Friday, November 13, 2015

Nest another way to explore color

I WILL sew again, and it will likely be later this afternoon.
I am growing...
My focus is as always exploration of COLOR. I am just exploring color via pencil and paper these days. 
Words from Sara Genn
the pencil line drawing interpreting the word nest.
One might leave it at a sketch, it has composition, meaning, line and of course Words (Sara Genn)
On these warm days of Autumn I want to be on the back porch, drawing, reading, writing. Winter is coming when I won't be able to do that, and I will happily retreat to my sewing nest but for now it's all about the porch. The crisp air, the colorful leaves, the watery sunshine and trees.

Don't you find there are times, even if you love sewing or another art form, that you want to do something different? I don't worry myself with unfinished projects, they are quietly waiting for me in the studio. It is my belief that all creative outlets are good to fill your well, the well you use to make art.

I have written an article on why it's good to learn by doing, and will post that next week. I will post some flamingos tomorrow. For today, it's writing and drawing, noting how color blends with pencils, noting how trees can be brown plus blue plus green and still feel like a tree.
Sara Genn of Painter's Keys, wrote these words in her newsletter today. I wanted to remember them so they seemed to fit on this page.
The quote by Leonard Koren is full of impact for me...

Pare down to the essence
but don't remove the poetry

I work with details, lots of details, and notice the details in life. I am not a pared down kind of gal. However....

I like the idea of capturing the essence of meaning. Whether it's in quilt form, paintings, beadwork, writing or photography. There is a story to tell, I want to tell it, and I hope you enjoy reading it too.
I'll be in my nest, are you creating in your nest??


  1. Thought-provoking post. I am trying to work more simply but it can be hard! Working in a different medium seems to be a good way to grow as an artist.

  2. Firstly I absolutely love that tree! Were you looking at a tree from your porch? I too am getting as much porch time as I can although some days it's with a sweater and quilt but that's so much more comfy and " nest like". Enjoyed reading your thoughtful post and agree wholeheartedly.

  3. Is your porch screened in?it looks like a wonderful space to create!i love the words too.

  4. Yes, painting on a rainy day is slow to dry so i will sew some things started, parts of a quilt top in s l o w progress, a wabi sabi quilt.
    The Painter's Keys is a great twice weekly art newsletter i enjoy, written by Sara Genn , that bring inspiration and food for thought to us online!

  5. Such a great sketch I picture it hand embroidered, using a trick of fabric and thread to create a raised nest, I love trees. Enjoy your time on the porch soaking up sun and inspiration and filling pages with words, and drawing. Winter seems to last a long time, here in Florida its the opposite summer is the time to hibernate during the high heat of the days, right now the weather is cooling down and just being outside soaking up the sun and enjoying being outside to garner inspiration for the next project.

  6. Hi LeeAnna,
    I really enjoy reading your blog! Love your creative posts!
    What a great Autumn nest you have to create and share such beautiful words and images!
    I had a dream that I cleaned up my hobby room and it turned out twice as big, three times as long, with so much more work surface!
    Right now I'm out and about cleaning others nests!
    Winter will come and find me organising my nest!
    Take care,

  7. LeeAnna, you have such interesting discussions. I love that quote "Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry."
    The lines and colors in your tree trunk are simply gorgeous.

  8. Such a thought provoking post, LeAnna! Your drawing is fabulous!! Definitely creating in my nest. I haven't run out of new things to try in quilting but have taken time out to pick up a crochet hook and have been collecting color pencils and pens. . . drawing might just be next ;)

  9. You are very creative and artistic. All of your work is beautiful...from your quilting to your drawing to your fabric art etc.

  10. Isn't it wonderful to explore different media and see where it leads us? Love the shape of your tree, it has a great sense of movement. The quote is good too, about not losing the poetry.

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