Thursday, April 20, 2017

"I Like" thursdays #32 Azaleas, cows, magazines and more

Welcome to this weeks list of likes! As always I welcome you to also write a post of likes and join us here!
A neighbor's Azalea display!
*I Like the return of Azaleas and this color display! My azaleas are blooming too but not such a display. 
Look at this variety...
 delicate and dynamic. They are white with a hint of pink... just calling out to be painted or sketched. Maybe painted on fabric, then beaded!

Look at the sky behind this tall bird condo
a rare blue day in MD. I looked and watched for a few minutes before I realized this was a fake bird. Wonder why the people did that???

Speaking of blossoms, I like this IPAD cover my husband got me for Easter
it is a brilliant blue and reminds me of paintings I've seen at the National. Why use something plain when you can have a piece of art in your hands for the same price???

And why dress in a plain color when you can dress as if you're one of your quilts...

 Here I am looking like a peacock an artist on bee day

The day called out for color so On came the pink leopard leggings, the tie die tunic,
purple nail polish called "play-date" and my flower bracelet!!! Whee! (are those "what not to wear" people watching me??) * I Like COLORS

*I like Mari at the Academic Quilter  (the link is  academicquilter   )
She is starting a new series on how she organized her new sewing room and here is an excerpt of her post:

"   1. Cleaning out was the goal, not reorganizing things that I would never use again.  I wanted a sewing space that was useful and full of things that made my limited sewing time easier and more fun. Plus I wanted to be able to find things when I needed them.
2. Everything I kept had to be useful or pretty.  I wouldn't keep anything just because I had paid for it, no matter what it cost."

Please visit her when you leave! 
Here's to organization! Finding what we know we own! 

speaking of what I own, look what Micki ( her blog) sent me...
*I Like hand dyes and embellishments sent by a friend for no reason other than friendship

*I Liked going through old quilting magazines this week, sitting on the porch in a pool of pollen, and recycling all the pages I didn't like so I could keep the ones I do like
If there are a couple articles I want to keep, I tear out everything else and keep the cover and the articles. Takes up very little space in a magazine holder to "hold onto" inspiration!

*I Like coughing less... the cough held on for three weeks, but now I am left with pollen allergies. Glad to not be coughing so hard though.

*I Loved these two videos... and all the others I watched where cows ran toward humans playing musical instruments.

I had no idea cows love music. This video is jazz, since I love jazz too. There are many videos of people playing classical, guitars, flutes, whatever and cows running from fields afar to watch and listen.

In case you can't get enough and I know I could watch cows gathering to listen to music all day, here is one of a woman playing guitar. ( in case it doesn't play the link is: HERE)
The cows listen quietly.... til she stops. 
Then they start to murmur...  then yell "encore!" until she restarts. 
Then they become quiet again and listen.

We don't  give enough credit to animals for having feelings!
Just because they don't speak, humans act like they are beneath us. 

In my opinion, we all share the earth and should respect each other. 

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  1. Love azaleas! My great grandmother had one that she called honeysuckle, but was white with a creamy yellow center, bees loved it. I do that with my quilt magazines too pull out what I want and dump the rest. I wonder if milk cows are more music appreciative than beef cows or longhorns, or what about brahama bulls (rodeo cows) well they aren't technically cows. But you know what I mean. :D

  2. The cows are hilarious. Who knew?

  3. Love those cows. Huzzah for colors and flowers. We're starting to get our bursts of colors here.

  4. Your bee outfit is very fun and summery! I'm looking forward to azaleas. Ours normally bloom in May.

  5. I so look forward to your post on Thursday! Seriously, "jazz for cows"!Priceless. I love your Ipad cover. I checked out Mari at Academic Quilter and love her site. It's ironic, yesterday I needed a tool and couldn't find it because I need to reorganize some things in my sewing area. Pool of pollen-so funny. Just yesterday I watered quickly the patio plants because we had a double whammy-high pollution and high pollen. I have allergies and COPD so I try to not offend them. Thanks for including me in the links. Enjoy your day! mary in Az

  6. Wonderful post again, LeeAnna. I am envious of the blooms, even on your ipad! Funny how your title echos an article I read years ago that said older women should not be afraid of wearing colour. I like to wear a bright colour esp. near my face as I am a very wan old woman nowadays. I actually never thought of just tearing out the articles I want in my pile of old mags because usually there is just one or two items I really want. I must get at that; it would save a lot of space.
    Temple Grandin showed us how cows have feelings but who knew they could be music buffs!!

