Saturday, February 8, 2014

V-day Hearts and Flowers

Ten Years of Growth (c) LAPaylor  50" X 50"
This is the 10 year V-Day quilt. Please forgive my photography skills, this quilt hangs flat, square, and is vibrantly colored but it's a gray day here. The quilt hangs in the dining room, so we never get to see it (snort)
We so seldom eat in the dining room. Mostly because we are tired and eat while watching a show, plates teetering on laps within poodle sight lines,  but also because I am incapable of keeping the dining room table cleared off.
Long ago DH attached a decorative curtain rod to the middle of the dining room wall so I could display our quilts in rotation. This one went up and has stayed up for years because I still just love it.
 I also have curtain rods in two other rooms for a rotating quilt show. It's funny, I can change out a quilt while the poodle is out patrolling for chipmunks and he notices the new one when he comes in!

In the moments when I want to sew but don't know what to sew, I turn often to my collection of 2 inch squares.More about that in my series on "What to sew when you don't know what to sew" starting soon.
I arranged the squares and did a heart vine border to indicate growth over the years. I used lots of scraps again, and I'm beginning to see a love of scraps here... (stroking chin)
My intro to quilting was a grandmother who made-do with clothing scraps and turned them into useful works of art. I loved her yellow scrap quilt so much I decorated my dorm room around it. It was not left to me unfortunately.

So there is today's V-Day quilt.I won't be showing all 20 of them, but hope they make you smile, and consider working in series. I have grown as an artist by working more originally over the years, by the desire to interpret some event or feeling in my work. I encourage people to show a part of themselves in their quilts. It makes them more engaging to observe and much more satisfying to make, n'est pas?
Love, LeeAnna
don't forget to check out other V-day quilts and look at the labels on the side for topics that might just make you laugh.


  1. Hi LeeAnna!
    The photo looks just fine! It's a great Valentines'quilt!
    You'd feel right at home here! We don't eat at the dining table either.
    I'd love to attend one of your classes!
    Take care,

  2. Beautiful! What a great design!!! Inspiring :)

  3. a lovely quilt of heart and vine
    timely and timeless in design!

    I am playing with my painted fabric scraps too this rainy weekend,
    sewing bits together in pleasing color combos.
    my blogger won't allow me to ad photos so I cant show.

  4. I love the shadow split heart... so much fun...

  5. That is a fabulous V quilt! I'll be first in line if you ever decide to publish the pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That is spectacular!!! Your layout and use of color are inspiring!

  7. Me everything about this!!

  8. Wonderful, love this quilt a lot !