Thursday, August 11, 2022

I Like Thursday # 310


doesn't everyone have a pink ukelele on the mantle?
welcome to this week's list of likes... 

Land Management

still waiting for the bell peppers to flower and fruit! This little ladybug is helping! I like ladybugs, circles on a circle!  Does anyone know what this wild flower is called? Love my patio pots of blooms!

 Being Creative

I've painted fabric this week, sewn blocks, hand sewing hexies in oranges, and planning embroidery on the painted piece... more on Saturday. Last Saturday's creativity round up is seen here: 


making books now too

watching on tv

same things.... plus Love Island (don't judge, it's summer) and same shows mentioned in previous weeks. The Chair, Brokenwood, Murdoch Mysteries, Chateau DIY, big brother, and whatever movie looks good on the weekends on Netflix.




Summer Wine review

Love this for patio sitting enjoyment... sort of tart and sweetish but perfect

 the prompt this week is what seasonal fruit or vegetable are you liking right now? 

Watermelon! Since there are two of us (Milo doesn't like watermelon) we get kind of a small one and try to get seedless. We used to slice it, then cut off the rind and have it in a bowl. 

We have gone the easy route now, and use an ice cream scoop to put balls of melon in a bowl...


 so easy, the leftovers can have saran wrap cover and put in fridge.


I also am in love with peaches. Nothing special with fresh peaches... just eaten cut in half, pit pulled out, dripping down my arm! I use frozen peaches for cobblers. 

I love fresh bruchetta made with vine ripened tomatoes but food is so expensive in Colorado, and I can't go to a roadside stand, can't grow tomatoes in Aurora (tried for three years) so I seldom make bruschetta. I used to dice tomatoes, shred fresh basil, minced garlic, minced onion, lemon juice and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Let flavors meld, and serve on hard chips. 

Milo's Moments 

 Hi Y'all... before you ask, it IS hot enough for me!

too hot to chase the ball!
I like that the bedroom is cool now due to Daddy getting us a noisy cold making machine so a dog can sleep better on the bid bed snuggled up to his peeps

I like  burgers and Mama always gives me some of theirs at lunch.
 Mama: er, Milo, those are VEGGIE burgers. 

Milo: don't spoil it Mama! I thought they were meat, they taste like meat and are good! 

Mama: go ahead and think they are meat...and be glad your peeps share! 

Milo: I like to stand next to the counter to remind you to share... thanks Mom!

please visit these people to read what they like right now too!



rosie and the boys nature pics  



easyweimaraner said...

watermelon time... yes! and we agree with milow... it's even too hot for stupid things... sigh...

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE your sweet pink summer mantel decorations!! Google Lens agreed with me. Your flower is a Common Poppy. BEST feature on my new phone (even if it seems to need corrective lenses for items that aren't right next to it!) Enjoy that watermelon, LeeAnna, as my watermelon eater has moved out of the house.

grammajudyb said...

Yummy! Watermelon is a favorite here too! Yes, it’s a poppy! I always called it an oriental poppy but that probably not PC anymore! Common Poppy it is.
Sorry I messed up with the prompts! Guess I’ll get on track eventually!** Smile**

Susie H said...

I will have to give that Reisling a try. Sounds like a good deck sipper! We like watermelon too. Mom & I especially like it to make watermelon margaritas! Glad the weather is cooling off for Milo. Gracie is appreciating it too. said...

Great likes. Like Judy says it is a common poppy. You can't grow tomatoes in a big patio pot? I usually grow mine that way anymore. I just have to make sure I water at least every other day and I fertilize often. Oh book making. There is a young woman that goes by the name NerdForge you should see the books she makes! Among other things. Glad you figured out a way to cool down the bedroom.

Cloudia said...

What a sweet life! Wishing you and Milo many blessings

Sandee said...

I love that pink uke and I'd love to have one.

I ate the watermelon. I drank some of the wine. Then I loved on Milo.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

The pink ukulele and flamingos on your mantel are so cute! I love watermelon, that one looks so yummy. I'll have to get some next time I'm getting groceries. Brokenwood is one of our favorite shows - wish they made a lot more episodes for every season!

Brian said...

Your pink ukelele is really cool, our Dad has a woodtone one. Hooray for fresh watermelon too. Milo, enjoy your burger anyways, they're all good. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Andree said...

I'm glad supper time is coming soon . . . you've made me hungry! I hope your weather eases. We have had a cold summer with a couple short hot spells. Take care!

MissPat said...

I concur with the poppy ID. During the really hot days, I thre some chunks of watermelon with some water in the blender and it made a refreshing flavored drink. Wish I lived closer. I'd drop off farm market vegetables on your porch whenever you wanted them. In fact I went to the farm market today and got peppers, eggplant, a cucumber, a cantaloupe and fresh peaches.

Sherrie said...

Hi Lee Anna,
I like your pinkness on your cute. Your pretty orange flower is
beautiful and yip it's a poppy. I have some like that. Wow...that's a lot
of hexies. Haven't read any of your books, but I'll be checking them out over
at Amazon. Love Watermelon...even Bob our dog, likes watermelon. Have a great day!

Sara said...

I always loved seeing Ladybugs on our plant. We live in an area that grows a lot of watermelon, and so far this year it has been really good. I like those small seedless melons the best. But I’m looking forward to some tomatoes - fresh ones. I’ll send my daughter to get some tomorrow at the farm stand since I can’t drive yet.

sonja said...

love the pinkly mantel. i spy one of my coffee filter painted quilted book markers i sent you a while ago. one day i shall learn to play ukulele me thinks as music has color to me. stay cool and creative in these dog days of summer. the poodle is dressed more for winter. my mom just to put ice cubes in our shepard's water bowl this time of year. i put ice cubes in my shorts pockets and jog top occasional and go read in the shade!

Carol Andrews said...

LeeAnna you had such a busy, productive week with so many pretty projects. Your watermelon looks scrumptious. I love peaches. Ours are almost ready now in the Okanagan And Osoyoos regions. That wine looks interesting! 😉

Angie said...

LeeAnna - as many people have already commented, the flower is a poppy. If you let the seed pod dry out, you will have poppy seeds (just like the dressing and the coating on bagels) and you could try throwing them around your garden for more poppies next year. This is cherry season around here - I love them chilled and right out of the fridge. Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

I love all sorts of melon...even if it does drip down your chin lol. We bought a little greenhouse early this year and are now enjoying gorgeous fresh tomatoes...nothing nicer.
Annie x

riitta k said...

I share your love for watermelons and have been eating some almost every day. Perfect for hot summer days and help prevent swollen ankles. Lately I have been listening audiobooks of Kate Quinn - The Alice Network, The Huntress and The Rose Code. They all are historical novels happening during the WWII or years after. My kitties sleep all day long, because it is so hot. Then late in the evening they are eager ti walk in the garden. Lazy summer days, I try to copy them 🌞🌞🌞