Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Couple of concerts later... another Cole's caper

Cole here to tell you about my latest caper! I had a burst of energy one evening after the Daddy came home. We went for a long-ish walk in another neighborhood. Then I still wanted to get out and pet people so we went to the Friday night concert at Annapolis Towne Center. 
What a poodle-icious good time! This store was giving out doggie ice cream, so I dropped my dislike of bananas for the peanut butter and banana fro-yo. Yum! First time I ever had that. 

I met so many people, many had puppies because their other dogs had gone to the great squirrel hunt in the sky. 
They loved on me just the right way! 
There were people, dogs and kids to see, the band played music my peeps liked (how embarrassing! Momma kind of danced! Oy!) 
This little guy was resting in a dog sized papa-san chair, jumped out to come see me. I wanted to take him home he was so cute. Of course he's a puppy so there would be training to do...

I wanted to go shoping, because when we come here I shop. I kept pulling to try to tell the peeps to go into the shops just for a look-see. 
It was in Sur la Table I met a woman that owns a bed and breakfast. 
LeeAnna here: She was awesome! Turns out she had leukemia and a revolutionary treatment three years ago and is in remission. She owns a B & B catering to military folk who have injuries. I encouraged her to write some of the stories she told me. Amazed, she said she had just been thinking that! I think the universe puts us together to encourage each other this way. 

I have been sad about Cole's diagnosis and his lack of energy. Turns out the vet overprescribed pain pills. When we started halving then quartering the dosage his whole demeanor changed. She said it would be weeks at best, but it's been a couple months now. 

Cole is teaching me another lesson. Live for the now. It's all you have, and you'll miss that if you look ahead. I had been watching him, checking to see if he was breathing, wondering how I could ever make the decision to let him go, and it drove me crazy. 

I decided on this night, at this concert, while talking to others who told stories of their beloved dogs who passed, that my lesson is to keep my energy "now". I've heard that for years, but it came home in a real way, not a "should" way that made me feel inadequate as a worrier. 
Cole here: whew, that momma can talk!  As we were walking back to the car these people drove up excited to say they also had a black standard poodle!!! I said, well stop your car and get him out here so I can sniff him! 
His name is Curry, he's 7 months old, and poor guy, going to school. 
OMD, I tried to puppy bow, but my front pins aren't what they used to be, still we had a good time while the peeps talky-talked. He's a big guy, almost as tall as I am, and a good looking guy.

I tried to tell him all my wisdom about life and how to handle people. Gotta pass on that to the pups ya know. 

LeeAnna: from this picture I can see I need to stop having ice cream along with Cole and haven't had any since. 


Cole again: Oh Momma! I love you fat or skinny. As long as the ice cream doesn't go away at least.


  1. I am so glad you are taking charge of Cole's treatment. I had the Tramadol for Dutch and used it when he needed it. Luckily it was easy, well, as it could be, at the end.

    I am glad you three are still all enjoying the things you love. That will be important in the long run.

  2. Enjoy your "now time" with Cole...thanks for sharing his latest adventure--ice cream for doggies, huh? I'll have to find some for my granddog Kota....hugs to all Julierose

  3. "Now time" is all we really have so it's good that you are all enjoying it. Including that ice cream.

  4. Sounds like a rock in good time - love and enjoy all those you have with dear Cole.

  5. Looked like fun ! I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying Cole everyday. Give him a ((hug)) from me!

  6. Hard to go wrong with banana and peanut butter. :-) Glad to hear that a change in meds is helping.

  7. So very happy to hear about this outing and the realization about the meds together with dealing with the here and now. Kudos to mama and ear scratches with a side of ice cream for Cole! ღ

  8. One more adventure out. Enjoy it.

    Sarah and Shadow

  9. You are so right - now IS where we need to keep our focus (and I'm a chronic worrier/planner at heart). There is so much good and joy to be savored ...

  10. I love your Cole stories and I still say you should write a book. You are so lucky to have each other!

  11. I'm so glad to hear that Cole is feeling better. And good for you for thinking about being in the now. I struggle with that, too. Yoga helps.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  12. making me laugh with that first one

  13. Yes! Live for the "now"!
    Enjoy what's around you and what is possible.
    It is strange how situations cross paths....
    On the way home I was feeling tired, not best then someone was in a wheelchair and trying his best to get up the hill...
    I had a bit of a sore hand the other day on the way home from work and saw a jogger jogging, het right arm stopped at her elbow....
    Can't complain now can I? Give thanks to what I can do!
    It's great to hear you're out meeting people who can give good, helpfull advice and not the other type who give more "negative" advice that you didn't even ask for!
    Take care,

  14. Cole is teaching us all - live every minute like it's your last . I need to remember that. Thank you Cole!

  15. PepiSmartDog:what a fun outing Cole!
    That fr-yo sounded extra yummy! Nice to meet another poodle buddy too. :=o)
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop each week.
    Hope to see you again this week too. *waves paw* :=o)