Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cole's Capers.... running the gauntlet

Cole here to tell you how very brave I am!
Every day just to take a walk around the 'hood I have to run the gauntlet.

A new dog moved into the neighborhood and boy does she have a lot to say. She's not the only one.

On our way out to the main street, we must pass lots of dogs.
First it's Lily and Chloe, a lab and a tiny beagle both friends of Mine. I trust them with my favorite toy.
 Next is a new rescue Lab who watches from the door. He seems fine.  Then Tyler, a golden/chow I've been running mates with for many years. We're done with puppy games so we nod as I pass by.

Across the street from Tyler is an older lab and some little white fluffy dog. I don't even know them enough to leave a pee-pee calling card on the mailbox. Next to them is a scary pit who's owner thinks he can be left off leash. So far the man at least holds his collar when we pass.

I hold my breath each passing. Momma asked them to always leash him but they don't.

Next corner is the real deal.

On the right are two pugs and a griffon brussels, the three of them bark so much they attack each other. No problem but it stirs up my my instincts so I  bark  and claw at their fence. All in good fun but once I hurt a foot

Across the street is the latest addition. An enormous pyranese.
She sees us in the street, because we are all three nervous to walk on the sidewalk near her fence. I know I felt her hot breath on me while she was barking me away. She leaps from the deck, runs full speed for the little vinyl white picket fence that miraculously holds her bulk. She flings herself against it repeatedly, causing it to bow.

She did that to Momma while her person was right there, saying how friendly she was.
Momma put her hand near the fence for her to smell, and she curled her lip and growled in front of her person who said, now gracie...

NOW GRACIE!?? Are you kidding me?
So  we have to walk down the middle of the street, equi-distance from all fences just to get to the main road!

I feel like I have to  prove myself and hold my dog breath each day y'all. My heart is old, I can't take it! Pray for me!


  1. Oh that Pyr sounds bad! But the Pit is scary too. I have my own opinion of pit bulls from my 35++ years of dog training business and my years at CAAWS.

    Great Pyrenees are quite imposing. They, like the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, are herder/guardians. generally they are pretty gentle, but will protect their "herd". Could be the fence that he considers "his" but more likely it is the humans who have not established their dominant position and control over the dog from puppyhood! 99 times out of 100 the humans are the problems.

  2. Had to look it up!
    sounds like it's true!

  3. Some people and their uprights are totally clueless, Cole. I have the same thing in my 'hood with a couple of teeny weenie purse dogs who think they can scare me. I just look at them and think, "you stupid fool, don't you know I could easily snap your scrawny little neck?" What's a dignified poodle to do? You're probably smart to avoid 'Gracie' at all costs. Her mom seems like a real nitwit and they always say the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.
    Your fur-iend,

  4. You've got to be exhausted by the time you make it home. We're dealing with a mean - unleashed older female pit mix. Her humans aren't much nicer either. #geez

  5. Yep neighborhood dog walks can be interesting! We run that same gauntlet daily on our neighborhood :-)

  6. Saphera patrols the fence line.

  7. The struggle is real Cole, taking a walk should not be this difficult for you. I hear you;-)

  8. Goodness - running the gauntlet is no fun! We have some spots like that in our hood too. Luckily we have enough twists and turns and different streets that we are able to avoid the worst streets - but still. All the dummies letting their dogs off-leash is limiting our options!

    Hope the fence holds!

  9. Sounds like a nightmare. I think I will stay inside my house to avoid those terrible barking critters. MOL! Amazingly enough, I must take my kennel with me while on the kayak toy because we have come up to some not so friendly dogs on the water. Ok, even as a cat I get the territory thing, but out on the water is said to be neutral territory. I don't understand.

    Shadow the Kayak Cat,
    Sarah the Human.

  10. Hello, sounds like you pass some nice dogs and one somewhat mean dog on your walks. Stay safe. Wishing you a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

  11. Oy vay! There are no stupid animals, just stupid humans.