Thursday, November 3, 2016

"I LIke" Thursdays # 8 and a give away

Welcome back to "I Like" on Thursdays. I have to be honest, it's been a really hard week.
Life is like that. Which is exactly why this little post is important for me to do each week.
Here are a few things I did like this week and a small giveaway at the end, because I Like y'all.

1.Brianna's salad dressings. I am allergic to soy and corn and these have good ingredients for me. Even if you aren't allergic to those items, and they are hard to avoid in American foods, these taste great! We use them as dipping sauces too.

2. Brokenwood TV series made in NZ
    This show is fabulous. We get the CD's from the library but I expect one can find them in other places.
The characters are developed and very interesting, the plots keep me guessing to the end, I get to see an area of the world I know less about, it's very well acted and great scripts, the only negative is there are only 3 seasons so far. I think it's still in production. We watched all the midsomer mysteries, like Miss Fischer's Mysteries, Really loved Broadchurch, so that's our review. Four paws up!

3. Books. Nothing new about my love of books, but I have more than I have shelves. I did a quick review of my cubbies, and said I was going to pull out at least one from each cubbie that I no longer needed.

Well that is harder than one might think. I find something in almost all books to like. Taste's change though, and needs change, time marches on and I find I really like working with scraps, making landscapes, or in general making my own patterns.

 I was able to take out 12 books and maybe 20 patterns to release into the wild.
 Great! I'll use all that new found space to put away the 75 books sitting on this chair

4. Fekkai Shampoo full volume. It smells nice and lemony and it plumps up my fine straight baby-bird hair.
It's found in lots of stores
5. Textured Yarn  I was gifted with a bag of textured yarn.
 In honor of being able to live in a Democratic country and vote, (and women, we fought for respect, and  the right to be seen as real people and "to be allowed"  to vote, not that long ago) 
 I'm giving away this partially knitted scarf, and two balls of bright Red fringy soft yarn to anyone who wants it. If there are more than one out there who wants it, I'll draw a name in a couple days. I want to encourage you to "use it!" which is my motto this year. 
 While I'm at it, how about these little triangles in red and green for Christmas? Seam lines arked on the back in pencil. I hand pieced a few into some circles and I'm done.( I'm keeping my circles) (I'm going to applique them onto a pieced table runner)
Your turn... "use it!" for me. Then you'll help me not feel wasteful, and you'll carry on for some quilter out there who couldn't finish it. 
If you want either of these, leave a comment answering this question:
How many UFO's will you leave behind?
(and tell me which you want)

 I'll start...
Approximately, a meeeeelion UFO's or at least a hundred. I finish a lot, but I also start a lot that go South. 

I didn't start these triangles but you can finish them. Imagine with me now... (swirling music) what in the WORLD could you do with triangles? They can be appliqued, they can be pieced they could be made into little boxes to hold trinkets, pin cushions. The sky is the limit! I only ask you show me what you make with them! 
As usual, I will link to anyone doing an "I like" post today... let me know, my email is up there
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easyweimaraner said...

I'm a fan of this salad dressings, specially then with balsamico is super tasty... it's even great without salad lol

Libby in TN said...

I'm no math wizard, but replacing 12 with 75 ... not sure that's gonna work! What I've been doing lately with books is photocopying the few things I like (along with a copy of the inside page for reference) then passing the book on.

Marly said...

I like picking up challenges, also patchwork ones! At the moment I have about eight UFO's (I don't dare count them) so if I go tomorrow that's how many I'll leave! I should get them finished by the end of next year (fingers crossed) so, when I toss off this mortal coil there won't be any UFO's, just a WIP .... or two! After all every self respecting quilter has at least one WIP!
Knitting that fun fur looks like an interesting challenge so I would happily take that off your hands!

Sara said...

I like books way too much and have a hard time releasing them. We moved into this house 10 years ago and I was promised bookshelves in the basement family room for my books. No bookshelves yet. Sigh!

And I have a gazillion UFOs already, so I'll pass on the giveaway. But that is a great idea!

PaintedThread said...

We've been enjoying Brokenwood, too. Nice find.

No UFOs. I have two right now, but they're technically in progress.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Oh I do so miss my sewing room! I can't even imagine the books I had. I would get them cheap cheap on amazon! :(

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love that salad dressing, too - my favorite is the poppy seed variety! Good for you for keeping up your I Like posts. Sometimes the hardest thing is to find what I'm thankful for, but it always makes me feel better when I do. I don't need any new UFOs, but it's always fun to see what other crafters have in their stashes!

Cathy said...

I don't know how to get rid of books and magazines and patterns. Once I get them, they tend to stick around. Good luck!

Chantal said...

Great job on the cubbies' reorganisation. I know it isn't easy. A trick of mine is; if a magazine or book has only one pattern left that I like, (because I did the others, or whatever) I will scan that pattern, store on USB key and give the magazine/book to the next in line. It makes it a touch easier to say goodbye and to declutter. And I wouldn't mind getting a book from that pile. :^D
The UFOs list is, at the moment, 14 projects long. Plus 4 more that await to be quilted. I shall do one after the craft sale next week.
Thank you for the chance and good luck with fitting all the new books in that little clean space. ;^)

Val's Creative Life said...

Your post made me smile.I love books can comprehend why it's hard to give any away. Oh my.......can we not talk about UFO' something to make your heart happy this weekend friend. :)

Joanne said...

Miss Fisher was a great series! Watched it on Netflix! There was so much attention to detail! Can't get Brokenwwod on Netflik right now. Tahnks for the tip!

Ann said...

I've watched most of these series but haven't seen Brokenwood. Something to find soon. Thanks.

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Kudos for culling. Having finished a partially completed project of nearly 20 years myself this week, I feel so much better. And the dogs seem to enjoy it in the studio so win-win! Now you've inspired me to get rid of a few books too. This checking things off my to-do list is 'pawsome.' Thank you! ღ
P.S. Gonna check out Brokenwood, I love mysteries!