Tuesday, December 12, 2017

milo's meanderings... shopping trip and leaf-ing!

Christmas Crackers at Anthropogie
Milo here to tell you about two recent walkabouts!

It all started with the words I love to hear, "wanna go for a rideinnacar?
Yes I do!

After my people put on extra skins on their feets and on their heads and on their arms, we went to Annapolis to Parole Plaza a cool shopping and walking place what also respects a poodle who likes to walk and shop.

We rode up the elevator, which is like magic to me. We three get in by the car, and suddenly the door opens and we're somewhere else!

This time we were above the cars driving under us.
 Wowza, I had a few barks to say about that!
 I watched down at cars for a long time on the bridge to shopping.

Humans are just amazing at what they come up with!

 I walked up to a glass door and watched people on machines working out.
All they need to do to stay fit is walk a poodle! I barked my snotty comments at them through the door and do you know? Not a one looked at me!
Ignore the poodle at your own risk.

We walked along the sidewalks and I made sure to practice my leg lifting skills at every tree.

I'm not that steady, and I admit I still pee on my front legs if I get distracted. Mainly I just do my best to wet everything around the tree so's the other dogs know I've been here.

We saw lots of people who waved at me, and petted me, and in general bowed down to pet me.

You're welcome.
I went with Mama into her favorite store, Anthropologie...

 and a sales woman made a major fuss over me, knowing just how to pet a poodle puppy since she also has an 8 month old poodle puppy. We're the same size she says! And she told mama he wets his front legs and bites at people too. So there. I'm normal, heh heh.
Mama here, look what I saw... embroidered and beaded jeans with frayed hems... reminds me of my teen years. And this
Yep, pom pom and fringe on hems. #seventies are back.

When Daddy found us, we went for another walk where he went inside to get food for us (gosh I hope they remembered this time to get a plate for me too... those shrimp and vege smell great)

Mama here... I want to tell you how funny Milo was. Everything is new when you're this young. He was mesmerized by the speakers next to the trees playing Christmas music... cocked his head, stared down at them, trying to figure them out!
 Reminded me that on a recent walk we had to stop and watch a plastic bag drift along in the breeze like a tumbleweed. He was possibly scared as he nervously jumped each time it moved, and we HAD to stop and watch it til it was out of sight.

Then we saw some people inside the optician's store, and the toddler ran to the glass door, Milo ran to the outside of the glass door and they played. So stinking cute, and me without a video! The baby slapped her hands on the glass, Milo slapped his front paws on the ground, then spun around in a tight circle a few times wagging his tail like crazy! Over and over. Baby laughing, Milo laughing, me laughing.

It's all fun and games til the Mama gets slammed in the knees by her 55 lb puppy!
Mama: I still have a gooseegg sized bruise beneath my left knee

Milo here
Oh my dog. That baby was so cute and I wanted to play with her. Her sister held her hand out to me and I licked it through the door, but that baby! She was my kind of human! I love human puppies!

We walked back to the car and along the way we visited with a lot of humans who recognized me from being a celebrity. Well I must be because they all petted me and said I was beautiful and how pretty I walked and all. They must know me!

On another neighborhood walkabout we saw the last hurrah of fall leaves... it's like saying goodbye to Maryland...


Sara said...

So many funny pictures in my head after reading this. I often wonder what our animals are really thinking (and would say if they could)in various situations.

Anne Kirby said...

You're leaving Maryland?? Nonono

Mari said...

Milo sure has fun on these walkabouts! Imagine how much fun he's going to have exploring a new area. And those jeans! Everything old is new again. Be well and happy!

sonja said...

what a joyful post! i sewed pom pom trims on my crop tops as a teener, we called them "dingleberryies" good to find fun stuff to share and tell. Thankyou and Milo for the tour! imagine that, Human puppies!!!

MissPat said...

Can't wait to hear Milo's reaction to the snow when he arrives in CO. We're due for more snow tonight and frigid temps. Be safe and warm.

Kay L. Davies said...

As I'm reading Milo's tale, my husband is out walking our 40-lb. terrier-mix Bonnie-Belinda. Bonnie would love to go shopping like Milo, but the only store in town that allows dogs is the hardware store. I'm sure she'd like to go there again, to meet all those people who want to pet her. But I must tell you I'm still laughing about this: "I walked up to a glass door and watched people on machines working out. Stupid. All they need to do to stay fit is walk a poodle!" My husband and our Bonnie would agree.
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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Milo, you have the best time walking and shopping! I bet walking you IS a workout!

Brian's Home Blog said...

You sure had a big old time on your walkabout Milo! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Human puppies...what an adorable way to look at little peeps. ❤︎

eileeninmd said...

Hello, Milo had fun on his walkabout. It is nice he can go inside the stores. Cute post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

Groovy Goldendoodles said...

Milo - you're such a walker! We love reading about your adventures. Happy Holidays.