Thursday, April 5, 2018

I Like Thursdays #83

Do you know what time it is???
Time for this week's I Like list!
 Looks like Spring is cracking open!  
This little flamingo is bursting out of his shell!
 watermelons were available in the grocery stores! Summer will be here soon!

It's been a hard week of turmoil around here but I still found a few things to share.  The weather has been good and sunny, Milo has made us laugh, and I've been sewing. 

 getting scraps from people is joyful. I would never have embroidered this phrase but someone discarded it so it went in my little triptych.  I added bits of leaves and water that will be quilted in hopefully  today, bringing the improv work to three finished pieces.

I love sewing... dh asked, "life would be easier if we didn't need to find a home with a studio... why don't you just start writing more instead? " 
 I can't not sew... it's my refuge and joy. I love to write, and have many interests including music, painting, travel, walking and watching movies but sewing is such a part of me. 
Details of ferns and stones... very small but I know they are there!

In two days I quilted  two improv quilts I've been working on, and put on binding to be hand sewn to the backs of them. Can't find my machine insert tray, or all my threads, but that didn't deter me.

Improv quilting makes life more fun, no planning or fretting about the quilting stitch or thread, just go for it! (Green neon and purple metallic threads)

 I used what I had and will share the finished works tomorrow. 

 These added a lot of sparkle to the pieces, along with rayon neon threads by metler and madeira.

I'm reading this Rhys Bowen book,

 latest on "her royal spyness" series, and love going to bed at night because it's easy and fun to read. 
Please enjoy the gratuitous poodle pillow case as well. 

I've spent time each day watching youtube "who do you think you are UK" and have learned so much history while watching stars learn about their ancestry. We see people from the past as sort of one dimensional  really, just a birth and death date, but this reminds us they had needs, and fears and challenges and loves on a daily basis like we do. If only every one kept a diary! 

I like Milo's new bright cherry red leash. I like it also because there are no frays on it. 
Gotta stop and watch the kids playing!
 Milo's Moment

Hi Y'all! Barking out loud! 
Yep, I bark therefore I am. 
It is all new to me, all things to see and hear and taste so I listen with my head to the side,
Oooooo I LOVE a freshly shaved poodle face!
  I sit in the middle of a walk to watch the birds or kids,
  I taste everything that looks different on the street. (the dirt wasn't the greatest)
I don't miss much! 
This week I will tell you about taste. I love to chew! I'm on a mission to chew everything I can get my Enormous Poodle Teeth on. I chew shoes, bones, grass, and Daddy's arms. Every night if I stare at Mama long and hard enough to break through her hard head, I get an alligator to chew! 

Oh yes, I know that word in Human...
(LeeAnna: he means whimzee Alligator chews)

One night we sat outside on the patio, and I chewed on a nylabone. From the time I wore the arm braces for 4 months I have liked my people to hold my chewy for me. It's a bonus that they have to watch for my Enormous Poodle Teeth so's not to be chewed on, and I likes attention!

If they refuse to hold a chewy, I use whatever is nearby, like a chair or table to hold the bone for me. 
Hey! I got used to that when I couldn't bend my legs, and now I just do it because... 

I have been hitting the bottle pretty bad lately too...
As you can see, I manage to hold the bottle long enough to chew off the cap... (which I bring to Mama because for some reason she loves them, and makes a big deal about my bringing them to her, so it's an easy way to make her happy) ...remove the label, and smash it down for recycling. If you haven't tried one, it's great fun way to use your Enormous Poodle Teeth.
Image result for enormous chocolate lab
thanks to google images since Milo and Tyson were too blurry to see!
I also have made some friends around the 'hood. My latest bud, speaking of chewing is Tyson. He's a BIG brown lab, I heard his Dad say he weighed 105 lbs. I weigh 55 lbs and he makes me look like a pocket poodle! Still, we play the game, "My teeth are bigger" and are pretty evenly matched. 

