Sunday, December 24, 2017

Special I Like Post for Christmas Eve... life continues but is different!

Nurture the Artist within!
Welcome to Colorado! We are in the rental for a few days now, surrounded by boxes and carelessly arranged furniture, and lots of new stuff.

I wanted to do a bonus Christmas "I Like" post to remind myself of so much bounty we have amidst all the changes. Change is hard y'all. Even if it's chosen.
beautiful red Christmas Welcome to Colorado roses from my friend Mary in Boulder!!

 The Christmas card was waiting for me in our rental home's mailbox from Diane in Texas and her two poodles! What a great welcome! ( my friend Z in Wash. state sent one too but it's gone missing) (thanks z)

Lots of pictures for you to share in the new digs... let's get started...
The tree was easy to find because the movers didn't pack it, they carried it in it's bag, and half the lights were knocked out that way. Okayyyy... have no idea where the ornaments are... okayyyyy. We'll make do with...
My friend Bonnie had this flamingo ornament waiting for us here in CO and said, don't let any ole HOA tell you not to have flamingos! We got the cow in Casey Ill. the town full of super big things. Where we also found a flat tire at 5 pm in the dark and cold, when we returned from our walking break! I'll now remember the town when I see that cow! And the pop-up flat tire and coping with a packed to the gills car having a tire change in the street.
Speaking of pop up, the temps went from 50's to 8 deg last night, with a freaky snow blast of 3 in closing down the interstates and putting out power. We sold our generator because all the people and agents we talked to said the power never goes out.

MILO: Daddy is out shoveling but they don't plow the neighborhood streets, expecting the sun to do the job. OMD, I could help! I can dig! All I can do is watch from the front poodle perch windows and bark.
 Oh well, I'll get out there eventually. I might eat all the snow. At least I can run around and bite the Daddy's arm and have fun while they say people curse words.

LeeAnna: AS IF! Milo, bad dog telling on us!
I slept in this morning til 8AM from sheer exhaustion... and happy to sleep on our new mattress finally. Our old one was 17 years old.
We got one like our old one, and the one before that. A beautyRest individual coil plush top. The difference in them now is the plush has some gel in it. s.i.n.k. in... we might buy an actual bed frame when we choose our next home. I rested my head on my flannel flamingo poodle pillowcase...

good to have the familiar around a bit, right?

We set up our new coffee maker, yea! The old one was left in MD as it leaked and owed us not one dime, as it was over 10 years old...

but having a new one means learning new buttons, and new filter systems, and check out the manual... sheesh! Now folks, we've had this in the box for at least 4 years under our dining room table. When our old one started to leak, we got this on sale at Khols but I kept using the old one for some reason. Cheap... wring the very last drip out of it, and doggone if the last drip went on for years!
Coffee maker on life support!
Which allowed us to move this one in the original packing box, which was a good thing. We found Horizon Organic milk here, and Peet's coffee so we're setting up camp!All we needed was our new coffee cups...
bought along the way at that candy store in Casey Ill.
Even against the fresh snowfall. The yard is EXTREMELY small, and along a path, which causes a hyper-vigilant poodle to bark at every. passer-by.
MILO: gosh! I thought that was my job! Let you know of eminent danger!
LeeAnna: It's okay... you can take a break honey... the homes are packed in here and there will be lots of people walking by. Relax!
My flamingo plant stand guards us in the front, holding the plant my friend Bonnie gave me when my beloved poodle son Cole left us... we brought it all the way, four days driving, from MD to help us settle in here.
along with the croton from MD that reminded me of my roots in Florida...
which sits on the dining room credenza next to my temporary blogging perch...
This little mermaid will also remind me of the beach in Maryland and in Florida...

betcha no one here has a mermaid like her.

or towel girls like these
still so much to unpack and check on for broken items... so much hidden and lost which is hard for me....

This will become the temporary studio

a loft space that reminds me of a courtyard. If you stand at that one window, crane your neck, you can catch a glimpse of the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Breathe in and stretch.....
MILO: Hey! you're not the only one moving in! I was relieved to see this open up!!! My nest! My safety!
And these...
let's see, I have food, my water bowl and stand, my toys, my crate, and my peeps! I'm good!

LeeAnna: good? wellllllll.... yes my lovely, you're a good boy and Mama loves you.
now please stop barking so much! My ears are hurting!

So that's it for now... hope you enjoyed the tip of the iceberg!

I have hopes for this move. Return to school for my masters, write a lot, be creative and healthier, make new friends, keep the really missed, good friends now so far away. And live...


  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    You and safe and sound AND you have a tree up! That is fabulous. Milo is all set; life is good. Merry Christmas and don't let the boxes overwhelm you. It's a process and you will get through it. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Welcome to Colorado! May your first 'howliday' here be joyous and full of love and laughter. Let's get together once you've settled in a bit. Hugs to you and ear scratches for Milo. ❤︎

  3. Looks like you are settling in. How fun to have your first holiday and it to be snowy. Take it a bit at at time and enjoy the process. Hugs and Merry Christmas.

