Thursday, December 7, 2017

I Like Thursday # 66 ---- moons X 3, race cars, and a poodle

from one of my art quilts, "at night the ferns danced"
Welcome to this week's list of likes! 
since I wanted a picture of the full moon this week, but didn't get one because of the haze, I put in a close up of one of my art quilts. I painted the leaves and appliqued them to the top. I painted the face, covering it in layers of sheers. Heavily quilted and beaded. One day I might show the whole quilt... it's one I share in lectures. 
On to the list of likes... 

Starting with the brilliant full moon this week!!! It was like an enormous friend in the sky. 
This picture is one I took at dusk, of a sliver of a moon. For some reason the picture made it look like a half moon, but it was a crisp cool evening, the kind that makes you look up!

On the same evening we saw this lonely little pumpkin, kicked to the curb.
sorry little fellow... your time is gone, it's time for Christmas lights now. Sad little chap.

We often drive to another neighborhood to see new things on a walk. On this afternoon-walk last weekend we saw three very tall young men fiddling with the car one of them built.
heehee! The young man is going to university studying engineering. He built this for a project.
I loved it for the creativity and the fact that he took a vehicle down to the basic elements.
And he made it from found objects. Patio chair is cool. We laughed at the extreme bolting... that's an engineer for you, it will never, NEVER fall apart.
Steering mechanism, the headlights (flash lights)
the brake, a handle as a lever. Can you see the light switch? It is how the engine is turned on and off.
Obviously I was taken with these men and their project. I am not mechanical but I am always interested in chatting with a creative person, and asking about their process. He said he learned some things at school, came home and scavenged for possible components, requiring him to think of new uses for parts. He had to know how each part functioned, and how to make them into something new with a new use.
Then he folded up his long legs, sat down and took a ride. I liked the idea that a young person is using his intelligence to create, and not just looking down at a devise. Yea! There's hope!

Seasonal scents are back at Bath and Body works! I hoard candy apple and twisted peppermint. They did not bring back the balsam I liked last year. How to move the extra bottles I got? I don't know but I wanted to feel normal so I got some.

I found my jewelry, put in a "SAFE PLACE" which means I lost it in the basement.
Look at two special pieces here...
Long before I met my handsome husband, I was engaged to a man who promoted high end art shows in Tampa. I was his assistant and often purchased special pieces during the run of the show.

These are so lovely....I know the images don't do them justice but the carnelian and  the moonstone in the giraffe, and the opal on the moon piece are astounding in person.

I'm so glad to find them again.

I hate the thought of losing things, not these which will be in my hands but other special items, in a move.

Really it's become my overwhelming fear along with all the other fears. 

I unearthed this wool sweater last week.
I lost a lot of weight once, it was too big, so I washed it in hot water to turn it into boiled wool. That worked, it shrunk and now it fits. Of course I gained some of the weight back... never mind...

We had a discussion on QuiltArt (an online group) this week, when someone mentioned the adage, "if you haven't used it in a year, you don't need it" 

Not in my experience! After one woman wrote of taking all her clothes one at a time, deciding to keep or discard it, with a friend there telling her the background story of special garments.
I wrote back:

 I had the hardest time with clothes, and you made a ritual of it, which was honoring the feelings about them. Great concept Margaret.

Certain things were easier.
 I found giving up all my cookbooks to be really easy, til it came to about four of them. I would happily live a rich life of having a chef these days, if we were rich that is. Now I eat to live and would be content with whatever is filling and healthy. 

You remind me our tastes change, and that is when it's best to get rid of something. When it no longer gives you what you wanted from it.

I tend to just keep things, long after they have given their all to me.

  ...Stuff that I spent good money on but never worked for me, the books on how to diet I'll never read, the size 10 jeans that I wore once before they became too tight again, the cookbooks from Thailand I'll never find the ingredients for because I don't want to, the pretty shoes that somehow I just never find a reason to wear. All that make up. The gifts well meaning family gave to me because they had to give me something. The half chewed up dog leash because the new one is nicer but the old one could be used as back up except it never is. The fabric someone gave me for a quilt back, that I never choose for the back of a quilt. Tools bought that never get used.

There are people in the military for instance who move every two years, so they keep only the necessities.

 I am not that person.

 I'm the magpie nester who drags shiny things back to my place just in case.And then stores them.
moving supplies? I'll help tear off a chunk!

Milo had a lot to like this week starting with the surgeon. Dr. Leisure asked to see Milo walk...
I said, well, he'll more likely run, buck, bite, jump, dart, and grab the Daddy's arm but I'll give it a go.

He laughed when Milo did all of the above, finally prancing around the ring like a show poodle.

He said Milo is about as healed as he'll be. The muscles need strengthening, stretching, and use. No more braces. Let him play! Yikes! Are you kidding me? I'm terrified he'll re-injure it right away.

Still, Milo senses what the Doctor said, and reminds me daily, let's play! Doctor's orders!

He spins, and runs, and grabs and jumps. He darts at other dogs. He pretends to stalk me. He constantly exercises his vocal chords. He mostly eats at night like a lion, ready to play all day. He only eats if he's hungry, so we keep a bowl of kibble for him, and he nibbles during the day, but eats more at night. We're aware of bloat so he gets small meals at a time.
Look at that face... he's saying WALK TIME!

He is tall and skinny with impossibly long legs. All the neighbors comment on those legs.
He turned 9 months old, weighs 55 lbs, and as Diane in Texas says, waves his teeth around. He seems to be turning grayish, so he may end up being a blue poodle.
He's ready for a ride in the car to our new residence.