At least until we are dragged apart by our Daddies at the end, both evenly covered in spit! He's the best fun! I am so jazzed by the end, although Mama always carries on about grass and spit all stuck to my "naturally curly hair" 

That's it for this week, now SIT! Stay! clickety click on Mama's friends who also wrote an I Like post this week... and she says to give you my best cutest face to beg you to write an I Like post too! 
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Home Sewn By Us said...

Good Morning LeeAnna and Milo,
Milo is quite talented, getting that bottle cap off and giving it to you. You can't give up your sewing studio! You've just started to get your sewing mojo back again - we do not want to squash it. ~smile~ Roseanne said...

LOL the embroidery in your art piece made me smile. Love the hatchling. Milo is such a handsome boy. Glad he has made a friend and has a playmate.

Sara said...

Your improve pieces are looking really good. And good for you to be sewing! I also know that any house I live in has to have some space for sewing or I won't be happy.

Brian's Home Blog said...

That mingo is so cool and so is your embroidery, we've no talent like that here. Hey Milo, you're looking darn sharp pal! Thanks for joining the Thankfhul Thursday Blog Hop!

Snap said...

Always fun to visit and see what you and Milo are up to!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Love the close ups of the quilting LeeAnna. It looks like you used a different colour in the bobbin which gave a very nice effect. This is just so creative.

Shannon said...

So fun that Milo has been playing with the lab. :) I love seeing my two rumpus. Unfortunately, they tend to do it while i'm on the phone, but it's fun anyway. And I can't wait to come back tomorrow and see your quilts!! I'm sorry the turmoil is ongoing...

PaintedThread said...

Your sewing - and that thread! Delicious! I've just finished "Royal Blood" - I'm working my way through Royal Spyness. I'm enjoying it more the more books I read. (Molly Murphy is still my favorite, though.)

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

So glad you're finding joy in sewing and creating again. That thread looks like a lot of fun - I've never used metallic thread. I always enjoy Milo's stories! He is definitely a talented and good looking guy!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Love the quilt colors, so cheerful!

Marly said...

I like your improv pieces; how exciting to make something out of other people's scraps. I look forward to seeing the completed pieces soon.

Tails Around the Ranch said...

That poodle pillow case is beyond adorable! Nice improv going on. I saw that Joann's has a sale going on until Saturday and there was a cute poodle print I may have to check out in person (or you can order it online if you need more fabric-yeah, I know, I chuckled even typing that).

Michelle said...

I admire your ability to sew. A couple of weeks ago my grandmother's sewing machine was passed on to me. I don't know how to use it! But, I am considering trying to learn. Thanks for linking up today.

Sandee said...

What a fun and colorful post. Lots to be thankful for too.

Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. ♥

Maria said...

Watermelon yay! Give my love to Milo .. he looks so sweet and all grown up !

Miaismine said...

Great likes! I like how you are so free with your quilting - and it comes out so beautifully! Milos is such a cutie! Mia likes chewing on water bottles as well! I wrote an "I Like" post today at! All about cars! :)

Unknown said...

Great news that Milo has a friend! Just want every poodle needs! Happy Thursday!

Betty J. Crow said...

Milo is awesome! I love the spring colors in the first quilting pic. I love to sew, too. Happy sewing!

MissPat said...

Drew did not seriously question why you needed a studio, did he? We may just have to have an intervention for him. Glad Milo found a friend. He is jsut full of life, isn't he?
Weather is is cold, snowy and windy (lots of tree damage from 60 MPH gusts yesterday), gloomy and gray. We need a litle spring, right this very minute, we need a little spring, RIGHT NOW!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your's a great way to be creative and artistic! And the Royal Spyness series is one of my favorite. I love Molly Murphy by the same author too. Have you read those yet? Hugs!

Angie said...

I suppose I always knew that flamingoes come from eggs ... but it's still neat to see it in a sculpture!

I ate a whole container of raspberries today, and they were so delicious - and I was remarking on the fact that somewhere in the world is actually warm enough to produce raspberries ... well, watermelon puts my razz to shame!

