Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Family of Three

My son, my boy Cole, loves his mom.

He brought me a card with a 3-D flower and sparkly sequins, some flowers, and took me for a walk around Annapolis.

To remind me that four legged sons are just as devoted as the two legged variety.

Cheers! To us! A wee family of three!

My husband-- my mate and my family-- saw me looking at this notebook and bought it to remind me...

We are a family, small but mighty.
We belong together.
We share love.
Family units are made. We build ours every day.

The two of us...

(I'm looking for something made in the fifties as I was made in the fifties)

with Cole, who is part of us.
(Cole chooses just the right plants for our porch.

Beauty is important he knows. We are a family who likes beautiful things found in nature.

So I have decided to stop calling it mothers day and call it Nurturing Day.

I also received two surprise gifts in the mail for my birthday....

See the lovely necklace Drew already gave me??
the most fabulous hat made by my friend Maggie  (see what she makes here)
How special, a total surprise! It has cows! A gorgeous flower pin, and can be worn so many ways.

My friend Maartje (her blog) sent this... perfect for a birthday.

flamingo fat quarters, a hand made quilt reminding me not to lose the child in me, and a ribbon reminding me I am loved.

What is a family? What does it mean to "mother"?
My entire family consists of the three of us.
My birthday gift to myself will be to sign up for Ancestry and try again to find  family connections.

I am forming an extended family of friends around the world. You make me laugh, make me think, inspire me daily, and help me to feel connected.

Love is all around us and I am building a family day by day.

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  1. Sweet thoughts, Leeanna. Those cows are too cool (cute hat, too)

  2. I have always been mother to my dogs. In fact, Carrie grew up with dogs as sisters and brothers. And she was sure I loved them more!

    You know Carrie came 13 years after we were married. took a long time to have her. I had almost given up.

  3. Family is what you choose to make it - at least in my opinion. But that is coming from someone with no parents or siblings. Happy birthday. You will enjoy that Ancestry.com membership. I've been using it for about 5 years and new things keep popping up, along with a couple of "new" relatives I didn't even know about.

  4. Your family of three is pawesome!

  5. Cheers!
    Beautifully written!
    A great way to spend a day too!

  6. Happy belated Nurturing Day from one Poodle Mom to another!

  7. I just love this post! So many happy things going on. So many beautiful things to behold. Such a wonderful, happy, small (in numbers), but ginormous (in love) family you have. Happy Nurturing Day to you and yours!

  8. I like the idea of Nurturing Day, since Mother's Day and Father's Day can bring up some negative feelings for some people. There are so many different types of families, but it really comes down to those that love and care for you and that's all that matters in the end. Happy Belated Birthday! :)

  9. Nurturing Day is an excellent idea. To me, a family consists of anyone loving and caring for someone else. #Coleincluded! Take care my friend...

  10. And a lovely family it is, indeed! ღ Best birthday wishes.

  11. Love your doggie and what a sweet and creative son ~ neat shots!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  12. PepiSmartDog: ths post brought tears to mom Michele's eyes. We LOVE your post! XXX
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Sorry I am so late in commenting. We always appreciate you joining us. Love your posts. Hope to see you this week too. *waves paw* :=o)