Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oh just rake around me...another Cole Caper

When we got home from a walk on Sunday, I couldn't stand the leaves one more minute so I started clearing them out. Cole carefully placed himself in Just the right spot and wasn't moving for nothin'.
I thought the scraping of the rake would cause him to move but, no.
Fifteen minutes or so later this is what I saw. Note the circle of leaves around him. Drew said it would be like a police site when he ever got up, the outline of a poodle. Nope, the only crime here is indifference. Ho hum.
Cole here: "At least my people were keeping themselves busy while I grabbed a quick nap. Sometimes they annoy me with Cole move, and Cole come eat, and Cole get out of the garbage.

So what? I took a moment to rest, and enjoy a lovely fall day.

What's not to love? My peeps and I are together, I feel the breeze in my ears, hear the birds chirping, smell the smells that mean snow's a comin'

Lots more for them to do, so I may as well take a nap for reals

zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzz huh? What's that? Did I hear the treat jar? oh, my mistake... whew!
You know when you're really good and sleepy and the dreams are taking over, and you start running in your sleep?? Does your dog do that?? Want to know what they're thinking?

HA! Well I am not going to spill the tea!
It's a doggie secret and we aren't telling.

Anyway, I kind of felt all discombobulated for a minute, trying to figure out where I was. Momma was still dragging that rake around.
What's momma laughing at! Oh, a few leaves... where is my hand maiden to clear these off me??


  1. LOL Sounds like a great place to nap! Zen! We bassets often run and bark in our sleepy dreams. Pretty sure DiNozzo is chasing squirrels and Chloe is just fussing at us to move. We howl as well, and wake each other up.

    Dad has a sleep disruption syndrome and he fights like a super hero sometimes. Mom has to build a fort to keep him from kicking and punching her at midnight!

    Love ya buddy, McGee

  2. I always wait till my staff created a giant pile with that leaves ... then I jump on that pile and act like a tornado hehehehehe. I love your fall decoration, you have the perfect ears for wearing leaves :o)

  3. I love the Cole-shaped outline of leaves. 8)

  4. That is sooooo funny! Obviously Cole is content and thinks he's the boss of the family lol

  5. That is sooooo funny! Obviously Cole is content and thinks he's the boss of the family lol

  6. The world revolves around our fur babies - at least in their minds. LOL

  7. Maybe you should compile Cole's capers and adventures into an ebook. Being a dog-lover, I would sure enjoy it! Cole is so fun!

  8. Cole has the right idea! Why get out of the way, or get to work for goodness sake, when you can supervise?!

  9. OMDoodle - that's Harley. Same attitude. Hilarious....

  10. That's hilarious! I love the idea of a poodle outline in leaves. That would be meme-worthy!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  11. PepiSmartDog: gardening just wouldn't be the same without your help Cole. Who else would point out the bits they missed? Did they expect you to just lay on the hard grass? Good Lord! Hahahaha.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. We always love your posts! Hope to see you again this week. *waves paw* :=o)