  4. Oh, LeeAnna, I'm proud of you! Such a big, disjunctive change - and so difficult, I'm sure. But ... good for you and yours in the long run, I think. I do miss you (surprising?:). Fare well and don't be a stranger.

    :) Linda

    PS Hugs to Mary from me.

  5. It looks wonderful, LeeAnna! It actually looks amazing for the few days you've been there. All change is hard, but it sounds like you have a good plan to make a good life there. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures in Colorado. I'm glad it's worked out so far. Merry Christmas and here's to a wonderful 2018!

  6. I am relieved to know that you've reached Colorado safely. Even if you can't find everything yet, it is there. Change isn't easy but you will do great. Merry Christmas!

  7. Here's to new beginnings enriched with memories from the past.

  8. Huzzah for being in the new house. Glad the snow didn't hit while you were trying to move in. Merry Christmas!

  9. A move is exciting, but also exhausting! You are so much closer to me now!
    I hope there isn't too much breakage, or missing things. I still am sure I packed a favorite old cookbook that never showed it's cover here. Why someone would have taken it, I will never know, but then maybe I left it on the counter at the old house!
    I think of you often. Hopefully, things will settle here in the next few weeks, I will regain my energy level after being sick for weeks and start sewing/blogging again. (Of course, it doesn't help that a six year old grandson needs constant attention!)
    I know it's hard and you want to get your goodies out and surround yourself with your familiar things, but take it slow and steady and don't wear yourself down, the move is stressful enough!

  10. What a nice surprise to get a special Christmas Eve edition of I like. I love the cardinal mugs. You are sounding very upbeat. One day at a time. Things will be found, boxes unpacked and new routines developed. Milo will settle in and spring will eventually arrive. It always does.
    Merry Christmas.

  11. I wish you 3 a happy. peaceful Christmas in your new tempoary home. So many new smells and tails/tales for you all to enplore.
    Sleep well and happy new year of discovery and joy yo all!
    aloha, sonja

  12. I'm sure your new house becomes your home very soon! Merry Chriszmouse to you

  13. what a delightful post!!! I'm surprised but delighted to see you settled in so far-and love your priorities-even a Christmas Tree up and a White Christmas. sweet. Moving is so exhausting and I hope you take it slow and don't overdo. Enjoy the change! Milo is just too cute. Have a blessed holiday. mary in Az

  14. Wow you have a lot going on! But things are moving forward, literally and thankfully. It looks lovely there and I know you will make it your own very shortly. Hang on and hope this Christmas is a good one.

  15. Merry Christmas to you all, change and moving can be so hard, but once you start opening those packed items your lost things will be found and remembered. Great idea to bring along those plants to remind you of then and enjoy the adventure which is now starting this newest chapter of your life. Look forward to seeing more post in your new home.

  16. Hi LEeAnna and Drew and Milo!Snow! Quilty country!
    Love the new things in your good looking new place!
    Coffee! Mugs! Snow! Room to be creative! The tree!
    I can feel the cold mountain air in my nose just by enjoying your photo's!
    Merry Rocky Mountain Christmas!

  17. Your Christmas move is a delightful surprise. So glad you beat the storm in. Sorry about the generator. I should have mentioned keeping it. Didn't think. Hopefully it didn't last long. As I recall most snow melts within a day in Denver although there are one or two every so often that sticks for a while. I remember cross country skiing around town after one.

  18. Merry Christmas, Lee Anna, what a beautiful post! I love seeing some of your new digs and am glad you're getting things out and making it your own. Great tree too!

  19. Merry Christmas! Moving is a bit of a pain but it's nice to have a fresh start and a new page! Happy Holidays!

  20. I've moved only 8 times in my 68 year life and that was too many if you ask me. But each time my new home made it worth all the effort. Hope you get all settled in during the new year. - Margy

  21. How blessed you are that friends arranged to have welcome gifts waiting for you!! The sense of humor you put in your writing is entertaining, not to mention a good coping mechanism for you! I am impressed by your list of plans - you go, girl!

  22. Good seeing around the place.

  23. Best wishes to you in your new home.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  24. Happy New Year friend!

  25. I hope you get settled in and like it there! It's nice to have a new mattress and get good sleep! Love your cardinal cup too! Happy new year sweet lady!

  26. Congratulations on your move. Big changes. The place looks clean. I am envious of the new mattress. I need one. Oh well, I am too cheap to buy a new one yet.

  27. I'm so glad you're there and I hope things go smoothly. I adore that flamingo plant stand, I'm not sure I've ever seen it before!