Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cole's Caper and some more fabric

Drying off....drying out.... what ever. 

Cole has been hitting the sauce pretty heavy lately, or at least he smelled like he was. (I suspect his "aim" when peeing is off (old man stuff) Anyway, he just got a bath and his one and only task right now is to lay still on his towels and dry off. Then we go into action, brushing, plucking, scissoring, shaving, trimming. 
Oh. It's. SO. much. fun. On to happier times...

Last weekend was the end of the Quilt shop hop and we took a little car trip over to a town called Mt. Airy to Patches Quilt shop 
The owner has puggles, and has always treated Cole like family. He loves her and the store, as do I. 
He and Dad rested their heels on the front porch while I shopped for really cool fabric. Then we all stepped inside to pay the piper....come on in!
 This store has everything. I mean it. And the shop helpers are the friendliest ever. I love coming here but it's an hour's drive for me. Still. I managed to find this ruler set to go with a pattern for a turkey I bought last year. Now where did I put that pattern????

Check out my choices. The top fabric is Laurel Birch Dog panel, the beige has metallic gold on the leaves, the red border print is so deep and pretty in person, and I got a big discount for finishing the bolt to the tune of 1 & 2/3 yds . As for the black and white...

 Did you know I have a betty boop fabric collection? Surprised? I am smitten with her and have been since I watched an old reel to reel cartoon in our living room as a little girl. We used to have a projector and have movie nights, and show cartoons too. What a production! Mostly home movies but the cartoons were real. 
I love a black and white fabric, and one with my pal Betty on it? Win win. 
I've been working on a Fall piece, it's almost ready to show, but here is the border fabric...

It is spectacular in person, and came right out of my Fall collection. I mean I keep my fall fabrics in a special bin, heh heh.
I might be reaching critical mass in the fabric hoarding... I'm using it as fast as I can!
I don't need anymore fabric...said no quilter EVER!


  1. I love a good quilt shop! Luckily, there are none close to me, so I can keep my "collection" under control most of the time--but when I do get near one, I go a little overboard.

  2. I love the Laurel Birch Dog Panel, it would be great for a pillow for Easy... theoretically... because pillows are mostly goners in this house :o) I'm afraid Easy is ready for the bathtub too, but we will do it next weekend (although my nose says: do it...NOW!)

  3. tee hee! you have such an eclectic fabric collection (sounds better than a stash) love the boopster!

  4. I don't quilt, but I do understand when you find the perfect craft store how much fun it can be to shop.

  5. That border fabric really is spectacular! I'm looking forward to seeing your fall project.
    I get so energized from a visit to a good quilt store. The ideas just keep popping for days afterward!

  6. Fun fabric choices. Unfortunately I love to buy fabric, but then never seem to get around to making anything with it so I have banned myself from going into fabric shops.

  7. Poor Cole - but I understand, can't walk around the house smelling like pee now can we?

  8. I have been meaning to have a quilt made for some time. I don't enjoy sewing enough to do it myself. I admire folks who can create such wonderful things!

  9. There is a big difference in needing fabric and wanting more fabric. I have more than I could ever need, but that does not stop me from wanting more, the wanting is so intense it has become a need. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and Cole too.

  10. That is looking like a quality fabric to be painted as well.
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