! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

denthe said...

Haha, Milo is hilarious :-) I don't see any boxes anymore, looks like you unpacked most of your stuff. You have some lovely pottery. Great idea to not put everything in that glass cabinet, the pieces that are there now need some space around them. Have a great week!

Ida said...

Great stuff again. - That little Teapot flower holder was adorable. The vases were pretty too, I like the curve shape. Watermelon and me don't get along well at all. - Nice to see Milo.

Snap said...

Your new place is starting to look like YOU! Milo has a whole new world, too. I really enjoy The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. You have some good viewing ahead of you!

twinklegarg said...
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Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Oh LeeAnna, Milo's bit was so good. We moved when Ming the Shih-tzu was elderly and she never did learn there were stairs; she would sit patiently till someone rescued her.
You have so many pretty things to surround yourself with and a house with room to breathe and spread things out. I've not heard of those shows...noted.

sandyland said...

lovely things mnilo esp

Light and Voices said...

Milo is a cutie pie ....loved all the pretty things you surround yourself with.

Ann said...

I like that your new home appears light, bright and colorful. Enjoy.

Miaismine said...

Your post is showing a beautiful home filled withe lovely, colorful memories.

Seriously, I see Milo as the protagonist in a children's book. You give him a great voice!

Norma Schlager said...

When my heels get too dry and cracky, I slather on Aquaphore (or Vaseline), very thick, then put on old golf socks with the toes cut out and wear them to bed. Heels will be MUCH better after just two or three days of this treatment.

Angie said...

Your china cabinet is exquisite - just one of the many benefits of 'cleaning house'!!! We have also been enjoying cherries - I love fruit that doesn't require any peeling or other 'work'! Enjoy your week ahead!

Sandee said...

Happy Awww Monday. ♥

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Milo, you cutie patootie, you may have seen the steps sooner if you hadn't been pondering so much about your humans. lol I enjoy reading his thoughts.
That's a cool vase you painted. One year I used a martini glass as a vase for a dried floral display. That was fun. The two shows you mention sound interesting. I'm going to search for them.
My eye just caught a comment above about Milo being a protagonist in a children's book. I agree. I think his voice would work for an adult story, too. See ya.