Friday, May 6, 2016

amazing tidbits and links

  I've been finishing my art quilt challenge for Monday's post and link party. 
I FORCED myself to use the hand dye above. It's one of my personal hand dyes and I have hoarded , um,   protected it for years.
My new art work is from the style of Maxfield Parrish. His use of brilliant color and capture of light as well as content make him one of my favorite artists. Hope you stop back by on Monday to see it. 

Meanwhile Cole has been sleeping a lot
 Nothing cuter than a sleeping pet. Just look at that gesture, so heartbreaking, no? So for today, I've collected some pretty good links for you to enjoy! the monkey getting her groom on
this is medicinal laughter and off the cute meter

 what not to say to a sick person
I think it might be the best view of what to say in this circumstance that I've ever heard

Garrison Keilor reading a poem, the dog watched TV
now this really touched my heart. In a sweet story the under story tells of fighting illness WONderFUL HalloWEEN QuiLT

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the Amazing Race? It is one of our favorite shows, and once-upon-a-time my husband  wanted to compete on it. He, and our neighbor ( a woman) also an engineer considered it. They would have been labeled "the engineers" "The Engineer/neighbors"
They are both low-key and methodical however fit they both are, so I wondered how it would go lol!


  1. Snoozy animals are the best! They're always so sweet and innocent... even if that's nowhere near true. lol

    I've watched Amazing Race several times - no way I'd have the endurance to do it.

  2. I love it when they have dreams and then won't talk about them.

  3. It sometimes even hurts a little to see them sleeping with all the love we feel for this fabulous friends :o)

  4. I agree...nothing sweeter than a snoozing dog. We too love the amazing race and always "dream" of being it on it. :)