Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sleeping Beauty, or My schedule is not the same as yours

 Zzzzzzzz.....hmph! Oh!

Cole here... to discuss something very impawtant to dogs.

My schedule is not the same as yours.

And mine is the impawtant one.

Here's the story: It got cold again today, and being of an age, I feel the cold more now. I had Momma put on my extra warm t-shirt and climbed into bed. Well actually I couldn't do anything but pace around after coming in from the back yard til I had Momma remove the offending gumball spike from my foot.

( Sheesh, when are those people going to clear the yard of those??)
Anyway, then I laid down for a minute (LeeAnna: it's been two hours) and I heard Momma say "Cole! Time for a walk!"
Now, when she does that before I'm ready, I don't even open my eyes or she'll get excited and race around putting on shoes, etc. I ignore her, and hope she'll check my schedule. I'll let her know when it's time for a walk, probably when I am done with the nap and before I expect lunch.

Until then people, I have a gift for you, chosen by my own paws from a great store in Annapolis. They have the good sense to carry lots of pet related items.
Entertain yourselves and me by telling me a story of how your pets set the schedule for the household. 
It's a magnet for the most important door in the house, the fridge!
I'll pick one of you to win.
Until then, could you entertain my Momma by answering my question, so I can finish this great dream?

Oh, the other night I woke up from a pre-bedtime nap, barking!
Woof!  Woof, woof!
Then I stared at Momma who was staring at the "talky-talk (TV) and I said, "Woof!"
She looked confused and said, "Cole it's just a dream! Stop barking before you wake up Dad!"

Ever have a really vivid dream and wake yourself up barking?
It's good to save your energy, as you get older, for really meaningful activities.
for my cat friends, check out these hilarious videos about Simon's cat. One is the wake up cat...

linking to among others,   pepismartdog and  http://rascalandrocco.com/
Update: Cole paw'ed Auntie Mickie to win the prize this time!
He sends you all a big lick for commenting! 


  1. With four of us living here we pretty much set the schedule and the rules for our human. You just need to get a reinforcement pack of quadrupeds.

    Misty the alpha Poodle

  2. Cole! You are falling out if your bed. Must be all those dreams about chasing after that cute white poodle with the long eyelashes I saw you eyeing the other day. You are very handsome in the leopard collar and cuffs.

    I made my mom spend her vacation in Maine on the beach in the cold weather so my sister summer and I could run in the sand and chase seagulls. She had to wear a hat and gloves but I saw her smiling so I know she liked it. I needed the vacation after spending the winter sliding on ice and jumping thru snow.

    Love ,
    Zu Zu

  3. When our cat Sammy decides it is breakfast time, he comes into our bed and settles onto my chest. Ignoring him usually brings a gentle nip on an arm or leg that might be sticking out of the covers. Once I get up, he walks me to the food dish - meaning he walks between my feet so I don't get lost.

  4. Not only does Seamus have an internal timer for walks, food, etc., he even has one for visiting his pals in the neighborhood. Usually afternoon walks aren't for business, they are to see who's out that will pet him :) Love you Cole!!!

  5. Well you are sleeping, and you are a beauty, so it all makes sense!

  6. Oh Cole, you're making me sleepy now, haha! There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping dog.

  7. Cole, of course you should set the schedule!

    Rita sets the schedule when she's the last one out of bed around here!

  8. Cole -You make your people know that it's all about YOU!!!

  9. Hey Cole...Sam here. Dude, I know you heard something, probably some sort of dangerous villain/bug and you were just trying to keep the family safe. I KNOW exactly of what you speak, we poodles have super-canine powers but our uprights don't understand that. Remember that we are in charge of some simple peeps and need to keep them safe. BTW, nice leopard tee...you totally rock the animal skin and red is definitely your color. Hang in there and don't let some silly notion of "upright time" get you down.

    Your fur-iend,

  10. I think you've got the purrfect idea Cole!

  11. Cole's schedule reminds me of my daughter's dog, Kirby. She had to be to work very early in the morning so she usually headed to bed about 9pm so she could get up, get in his walk and make it to work by 7am. If she did not head to bed by the time Kirby thought she should, he would stand in front of her and bark at her then run to the stairs. If she did not move he would come back and do it all over again - until finally she would give up and go to bed.

  12. Luna also tells me when it's time to go to bed (like Nancy's grand-dog Kirby). She doesn't like it when I stay up late! Reilly was a great one for keeping his treats on schedule ("no Mom, first the Milk Bone, then the Dream Bone!")

  13. Cole looks very cozy! Teddy will put himself to bed if we silly humans stay up past bedtime. D'Art always waits for me, but you can tell he's glad when we go to bed too! Schedules are important to poodles!