Monday, May 4, 2015

The great hunter

Cole went up to bed when Drew went up for his shower last night. I was still watching tv.
I heard loud footfalls and looked around.
Someone wanted to be noticed.

Reenactment. Couldn't capture the moment quickly enough!!

The great hunter approached... with his fresh kill in his mouth...

There is a toy box upstairs in the office holding overflow toys. Less intriguing toys. Toys that just didn't quite make the cut. Periodically Cole visits this box, and brings one down.
 The "chosen one"

On this night it was the fleece lamb with a working squeaker. Valuable working squeaker. "They just don't make squeakers like they used to", says Cole.
He stalked past me, fleece  prey firmly in the poodle jaws of death, gave me a glance as he stalked by...


Cole:" ha! Got it! you can't have it, it's mine, I found it, I hunted and gathered and am bringing it back to my downstairs bed to tease you with. Forget it! No touch! Leave it Momma!"

Momma:  "Awwww! want to play? here let me have it and I'll throw.... oh...."

Cole dropped it, said fine have it then, and that was it. The found lamb was instantly valueless and unwanted.
Apparently it was to make me WANT it not for me to TAKE it even in play. Sheesh!

If Cole is going to make up all the rules he'd better let me know faster next time.
This is an obvious reenactment since I didn't have the camera in hand for the actual daring look I received that night. I won't forget the challenge in his eyes though!

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  1. What a hunter you have there! :)

  2. Love the Cole "Saga" Stories! We used to take our miniature poodle, Jou-Jou, ice fishing with us when I was a teen--she had gotten little felty slippers for Christmas and we took her out on the frozen river at my Tante Beth's house. She loved throwing the fish around...what a trooper...she looked so charming with her red knitted coat and red booties... she would prance around showing off her finery!! hugs, Julierose

  3. Ha-ha, such a classic poodle story! Sam can't have toys, he eviscerates them immediately and I'm picking up stuffing and eyes and button noses so he doesn't eat them. Sigh. Hunters...can't live with them, can't live without them! :)

  4. A working squeaker is a very valuable thing!

  5. So many dog little time...They are such fun and such characters.

  6. Too funny. Rita has a basket of "misfit" toys too. Every once in a while one will attract her interest - for a minute or two. You have to wonder what goes on in their little furry heads. :)

  7. Cole is so funny, can you blame him for wanting the toys lol they are very cute...and have a squeaker!

  8. How fun to be able to do a little toy shopping in your own home!

  9. They like to keep us guessing! Very cute story.

  10. Aren't they funny, our JRT will do the same and tip the toy box over. Basset just wants to sleep!

  11. Wow, you are a very proficient hunter!

  12. Yes, I am going thru the list of "poodle ponderings" now. After being owned by a myriad of SP's for almost twenty years we never tire of reading about or looking at pics of other people's SP's. :-)