Monday, November 30, 2015

poodle mischief... A Cole's Caper

Someone on my online art group asked if she needed to be concerned about adopting a cat since her studio is open to the house...
This was my response...

My standard poodle puppy ate straight pins.

I kept him in the studio with me so as to keep trouble to a minimum... that didn't work as unbeknownst to me, he quietly took the pin cushion off the sewing table. Stealthily he left the room because he's apparently a ninja poodle, and when I looked up and saw him gone...
I went looking and found him just outside the studio quietly pulling the pins one by one out of the pin cushion.

Gratuitous picture of more pin cushions
 I first asked him if he ate any, but he was 5 months old and hadn't learned English yet, so I rushed him to the Poodle Emergency room. They did an x-ray and sure enough he had ingested two flower head pins. I said, well, go in with some scope thingy and pull them out!

They said, "just wait and see if they pass naturally"
Naturally?! Are you kidding me?
"Oh, and don't let him be active in the meantime, and feed him bulk agents like metamucil to move things along"

Anyone else had a 5 month old standard poodle??? Keep him quiet??
We'd all need drugs.

To make a long story longer, we followed the plan, he was subdued too, walked slowly, and as he turned out to be, he followed our feelings intuitively.

Three days later, three long days of checking poop each time, three long days of enduring worry and feeding rice, a miracle happened and he did pass those pins!

They were stuck in some toy fluff he had also eaten.
We yelled hooray! He leapt into the air with glee because we were happy again!

After that I respected his stealth. He became perfect as far as not eating weird stuff until he turned 11 or so. Then when we left the house he ate three hexies including plastic templates (see the first picture of what was left!), well one was just chewed up and left.

 he ruined two pair of dance shoes by eating half of each left shoe, he ate half a watercolor painting I had just finished, he ate half a roll of toilet tissue, and other random stuff.

He bought himself into poodle-prison with this antisocial behavior, so that we baby gate him into the pared down living room when we leave the house so he has to just lay on his sofa, look out the window, now down to (dog)food and water.
Cole's take on it??
"I was framed... You ain't pinning this on me!" says Cole, likely thinking up new mischief to get into now that he is old and gray.

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  1. WOW--he certainly is a ninja poodle!! We had a mini poodle--Jou-Jou --but she wasn't a ninja i guess...she did nibble on my high heels once!! And she loved to come ice fisihing with us--I made her little booties for her footsies...what we son't do for our doggies, right?? hugs hopefully Cole has gone "straight" in time for Santa! lol hugs, Julierose

  2. Cole and Lucy my Chiweenie, would probably love each other they could reminisce about their fun escapades. Chiweenie's being part dachshund really loves to dig holes, and put her loot into them. Now she has stolen anything from shoes to thread spools, tubes of paint to books I'm reading that take her attention time. Of course since she doesn't cover her holes back in you always know where it is. Sometimes it's destroyed and sometimes she hasn't had it long enough to finish it off. The day she took my metal 12 inch ruler and was trying to get her and the ruler out the 6 inch dog door was the funniest though. Lucy like Cole is given only the run of the family room when we go out. She has water, the doggie door and the couch she chewed as a puppy. She's 6 years old now I guess I should probably think about replacing the couch now.

  3. Wow, so many adventures! Your life is not boring for sure! :) thanks for sharing!

  4. I've often said Bailey would love it if DH and I had a job where you could take your pet to work. Katy would not. It's all in the personality of the animal.

  5. One of my favorite Halloween costumes was a work group that came dressed in dog heads with different "bad dog" stories pinned to their chests. Cole would fit right in. They're his kind of dogs.

  6. Mr. N doesn't touch things that aren't food but our foster pup would also have have to be in puppy prison. He eats all sorts of weird things.

  7. What an adventure! What an adventurer! So glad he lived and thrived to chew another day!

  8. Good grief, I had no idea a dog could pass pins! I would have thought they'd have to go in there and get them out! Crazy Cole! Rita is so picky she'll barely eat *food* so luckily I don't have to worry about her eating things. (Well.... until maybe when she turns 11 apparently??? Funny that he started eating stuff late in life!)

  9. Oh, my. And he has such an innocent face...
    I had a cat who liked to pull the pins out of my pincushions and drop them on the floor. She didn't eat them (to my knowledge), just tossed them. Up until I actually caught her at it, I thought I had just been really careless with my pins. Repeatedly. Every day.

  10. We've been fortunate with our poodles. Although, Paddie did chew up the dog training book when she was a puppy. I can't imagine the straight pin episode, you must have been a wreck ( I would have been)! Hugs to you and Cole!

  11. Cole that are art pieces now... you just invented the dance-sandales...not bad, that could be a bestseller in summer... :O)

  12. What a dog! So glad those pins passed without injury. Quite the scare. Jan lost a needle and thread a couple of nights ago and she was so worried one of us would be the one to find it but she found it on her own the next night.

    That dog has quite the appetite. Sam once ate a stuffed/knitted candy corn cat toy that was as big as a cat. Boy, was he sick!

  13. WOW! That would have totally freaked me out! I'm glad he was ok!

  14. Isn't it amazing how ninja-like standards can be? I know when it's super quiet, I'm sure to find Sam having munched on some expensive leather item-his favorite choice to nosh on. ;)

  15. PepiSmartDog: what a funny story! Cole sure is a character. Hee Hee! Such a lucky guy that the pins "passed through." Bet that was a fun three days. ROCLMAO