Thursday, February 13, 2014


Goooooood Morning! What a beautiful reason to stay inside and play with this...

As long as my body and the power company hold out, this is my plan today.
It's time to stop the dithering, the choice making and the auditions and just get to it. This year's valentine quilt must be done!

This is the layout so far.
 Our legs will be appliqued across the top, and somewhere a poodle. There will be trims, and a three-d lace skirt, rhinestones, gold thread and more stenciling under our feet. I don't know why the crows had to get in on the action but sometimes fabric is assertive.

I am allowing myself to use some of my favorite fabrics this time, yea for me! The coral fabric has found it's way into many a quilt. The yellow one with hearts as well. I have been collecting heart fabrics for years and years.

I'm going to just ignore this...

(heehee, I just made the picture smaller, which means the mess is smaller right???")

And I'm going to watch some of these after sewing a while...
I love to get movies from the library. I feel like I've shopped and not spent a penny. Oh, uh oh, I hear DH asking, "what about the late fees? Do they count?"

I have been reluctant to turn the posting over to Cole (Porter, he's jazzy) Poodle lately because he's gone weird with the eating.  I'm nervous to let him post lest he eat the mouse.
 The other day he tried to eat a partial roll of  toilet tissue that had fallen out of the vanity. That, a napkin from the coffee table, a half a cigar found on the street, and who knows what in the back yard.
 "Tastes the same" says he.

The poodle says" I'm having a rest here after dealing with 8 inches of snow and ice JUST to pee this morning. All my dog toys  the squirrels and chipmunks are hiding out so no fun and games for me. However, yesterday while mom and I were chillin' I was watching the squirrel channel through the sliding back doors, when up popped a squirrel, bold as all get out, right and I mean right in front of my eyes. The noive!!
Not 2 feet away. Hey! Sat right up on it's stupid little haunches and waved at me. In the screened porch!  This morning I decided to lay on my perch, let my feet thaw, admire all my toys and plastic bottles ( I like to chew the lids off) and wait for one of my many mediocre meals to appear. The people seem preoccupied and not willing to play out front where I just know there is less snow. Listen I'd love to stay and pet all you people but I've just got to take a nap. Laters"
Cole (and LeeAnna)   (put DOWN that mouse!)

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  1. Good Morning LeeAnna! Good Morning Cole!
    Snow! Always a nice way to encourage being creative indoors and to get things done! Your Valentine's 2014 quilt is looking good! Here it will be a high of 7C and sunny! Time to potter about outside in the garden! Happy Valentine's day!
    Take care,