Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"A Litter of Extroverts" A short story of love

A litter of Extroverts
Once upon a time there was a wee small cat family. The litter was small, only three kittens but they were highly interesting kittens. 

Even as babies,  they were different… Not a one was shy.
They were special. They would lead extraordinary lives.
And one human lady met them all… here is her story:

The woman had just said goodbye to her beloved poodle-son as he returned to Heaven. She was sad and a little lost without him. She felt lonely with no soft hair to pet, no expressive eyes to gaze into. Life felt so lonely. 

She took long walks. One day on such a walk she was taken by surprise when a bright sturdy orange cat ran toward her. Meowing loudly, it’s gaze was steady as it RAN toward her from half a block away! 

This cat smiled as if it recognized her, and had been waiting for her for years!
 “Finally! There you are! I’ve been waiting!”
This woman smiled for the first time in a long time. 

The orange cat loved her and the love of another creature was a link to her perished poodle. The cat was thrilled to wind in and around her legs, purring, meowing, accepting and giving love.
The woman’s heart swelled with the connection.
 After a bit she said goodbye to the little stranger and continued her walk. However, this cat was not done. He followed her matching step for step prepared to accompany her for miles. No leash needed to connect them. They walked on until, the woman became concerned that he might get lost or hit by a car. She told him this. 

He sat and looked up gently into her eyes, understanding her reluctance to break the connection, and her concern for his welfare. 
They looked into each other’s eyes for a while. 
He remained there while she took steps away, turned back to see him watching her leave. 

She marveled at this event for the rest of the walk, really she still does. 

Miraculously she saw him again days later and they now met as friends! Glorious meows and hellos mingled with petting from both! Again he was reluctant to watch her walk away, following her a block. Reluctantly they parted, both looking back. 

She let the good feelings of connection heal her broken heart. 
Again she assumed they would never meet again.

A third time, as she walked with a friend, telling her the story of the healing cat, he appeared. Again they met as friends, this cat sending a message that he loved her. Reminding her she was lovable.
She never saw him again after the third time but later met another from what she began to know was the litter of extroverts. 

On another long walk, with her husband, in a new neighborhood, another orange cat appeared. She was stunned to see this one running toward her, meowing loudly,
“Finally! There you are! I’ve been waiting for you! “

Just like the first cat, this one loudly meowed, adding in some Mreep! Sounds. Just like the other cat this one was waiting for her with an open heart. This one wanted her. This one also walked alongside her til she reluctantly asked it to stay near it’s home. 

As she turned back to check, there was no cat to be seen! 

“ OH! She’s gone! Did I imagine her?” 
Then she heard a loud Mreep! I’m here, do you need me? Stepping out from behind a hedge the cat said, "I’ll be here, I love you, you are lovable". 
And she was there when they returned to get in their car, as if she hadn’t seen them in weeks!

“Meow! Remember, I love you!” The woman looked back as they drove away.
Happy and a bit sad.

The woman walked and walked for weeks, wondering would she ever see the healing cats again. Don’t things happen in threes? But week after week no cats appeared. 

One evening a tortoiseshell cat ran toward her. 
Mouth open, trying to meow! 
He limped on an old paw injury, his tail was bent, he couldn’t sing like he used to. 

He was old and bent from age, but love is ageless. 
She wondered if his ears were bent from listening. 
Again he ran to her, wrapping her legs in a caress. Tying her up to keep her there. 

He tried to walk with her, stopping when she stopped, walking when she walked.  

 He was skinny under her hands, old and wise in the ways of the world, old in the ways of love.
Again she reluctantly explained he must not go far from home, and should be careful of cars. He looked deeply into her eyes, said he was old and knew that, but he walked by her side as long as possible.
 He said, “I love you, you are lovable” 

Later she learned, he lived nearby. He had lived in that house through two owners, and conveyed with the house. 

“Oh my little friend, what have you seen? Won’t you give lessons in connection to humans who need to learn?”

She was content now, having met three.

