Monday, November 9, 2015

a trip to the candy store? yea! another Cole caper

Say what?? We're going for a ride in the car to the candy store?? I'm in!
but first an errand for the peeps... Bath and Body works? Well, I've never failed to find someone to pet in there so let's go. Whew y'all. This store it very cool but it smells like a  b-a-t-h  just sayin'
I enjoy sniffing the shelves and helping the mother pick out soap, as she cannot make up her mind. Look at what I found for her just to remind her of me...
okay, enough of that let's go to all for the pet...
A store that is smart enough to have a poodle on the window! Come ON! Open the door!!!
First stop is the Guinea pigs, have you ever seen one with pink eyes? Me either!
the bunnies and pigs are conveniently placed in glass boxes right at poodle levels. I could watch these guys for minutes but there are a few items to be picked out...
Let's see...hmmm..... what is the best treat to chew on...
My peeps are a bit Over-Protective with my treats, insisting on non allergy ingredients.
(if they are that worried, there are plenty of critters in the yard I could have... but nooooo)
Let's see, a toy wouldn't go amiss... always enjoy a yellow ball...
Well, we got a few items they are happy with, and I had to have one immediately, just to make sure donchaknow. 
I have momma trained now. She gives me trail mix when I go to bed these days heh heh. 
(LeeAnna here, I give him trail mix of his allergy food kibble, dried cranberries, some cookies and a glucosamine square broken in half. Don't tell him there is kibble in there)
(Cole here, I know about the kibble but let momma think she's smart. I root out the cranberries first, then eat the glucosamine treat, then the cookies then have the kibble because they touched the cranberries) 
Editor's note: 
We went to do some errands this weekend without Cole's company. One of them was to Pet Smart where we found some new hair scissors, a  toy and some chewies... when we got home, dropped the bags by the front door with our shoes and visited the necessary, Cole inspected the bags...
 Cole here: yep, just call me immigration...Jackpot! Look what I found! 
A new toy with a really LOUD squeaker! I knew it was for me, so I felt pretty secure going ahead and pulling it out of the shopping bag myself. SQUEAK!
ooops, there's momma... BOL! just wondering if that was for me??? It IS! Well blow me down! 
now what about these...
are these yummy chew things mine??
Glad to see you bought an economy pack this time since I like these a lot.

LeeAnna here, Cole is allergic to beef so no rawhides these days and he isn't keen on the antler we got him so these are a find. He crunches them chews them, and it the tiniest crumb falls off he searches for it. They don't smell to me, but must to him. It was a happy day for him!


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my green/blue/and black pieces. I had hand dyed that fabric and I wasn't about to waste any! patty the quilt lady dot BlogSpot dot com

  2. Sounds like a fun shopping trip.

  3. That's it! The bassets want to come live with you. All they get is livasnaps and salmon/sweet potato kibble. And Nylabones because they eviserate all soft squeakies. Chloe sure misses her soft squeakies.......

  4. Now that is what we call a fun shopping trip!! Lucky!!!

  5. Our guinea pig, Cinnamon has red eyes. He is a hoot. Ma has that sanitizer that has the poodle on it too. She loves Bath and Body sanitizers.
    Sounds like you had a great time running errands

  6. Sounds like he had fun and got a bunch of things! Love how they have us trained!
    Thanks for the comment - I made a light purple block to add to the mix of twinklers. Now to put them together.

  7. Shopping can be fun for us dogs! Glad you got some treats and toys. Even my mom won't let me have Whimzees! Love Dolly

  8. Fun outings! Rita loves to check out the g. pigs and what not! Love the back and forth commentary about the trail mix! Those whimzees are funny. We've gotten Rita the alligator and hedgehog ones before.

  9. It sounds like a fine day was had by all. Love the snowman toy. And all the talk about treats reminded me its time to start planning which pet treats to bake for the upcoming holiday season.

  10. Bath and Body Works is definitely my candy store!

  11. Sounds like you had a fun little adventure and came out with some good booty! Enjoy it.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  12. Hi Y'all!

    I don't care for those antler thingies either, Cole. A fellow's got to have a chewy that he enjoys!

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  13. Looks like a fun day. I haven't tried the Whimzes, so thanks for mentioning them, I'll check it out next time I'm in the store with the Boys. Cole - your looking dashing by the way!

  14. I just gave the boys their Whimzees so I could finish blog hopping! LOL!

  15. Cole is lucky he can go into that shop, I get an instant headache with all those powerful scents and start sneezing. ;)

  16. PepiSmartDog: great post. Love the Poodle candy - BUT nothing beats a toy with a really loud SQUEAK! Bol!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Hope to see you again this week. *waves paw* :=o)