Rhys Bowen is such an easy read ... I love her style!

Keeping a diary ... I have recently starting asking my Mom (almost 90) questions in an attempt to document her history ... yes, if only everyone kept a diary!

Thanks for hosting!

Michele McLaughlin said...

That flamingo cracks me up :D! I love your sewing projects right now. Scout is so much like Milo, even insists we hold her bones too right now. She can be a jealous but as Brad says...she is so dang cute! Milo's eyes sometimes remind me of my Seamus'. He is so gorgeous!!!

Tom said...

...oh good, I see that you found the link! You sure have a bunch of creative activities. I have a collection of Amish hand quilted quilts, love all the colors. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you back again.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, everyone needs some joy in their life. I am glad you find joy in sewing. Milo is handsome and a great companion.Just stop chewing on the shoes. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

Sandy said...

I love the hatching flamingo. I never thought about what a newly hatched flamingo chick might look like. Hmmm.
I am glad you are sewing. I hope the sewing fills in for the worries over housing.
The book series sounds interesting! I will have to go find a copy somewhere.
and BOL. HaHa. Our dog Pepper would come running from anywhere in the house to kill the plastic milkjug. It started one day when I was stomping on one for the recycling. After that, even if you gently tried to rinse the jug before quietly trying to stand on it, she was already there. She would scootch it all over the floor, smashing and banging it. I could never work out how her nose didn't end up broken!
Even though it had been 2 years since she went before we adopted Holly, I still expected her to run in when I rinsed and squished the milkjug. But no.
Funny about Milo wanting to have the chew held while he eats it. But clever to find the solutions he has when no one will.

GreenComotion said...

Milo is very handsome.
I take it Milo is a Standard Poodle.
Please forgive me if I am wrong.
Happy WE!
Peace :)

likeschocolate said...

So sorry your week was stressful! I hope this upcoming week will be better! It will be a few more weeks here in Germany before we see any watermelons. Strawberry season just began!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Your quilts are lovely. Seeing them have me wanting to get back to the sewing machine. That would mean clearing a whole bunch of stuff off so I can get to it. Might be worth it. We shall see. I like the Lady Georgiana series, too, because it's a fun and easy read. I'm two books behind. Must do something about that. Your Milo is a sweetie, but you know that. :-) Good cheers to you.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Anonymous said...

Yes, I understand, just because your sewing may be "inconvenient" you can't change what you love to do! Many thanks for sharing it with all Seasons.
I tried to email you, but got a failure notice, and do need to communicate something to you. You can put your email in a comment - on wordpress it gives me no problems to put a link in a comment. Thanks! and have a great week:)

Anonymous said...

I did copy that email LeeAnne, and I got a failure notice, after writing my email, but I will try again, to see if it works!

Lady Fi said...

Sweet poodle!

Kay L. Davies said...

Does Milo have his own refrigerator?
Oh, you lucky dog, Milo.
And a big brown friend to play with, too! Brave Milo, chocolate Labs can make a mistake and actually bite when playing, but I'm thinking you'll bite back, right? Such fun for dogs.
And lots of fun for you, too, LeeAnna. I love the "P. Pod" quotation, and I particularly love the baby flamingo. I've never seen anything like it!
Cheers from here, from me and from Bonnie-Belinda-dog.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm back! I forgot to say how much I love the hatching-flamingo photo. Is that for real, LeeAnna? Or is it part of one of your wonderful quilts?
It's adorable, either way.
K again

Powell River Books said...

Tyson looks like one mean dude. Probably how he got his name. - Margy

phearomkea88 said...

So sorry your week was stressful! I hope this upcoming week will be better! It will be a few more weeks here in Germany before we see any watermelons. Strawberry season just began!


Anonymous said...

Just back from the conference, sorry I could not back to you earlier - crazily busy). Decided to just repeat for everyone the limits for All Seasons for everyone to look at, since I couldn't write you an email, before I published this week's All Seasons' post. Hope to see you there before Wed.evening! Cheers, Jesh~