Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Black and White and Confetti Finished!

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I got busy and finished the scrap quilt I began two weeks ago. This must be a speed record (bed size) quilt finish for me!

Our two day bee scrap a-thon was the impetus for this one. I have been wanting to dig into my black and white collection for a while now, so this pattern from Judy Simmons' blog looked like fun. (Bonnie Hunter pattern)

I had a great time looking through the bin, and I only chose fabrics that were close to the size needed, 3 1/2" by 7 1/2"
and allowed myself to cut some favorite fabrics as well. I decided all fabrics had to come from the scrap management system or from fabric that was in shreds already.

   I had a great time digging into the "cow" drawer for instance.  I love that martini glass fabric and used it in Picasso Poodle    You can see it HERE!

Let's talk about quilting.
I have a back injury that caused me to have to find a way to quilt big quilts in sections. A long time ago I had a class on 12 ways to quilt as you go. There is not one way, there are many ways to do it. I've used many methods over the years.

It takes planning in the piecing stage. I decided to make three sections this time. I planned which one to quilt edge to edge, and which section must leave the backing free to pull back when sewing the tops back together.
I mostly did straight line sewing because I wanted to set a land speed record. I actually liked doing it and the look. I used several 40 weight variegated YLI threads in the top and 50 weight in bobbin.

I sewed in the ditch, quarter inch from each side, down the middles, some free motion around giraffe and martini glasses, and did the same thing across the quilt periodically. 
  I used some star fabric that I've been hoarding for years for the binding. I feel binding fabric is wasted as so much is folded inside where you can't see it but it had to be used, it was the perfect finish.

 I have been doing experiments with paint and freezer paper stencils. I also am hand beading tonight on a small art piece that I started a few weeks ago as a total experiment. It came from scraps a friend gave me and I'll show you tomorrow.



  1. That came together beautifully! Thank you for sharing all the detail. I give you the quilt olympic gold medal for finishing in record time. Was it only a week ago that it was just an idea? WOW!

  2. Wow! It looks awesome! Just love the black and white with the added bright colors. Fantastic!

  3. Such a great quilt! I love how the colors just pop against the black and white.

  4. This is a great design and the black and white makes it stunning. Your speed is incredible.
    Thanks for sharing the quilting details; finding the right quilting design is my biggest problem at the moment and I am learning so much from the blogs I read.

  5. Hi LeeAnna!
    A bed size quilt started and finished in two weeks! Congratulations! It's gorgeous! Now that's a quilt that will insipre ! Love the colours combined with black and white! A quilt for all seasons!
    I'm enjoying todays quilt as well as looking forward to tomorrows design!
    Take care,

  6. This turned out great! Can't wait to see it in person!

  7. I am so glad you could find a way to quilt such a large quilt. I would have never guessed that it was done in three sections. Absolutely beautiful.

  8. I cut some longer b, w & g pieces a while ago... shiver. It looked so cold sewn together. Thanks for the idea to add some colored pieces. Maybe I can now finish the 2 quilts I'd wanted to make for my BILs.

  9. Looks cool. I like how the little square colors play in there. Well done.

  10. wow, that is awesome, love the pops of color against the black and white

  11. Love this! It made me think of flower vines on a fence. Beautiful use of color.