    1. Yes Temple Grandin! I tried to remember her name. She did such important work. Some humans think we're the only entities to feel but that is so wrong. Not acknowledging other entities allows them to abuse them. I like the cultures that thank entities for being food sources and allowing us to thrive at their expense.
      And I love a cow especially.

  7. Gosh those azaleas are beautiful. Everything seems to be blooming now but I never seem to remember to take pictures. The cleaning out thing is always a struggle with me. I'm pretty good at letting go of stuff in the house, and at not buying stuff for the house that I don't need, but when it comes to sewing/craft stuff it's so hard to let go of (although I'm getting better about not buying). I feel like my studio is always a work in progress, and hopefully just not so messy or cluttered that I can't work on actual works in progress!

  8. What possible reason could there be for putting a fake bird in a birdhouse? It will scare off the real birds. And I don't think those "what not to wear" people were nearly as well-dressed as you! :)

  9. Beautiful floral shots ~ MA is still a bit cold and gray today ~ some flowers blooming ~ Love the jazz and cows and your hubby has great taste ~ beautiful iPad cover ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  10. That is a nice bunch of pink pretty and the cows are very cool too! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  11. The cow videos are fascinating! I never knew they would enjoy music either. That is fun to find out! The azaleas are beautiful! I'm looking forward to to our trip east in a couple weeks for the opportunity to see some blooms that we wouldn't see here. Happy Thursday, LeeAnna!

  12. The azaleas are so gorgeous! They are just starting to bloom here!
    Thanks for linking up!

  13. Hello, I love the azaleas too. Our are blooming now, they look pretty. The leggings are so comfy. I enjoyed the cow video, that is so cool. They like the music. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  14. You've listed so much fabulous this Thursday! And can I just say those azaleas are gorgeous?! P.S. Love the tie-dyed shirt!! Great colors.

  15. Such pretty azaleas and love the bird house. Love the cows - so funny! Cute outfit. x Karen

  16. I live in the heart of cow country, where the local radio station for decades has hosted "The Barn Show" in a time slot that coincides with evening milking time. Not that polka music is all that popular anymore, but the cows sure do seem to like it and the farmers say it boosts milk production, so no one wants to mess with a good thing!

  17. Wow those azaleas are beautiful. I'm loving all of your photos, photography is definitely your thing besides being so creative !

  18. More Cow Bells!!!! what a hoot!my Azalea is a deeper pink and enjoying our rainstorm today!
    oh Temple Grandin has a great Ted Talk on visual thinking.
    Me gusta tambien, Sonja

  19. I love that ipad cover and you are making me think I need a bird condo! lol Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

  20. Love that iPad cover! Makes my plain purple one look pretty boring. My hydrangeas are just popping up, and they usually don't bloom until sometime in June. But I do enjoy them. Your neighbor's flowers are gorgeous and probably bring pleasure to the whole neighborhood.

  21. I laughed until the tears came down watching the cows groove to New Orleans style jazz! Oh man that is fantastic! Your husband has good taste (picked you and that great ipad cover). Have a great day! :)

  22. Our azaleas aren't bloomin' yet but I'm hopin' they'll start, super soon. purrs

  23. Hello, I just wanted to stop back and say thank your for linking up your post and the cows. I enjoyed the videos. The azaleas are lovely too. Have a happy weekend!

  24. I know over here lots of farmers swear by playing music in the milking parlour to increase their yield. I believe they (the cows) also prefer some musical genres to others.

  25. Did you hear about the herd of cows following a beaver (somewhere in Canada)? It seems like the kind of thing you might like...

  26. The azaleas are gorgeous. Loved those colorful leggins. The cow video's were fun.

  27. We didn't really experience a winter this year so our azaleas bloomed very early in February. I love all of the colors that you shared but the cows are fabulous!