Never in her life had this happened! It was a message of some kind. A litter of extroverts…not born of the same parents, not sharing a home, but all the same in a big way. 

They all reached out to a woman…a walking wounded woman.
A woman who needed love.
And they gave it freely. 

The woman, me, recognized how special these encounters were. I was reminded in a very real way just how love is shared. How meaningful the love is that connects us. We are different yet all respond to love. 

One day I’ll find another poodle to love. The new poodle will not be Cole, as he wasn’t her labradaughter Chelsea.   Each bond has taught her about love.
Each bond told her she was not alone. 

The end (of a true story)

Ps just as I thought I would never have another cat encounter, an orange cat met us in Frederick City this weekend

“Meow! Finally! I’ve been waiting for you!” 
My husband and I looked at each other incredulously. Can it be? Again, he walked by our sides. This time he turned up toward a house and looked back as if to say, “if you lived here we could be together every day” 

We considered that


  1. This short story brought tears to my heart. So...the universe IS listening. Quietly, just when you need it most. ღ

  2. and you are a good listener and story unwinder. In your tale i was seeing my Hammy orange tabby cat that brighten every day of nine years. He was irrepressible, curious and a built like a tonka truck. One day he disappeared, forever. Love you tail of 3 orange cats and the gift they shared.And that you could hear the gift.

  3. Beautiful story - so glad your heart was ready to listen.

  4. Preparing you for that open heart. Cats are messengers between worlds, they say.

  5. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes as I finish the story. Beautiful! I have to say, tabby cats (and my favorite being the orange tabbies) are the most wonderful, loving (and vocal) cats in the world. Perhaps you should consider getting a cat and a dog when the time comes. You would have two hearts to love and who would love you back. If introduced together early on, they will be family. Cats, like dogs, are intuitive. And like human children, they give love freely and are so calming to cuddle with. Love, warmth, relaxation therapy, heart mending.....

  6. I am in tears after reading your story. You have a wonderful way with words. I love kitties. Sadly, I have lost my tuxedo,Jake. And, like you, I grieve.


  7. You wrote a fairy tale and, amazingly, it was all true. God blessed you over and over with every cat encounter just when you needed it. Maybe it was cats because if it had been dogs, you might have been overwhelmed. This has an air of mystery. Love comes in so many ways, if we have eyes to see it.

  8. Not only is this a good tale because of the recurring message from the kitties, but even better because you heard them! I wonder how often people miss messages like this because we're too busy running through life!

  9. OMG! This made me smile big and get tears in my eyes! I have a fondness for cats, orange cats in particular. I just recently lost my big orange cat "Big O", so this was a wonderful story for me. Orange cats are special!
    It is so wonderful that you and these cats connected. So few people can recognize that communication!

  10. Such a sweet story, LeeAnna! I enjoyed reading it! That very first cat reminded me of a little one in our neighborhood. He wanted to follow my husband and I on a walk, and we kept telling him to go home where he would be safe from cars. I think eventually he followed our advice, but then he showed up on our front doorstep, too! Sweet little guy!

  11. How beautiful... Your sweet story of God sending his message of love through four cats has made my day. God Bless You. Psalm 91 -Katie Kat.

  12. Orange cats are the bomb! They are my favorite!! Glad they are helping with your spirits. You are lovable!

  13. What a sweet, touching story! And I do believe the right poodle will come along when you are ready! You'll still of course be sad and miss Cole from time to time but the new fur-sweetie will help you smile again!

  14. We loved that story too and love is always very special! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  15. Animals can have an amazing ability to show love.

    Shadow, Stealth, and Sarah

  16. What a sweet gift of love.. and a very sweet story.

  17. Cats are not dogs, but sometimes they do just know we need them. This is a beautiful story and I am glad they helped you along your healing path. (Now all you need to do is buy a house with an orange cat!)

  18. Lee Anna, the cats all surely must have sensed you needed their love. It is so miraculous... you could walk for a lifetime and not have that happen. It's beyond amazing and you wrote about it so beautifully.