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Joanne said...

We shared the same moon!
Great go cart looking thing!
Happy poodle! Happy road trip!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love the little snippet of your moon quilt - I hope to see the whole quilt one of these days! That is a pretty cool vehicle those guys were building. How fun that you stopped and talked to them and learned all about it! I'm glad Milo is doing so well. I'm sure it's a relief and scary all at the same time. It must be almost time for you guys to be coming this way. Let me know when you're here!

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

How wonderful Milo is healed for the trip! I'm happy for you. I liked the moon quilt and story. I also loved the fact you stopped and enjoyed the guys building the cart. how fun. Have a fun day! mary in Az said...

Wasn't the moon awesome this week, but on the other hand it kind of made me on edge. Love the cart. That would have been something that Jeff would have stopped to look at. Jeff and I did the donate clothes thing a couple of years ago. Problem is. I never added to make up for the deficit. Now I need a little bit nicer things than yoga pants, jeans, tank tops and sweatshirts. Isn't it great to find things which were misplaced in your space?

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Loved reading this post, LeeAnna. I can relate so well to the whole what to keep/what to discard debate. I find it all a little easier now I can donate to charity shops and frequent them myself. And if I haven't spent good money on something, I can pass it along without the guilt.
What a great cart!

Sara said...

So good to hear that Milo can jump and play again!! He looks like a happy dog. The moon quilt just amazed me. Wow!

Nancy said...

That is Excellent Milo news! So happy to hear that he can play again.
We are kindred spirits when it comes to stuff. I love the Magpie comparison. It was so hard to downsize last year.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you found your jewelry! And I love the painted leaves. The idea to paint the face first and then layer with sheers is very creative and gives a lot of nice subtlety to your face. Beautiful! And I'm glad you took so many pictures of that clever car. I'm also entranced by people building stuff....

Home Sewn By Us said...

Good Morning LeeAnna,
I am glad the Dr says Milo should play! That's exactly what a 9-month-old puppy should be doing. It has to make you smile with the prancing and dancing, not to mention stalking. It does me! ~smile~ Roseanne

Sandy said...

Hurrah for Milo not having a brace! They should have hooked him up to the little go kart for a run. ;-)
Sandy in the UK

Sandy said...

Your William Morris collection is fascinating. You should come to England and see some of the textiles in the V+A.
I am replying here because I can't reply on your blog. It wants me to sign up to Google+. Sorry!
Sandy in the UK

Tails Around the Ranch said...

A beautiful moon and lovely jewelry pieces. It is hard to let go of some things, I still have a pair of pearl earrings the Welcome Wagon gave me back in 1971! Luckily they are fairly classic but still I don't wear them everyday and often wonder if I should let them go. Can't bring myself to do it though. 😊 Have a safe move and let me know when you arrive in the 303.

sonja said...

I an SO happy Milo is loose and spunky!
All of us who looked up at that giant full moon of December where treated to a luminous and lovely sight!
And those Go-cart guys are thinkers and makers and a teat to meet, my kind folk! glad you stopped to talk and photograph and share with us your wanderings and wonderment!!
be well,Sonja

Unknown said...

I love Milo! What a gorgous boy! I'm so pleased that the Dr. Gave you the all clear for him. I hope you're safely making your way to a new home, full of promise.

PaintedThread said...

He's out of the brace! That's terrific.

I had to laugh at the flashlights on the go cart. Such interesting jewelry and I love the sweater! Purple and grey is such a pretty combination.

Michelle said...

I love those B&B Works soaps! They are always so nice and I buy a bunch, at this time of year. Thanks for linking up today. Have a great weekend!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Your moon quilt sure is pretty! We're so glad to hear that Milo is doing good and more than ready to play! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

MissPat said...

I am a semi-packrat and my husband is a hoarder, but my brother is a minimalist. There is absolutely no clutter in his house which is probably at least
4 times as big as mine. Your description of sorting clothing reminded me of Marie Kondo who thinks you need to pull out ALL your clothing at once, look at each piece, and only keep the ones that "bring you joy". I guess she has some good ideas, but I was laughing hysterically as I read her first book.
Glad Milo is cleared for action. You need to stop worrying so much (yes, I know we've already discussed this).
One day at a time, one step at a time. You will get there.


Quilty Chaos said...

My husband and I have moved 10 times in 15 years. I'm good at paring down the clothes, the books that accumulate like dust bunnies, the kitchen non-essentials, even antiques from my grandmother's family...but not the sewing room. I have fabric in there that I can remember buying 20+ years ago when I was in college and scissors I "borrowed" from my Mom when I moved out. In some ways, it makes packing that part of the house easier, if it's in that room, it goes in a box. No deciding, no worrying that I'll need one of those someday if it goes to Goodwill now. Anyway, continued good thoughts about the packing up and deciding, I've added Bath & Body works to my errands for tomorrow. I love that vanilla lotion they have at Christmas.

Maria said...

Glad to hear Milo is able to play and jump again and enjoy the puppy life. He is growing all up ... Getting so big :)

Michele McLaughlin said...

Milo is such a handsome boy! What an expression :) So glad he is finally turned the corner. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Mari said...

Milo definitely looks ready for fun! Have a great weekend (packing notwithstanding).

Spare Parts and Pics said...

I like your moon quilt. Beautiful sky shots, too!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Seems the moon was on both our minds. Yours has me smiling back.